Children's Agent Seeking Submissions!

I’ve blogged before a few times about Michelle Andelman, a literary agent with a big soft spot for good children’s writing.  I interviewed her when she was with Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and then she moved to Franklin & Siegal as a literary scout.

Well now, Michelle is back in the agenting world, as a co-owner of F&S has a literery agency (Lynn C. Franklin Associates, Ltd.), as well. Michelle has joined the agency. That means she is back on the prowl for awesome kids stuff.

What Michelle wants: Middle grade and young adult work.  See writers’ guidelines hereHow to contact her: Send e-queries to  It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to write “Query for Ms. Andelman: (Title)” in the subject line, either. 

Michelle Andelman.

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4 thoughts on “Children's Agent Seeking Submissions!

  1. Liz

    She requested my novel at the Writers Digest/BEA Writers Conference Pitch Slam, but her email always bounces back and her website isn’t up…since June. No matter what I do..I haven’t been able to get a hold of her…Is she still in business?

  2. Dalton C Teczon

    I’ve read alot of nice comments about Michelle Andelman. I think very highly of her professionalism and kindness when she responds to people even in a rejection. Keep up the good work Michelle!

  3. maheshwar

    I’ve completed manuscript for y/a literary fiction, and interested to soon contact her. Thanks! I had been trying for her at ‘Andrea… Agency’ and always bounced email to me…,

  4. Doan

    This is pretty exciting! Michelle Andelman was one of my top agents to query, but I never got to query her because she left Andrea Brown. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything completed right now in the MG or YA range, but she might expand one day to chapter books and picture books. I have hope! =)


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