Agent Kate Epstein Now Accepting Young Adult

I saw a note on Nancy Parish’s Sound and Furry blog about how agent Kate Epstein of Epstein Literary is now taking young adult fiction and nonfiction. Below you will find the gist from Kate. For submission guidelines, head to the Epstein Lit website.

Kate says: “I’m so excited about this. YA books are fantastic these days. In YA, serious literature has accessible writing and impressive pace. Speculative novels are astonishingly creative without neglecting character and plot. Even romance novels that I might find a little trashy are damned fun in this area—they’re not jaded and depressing. Humor is wry and wet and honest—I don’t just titter, but really get to LAUGH. My favorite books in this area all have great pace and plot. I want to be a part of working on these novels, and serving this passionate, exacting audience. I’ve been doing a fair amount of research over the past few months in this area, and coupling that with the experience of four years representing nonfiction, I know I can do well by these authors. Nor do I plan to neglect nonfiction. The pleasures and rewards in that area have not faded by comparison. Memoir, narrative, and exposition for adults is truly entertaining and enlightening, and representing practical nonfiction gives the rich reward of feeling it directly improves people’s lives.”

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