Alice Pope Interview – *Children's Writers Take Note*

Writer Unboxed, a helpful site for genre writers of all kinds, just posted their interview with my knowledgeable and awesome co-worker, Alice Pope, editor of Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market.

The article talks about all things children’s writing – markets, common mistakes that writers make, trends and more.

See the full interview here!

Also, Alice will be at a SCBWI conference in Beverly Hills this week, meeting with agents who deal in children’s work. She will be blogging throughout the conference. Visit her blog later in the week to see who she’s schmoozing with.

Editor Alice Pope

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2 thoughts on “Alice Pope Interview – *Children's Writers Take Note*

  1. Mike Cressy

    Hi Alice,

    I worked with ALice a few years ago on an interview she did of me for the book. It was a lot of fun and Alice was great to work with.
    I’ve been working at Microsoft during the day and this project that I’ve been working on is going to a higher level and my bosses have asked me to help find some writers to write at least 7 (maybe more, maybe a few less. We’re still working out the details.) children’s stories for this project. The age range is about 4-6 and they should be designed to help learning.
    So what I’m asking is if you know of any writers that have been published for some years who might be interested, the financials will be big. They are saying at this point, flat fee (but the fee will be substantial.) with royalties.

    Let me know if you have anyone in mind for this.

    Mike Cressy

  2. Leigh Attaway Wilcox

    Excellent interview! Thanks for posting the link, Chuck.

    I especially like Pope’s reply to the question about keeping up with the Children’s Market in betweein CWIMs. She’s done a nice job summarizing how active authors for kids can keep up with the market on a regular basis. Good suggestions for anyone new to the business, working to get their writing for kiddos published.



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