Agent Sara Crowe's Call for Young Adult Submissions

Sara Crowe, an agent with Harvey Klinger, Inc, recently posted an in-depth post concerning exactly what she looks for in a young adult submission.  Fascinating stuff, considering this is exactly the kind of thing writers need to see to pinpoint the best fits for their work.

Here’s some example text from the post: “I am sure I have said in some places that I am not looking for fantasy or historical – but that is not quite true. I don’t rule anything out because its historical or fantastical. Contemporary often speaks more to me because I respond to the realism of that writing, its emotional truth, but when a story is out of this world and fantastical, it can still work for me – as long as I can believe in the characters and the world they are living in.”  See the entire post here.

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One thought on “Agent Sara Crowe's Call for Young Adult Submissions

  1. Anna

    Dear Sara,

    Congratulations on the new life that will be filling your world with joy and discovery now.

    I’m looking for an agent. I tried to comment on your blog, but I discovered recently that I can’t comment on embedded comment settings. If you could tell me how I can appropriately contact you, I would love to send you a query. Thanks you for your time and sorry for this inconvenience.

    Anna Walls


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