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Children's Agent Seeking Submissions!

Categories: Children's Writing.
I’ve blogged before a few times about Michelle Andelman, a literary agent with a big soft spot for good children’s writing.  I interviewed her when she was with Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and then she moved to Franklin & Siegal as a literary scout.

Well now, Michelle is back in the agenting world, as a co-owner of F&S has a literery agency (Lynn C. Franklin Associates, Ltd.), as well. Michelle has joined the agency. That means she is back on the prowl for awesome kids stuff.

What Michelle wants: Middle grade and young adult work.  See writers’ guidelines hereHow to contact her: Send e-queries to agency@franklinandsiegal.com.  It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to write “Query for Ms. Andelman: (Title)” in the subject line, either. 

Michelle Andelman.

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5 Responses to Children's Agent Seeking Submissions!

  1. ugg boots says:

    Thanks guys! good luck to all of you.

  2. Liz says:

    She requested my novel at the Writers Digest/BEA Writers Conference Pitch Slam, but her email always bounces back and her website isn’t up…since June. No matter what I do..I haven’t been able to get a hold of her…Is she still in business?

  3. Dalton C Teczon says:

    I’ve read alot of nice comments about Michelle Andelman. I think very highly of her professionalism and kindness when she responds to people even in a rejection. Keep up the good work Michelle!

  4. maheshwar says:

    I’ve completed manuscript for y/a literary fiction, and interested to soon contact her. Thanks! I had been trying for her at ‘Andrea… Agency’ and always bounced email to me…,

  5. Doan says:

    This is pretty exciting! Michelle Andelman was one of my top agents to query, but I never got to query her because she left Andrea Brown. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything completed right now in the MG or YA range, but she might expand one day to chapter books and picture books. I have hope! =)

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