Back in Black: The Start of 2009

Happy New Year!  I hope your New Year’s Eve was cool and no DUIs were involved.

The door on one year closes, as another opens.  All sorts of exciting possibilities await.  Nothing is impossible.  (Insert your own generic comment here.)  Personally, I’m buzzed about the year because I accomplished a few of my 2008 goals just in time for the year to end, so now I have the wind at my back.

I hope you are setting goals, too.  I can tell you a few of my resolutions for 2009:

  • Find an agent to represent my juvenile work.  I have an agent right now – Sorche Fairbank – but she handles adult fiction and nonfiction.
  • Finish at least two more book proposals.
  • Finish that screenplay I started last year.
  • Naturally, lose weight.

My rock cover band played
out at a killer show on
New Year’s Eve. That’s
me in the black shirt
on the right.

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5 thoughts on “Back in Black: The Start of 2009

  1. Rebecca Thrower

    I started a "Get-In-Shape-Lose Weight-Program" back in October. By the time January 1st rolled around I had toned up and lost 12 lbs! One less resolution to tackle in 2009.

    Chuck, I think you’re extremely photogenic. I’ve worked in the photography business for 16 years-I know it when I see it! Keep up the great work, party hard, and jump on that Stair Master in the morning.

    When Ugly Was In


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