Announcing the Best Agent Blogs of 2011…

Every year, Writer’s Digest puts out its amazing brainbomb of information called “The 101 Best Websites For Writers.” It’s in the May/June 2011 issue this year. (By the way, if you’re not subscribed to WD yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up here.)

My contribution to the list of 101 sites is picking the best agent blogs on the Internet. This year I got to pick seven, and in no particular order, here they are!


Gardner’s “Rants & Ramblings On Life as a Literary Agent” blog makes our short list again. The reason it appears again is that Gardner continues to provide interesting columns about craft, and even better—the business—of writing day after day. It makes you wonder if she ever sleeps. This blog has four full years of amazing archives that writers can read to get an understanding of how to succeed.



Kole’s “Kid Lit” blog burst on to the scene in 2009 with oodles of helpful columns regarding how to write books for children. Lucky for us, Kole has not slowed down, and still tackles relevant subjects as how writers sell themselves, the ins and outs of writing young adult fiction, and the delicacy of resubmitting your work to a literary agent. This blog is a must for writers of juvenile fiction.



Larsen is a guru of
nonfiction writing and he sticks to his strengths with this blog. Though
his blog switched URLs in 2010, the content stayed the same, and Larsen
constantly breaks down complicated topics with bite-sized tips for
writers—e.g., “12 Steps to Writing Success,” and “8 Opportunities to
Write About Something Great.” If you’re looking for a focus on the
business end of books and selling your work, add Larsen’s site to your
blogroll today.



Nelson’s “Pub Rants” blog is
an absolute treasure trove of inside information for writers, which is a
darn good reason it ends up on our list again. Among the annals of the
blog, you will find real queries from her clients, as well as an 11-part
pitch workshop (covering multiple genres), and that’s just the tip of
the blog-berg. The fact that Nelson has represented several fiction
bestsellers over the years just makes her posts more exciting to read.



Eagan, the founder of
Greyhaus Literary, is a blog workhorse, churning out multiple columns
each week on the exact types of subjects writers want to read about. His
straightforward advice touches on query tips, defining your genre, and
the pros and cons of social media, among many other subjects. Of all the
agent blogs that have yet to break it big, this one is definitely the
one to check out



Run by agents
Jessica Faust and Kim Lionetti, the first thing you need to check out on
this blog
is the site’s most popular posts (listed conveniently down
the right side) on proposals, contracts, pitching, editing, story
conflict, and so much more. After that, delve into the years of columns
and helpful advice. Since it popped up in 2006, the BookEnds blog has
remained one of the best agent resources to read.


Not one but four agents blog on this agency site, and their posts—combined with a healthy amount of guest posts from their authors—make this a great roundup of advice for scribes. Although the agency leans toward Christian and inspirational work, every writer can enjoy blog columns on topics such as whether formatting can get a submission rejected, or how ebooks and ereaders are shaping the layout of publishing. With so many contributors, there’s a lot of great material here to peruse month after month.

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