Calling All SW Virginia Writers!

I will be presenting to the Smith Mountain Lake Writers Group the night of Wednesday, July 2, 2008. That’s rightI’ll be in “the jewel of the blue ridge mountains.” Smith Mountain Lake is somewhat close to Roanoke (southeast of it) and not terribly far from Greensboro, NC, if you’re trying to place it on a map. If you’re in the area and have time prior to your July 4 plans, I will be presenting on “How To Get an Agent”and then I will answer any and all questions on publishing and writing that the crowd dares to ask. According to the official agenda, I begin at 7 p.m. and will go for at least two hours. We meet at the Moneta/Smith Mountain Lake Library. Members of the Valley Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club near Roanoke are warmly invited, it seems. Hope to see you there!


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6 thoughts on “Calling All SW Virginia Writers!

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