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Announcing the Best Agent Blogs for 2010

Categories: Breaking In (Writer's Digest).

Every year, Writer’s Digest compiles its massive “101 Best Websites for Writers” article, and this year’s installment just hit newsstands in the May/June issue. (It will be online soon.) With that in mind, I give you my five choices for the best agent blogs on the Internet today. It was tough, and I couldn’t list every amazing site; I tried to illuminate some new blogs this year so people can notice all the great resources around. (Lastly, note that the list is alphabetical, not in any ranking.)

1. Chip MacGregor (chipmacgregor.typepad.com)

Chip’s blog talks about everything, but his magic lies in his advice regarding the business of marketing and promoting books. He also has an amazing handle on the Christian books market.

2. Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (dglm.blogspot.com)

With many agents at D&G contributing, this newly revamped blog is coming on strong with helpful articles, contests, and other informative pieces.

3. KidLit (kidlit.com)

Children’s agent Mary Kole, associate at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, has jumped into her new blog headfirst, with contests, tips, columns and advice galore. It’s a great site for writers of kids books.

4. Nathan Bransford (blog.nathanbransford.com)

An agent as well as an author going through the steps of getting his own deal, Bransford dispenses smart, sensible advice and an optimistic outlook about the future of books, all in a personable, approachable way. Check out his new forum where writers can meet and talk.

5. Rachelle Gardner (cba-ramblings.blogspot.com)

Three years running, this is an amazing blog full of articles about craft, business, inspiration, challenges, and the state of the industry. Rachelle, an agent at Wordserve Literary, is generous with insights and inspiration about what it takes for writers to land representation and get published today.

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8 Responses to Announcing the Best Agent Blogs for 2010

  1. angela says:

    I agree with all of these picks! It’s amazing how much they contribute to keep the flow of information going for writers. I appreciate their knowledge-sharing so much.

    I think Nathan Bransford must have a clone, tho. Or more than one. That guy is a machine!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  2. Chuck,
    I regularly follow three of these blogs (including that of my agent, Rachelle Gardner) and I have to say they richly deserve this recognition. Thanks for giving it to them.

  3. These are great agent blogs but I think Kristen Nelson’s blog Pub Rants should have been on this list too. : )

  4. Marybk says:

    Mary Kole’s KidLit ROCKS!

  5. All of the blogs listed are EXCELLENT, and I’m especially crazy about kidlit.com. And…I’m so proud to call Mary my agent, as of today!

    The awards are well deserved.

  6. I love blogs 2-5 on your list. The agents are incredibly generous with their time and advice, and clearly want to help writers learn and succeed. I haven’t come across #1 yet, so thanks very much for this post.

  7. Christine says:

    Thank you for this. Great stuff!

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