Are There Any Guys in SCBWI?

I’ve done a lot of nonfiction writing, but I am a newbie to the children’s writing world and am trying to get involved and learn things and make friends, etc.  All this lead me to my first regional SCBWI meeting.  There were 18 people, and only one dude – me.

Are there any guys in SCBWI?  I’m used to being outnumbered in the whole writing/publishing world, but not by 17 to 1.

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11 thoughts on “Are There Any Guys in SCBWI?

  1. Kate Lacy

    I laughed at your question!!

    My critique group consists of three 30-something guys and me at 64. They’re always the guys-in-attendance when we go to smaller regional SCBWIs. But at the last meeting in Conway AR, all of us received invitations to submit to either Martha Mahalick (Greenwillow) or to Jen Rofe (Andrea Brown Lit Agency) and we think these ladies have wonderful taste!

    Last fall I attended the Nashville Conference and enjoyed Bruce Coville and Harold Underhill and a plethora of gentlemen writers in attendance.

    And who cares what the gender mix is? Does it matter? If you’re a writer, keep up good work and enjoy the company!!

  2. Kate G.

    Unfortunately, you’re right about the high female-to-male audience ratio at events. It is striking. I sometimes wonder if it keeps male authors from attending and would I attend if the ratio was reversed?

    Meanwhile…strong male characters are popping up everywhere and it isn’t just guys bringing them to the page.

  3. beth

    When it comes to kids–either teaching them or writing books for them–it tends to be mostly women.

    Add to that the number of mothers/grandmothers who want to write picture books for their kids, and SCBWI is overrun with us womenfolk.

  4. Henry Melton

    When I attended my first big SCBWI conference in LA a few years ago, I did a count in the auditorium and found the ratio about 7 to 1. When you’re not expecting it, the first thought is , "Am I in the right place?".


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