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Announcing My Next Humor Book: RED DOG / BLUE DOG (and Giveaways To Celebrate!)

Categories: Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents Blog, Dog Stuff, My Writing Life.

It’s been more than a year and a half since my first humor book, HOW TO SURVIVE A GARDEN GNOME ATTACK, came out. Writing that book was a fun, crazy journey that has now led me here. I am so freaking excited to finally announce the release of second humor book, RED DOG / BLUE DOG, a collection of dog photos with humorous politically-oriented captions. Because of this news, I am celebrating with some fat giveaways (details at the end). (Update: bdaniels119, Kelly Mogk and skoneal90 won the contest.)




RED DOG / BLUE DOG is due out in July 2012 from Running Press.




You may remember how several months back, I was putting out calls through Facebook and Twitter soliciting interesting photos of dogs. Well guess what? Here is the result. Thanks to cooperation from so many dog owners who submitted photos (a generous feat that is nothing short of miraculous), I was able to have thousands of images to choose from. The end result was a product that matched two of my greatest loves: dogs, and politics. The book will hopefully provide some much-needed levity right in the heart of the election season this summer (releases July 2012, Running Press). It rips on both sides of the political spectrum evenly. Here’s a sample of the silly humor inside RED DOG / BLUE DOG (sorry the text is small):



Red Dog relishes pooping on the New York Times ... Blue Dog loves his new e-reader because he can get all of his liberal media in one place.


Red Dog would like to know why these flags were made in China ... Blue Dog would like to know if this bone is organic and fair-trade.



I am extremely excited to give a portion of the book’s future proceeds to no-kill shelters. My own dog, Graham (a very flabby poodle mix), was a rescue dog himself.



If you’re part of the media or run any dog-centric blogs or anything that would cover such a title, would you be interested in receiving a review copy of my book? E-mail me at chuck.sambuchino (at) fwmedia.com and tell me about your media outlet or site. I will pass all review requests on to my Running Press publicist. Thanks!


THE GIVEAWAY: (Update: bdaniels119, Kelly Mogk and skoneal90 won the contest.)

OK, OK — on to the giveaway. In celebration of the book deal, I will award three lucky winners at random who comment on this post. Here’s the deal. If you’re picked, I will 1) edit your query letter or synopsis (one page max for length) for free, and 2) give you any one of my books. You can pick from the following:

  1. The 2012 Guide to Literary Agents
  2. Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript, 3rd Ed.
  3. The 2012 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market

There’s more! If you share news of this post/giveaway through Twitter, say so in your comment by mentioning your handle. If I pick you and you indeed shared news via Twitter, I’ll also edit the first 10 pages of your work — for freebies. Contest ends after 2 weeks — at end of day April 19, 2012.

Thanks, all!


This is me and my dog, Graham.


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118 Responses to Announcing My Next Humor Book: RED DOG / BLUE DOG (and Giveaways To Celebrate!)

  1. barbie172 says:

    Chuck, you should read my book! It is about Cats… ;-)

  2. BlueZebra says:

    Love the new book idea! :)

  3. sdspain says:

    Congrats on the new book – my nephew is borrowing HTSaGNA right now!

  4. shellywmf says:

    First time reader of your blog. Love your book idea. As a huge dog lover, I found it very admirable that you are donating to no kill shelters.

    Good luck!!

    Michell F.

  5. Su@dreamweavernovels says:

    So excited for release of Red Dog Blue Dog in July. We are big critter fans. I posted info on the book on my Twitter page under @DreamWeaver526. Spreading the word!

  6. DM says:

    Cool Book! I love dogs, and writing :) I posted your post on twitter. Hope to win!

  7. Graelyn says:

    I won your How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack and loved it. I applaud your decision to donate some of the profits to no-kill shelters. My cat, Donnie, is a shelter cat. In fact, I’m the third person to adopt him from the Humane Society. However, he will not be going back to there. I hate to think of what would have happened to him had he been taken to the Animal Shelter.

  8. ESBender says:

    Absolutely love the book idea! How very clever. I also look for things that make me laugh and lift my spirits, so your book is a must read. Tweet is: @Irelandhereicom

  9. martabro2000 says:

    Great news on the book- Check out my tweet @ camopantsgirl



  10. Di says:

    Congratulations on your new book! I will add your gnome book to my reading list. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    P.S. Graham is adorable!

  11. weaver.ac says:

    As a dog lover, I like the concept. I’m also a cat lover, animals of all kinds really… but not partial to gnomes. I’d like to see what happens when Dog meets Gnome.

  12. katieje says:

    That is such a fun idea for a book! It’s a great, light-hearted way to go into the election season! My twitter handle is @katejessie26.

  13. rebeccaberto@hotmail.com says:

    What a great book! I probably should say something deep and meaningful here but all sorts of dogs contrasting ideas is gold. Congratulations!

    My twitter handle is @rebeccaberto and here’s the tweet URL: https://twitter.com/#!/rebeccaberto/status/192765018230632448

  14. tamyka says:

    Even more than the books, I want the dogs :D

  15. Zephyrsaerie says:

    Such a fun idea. My fave pup jacket from a few years ago was “I PISS ON BUSHES”. Wish I had a picture to share with you. On, on, Chuck.

  16. leeannniazi says:

    Thank you for the great offers. I absolutely love and cherish all your advice and secretly wish I could do what you’re doing. I admire the fact that you’re donating to a very deserving charity. Not enough people stand up for those of us without a voice. All the best on the upcoming release of your book.

  17. SophiatheWriter says:

    Awwww, I’m entirely dog-centric but alas, my blog is not. I love that you’re donating; I used to foster pit bulls and of course my current terrier-doxie is a rescue from the local shelter.

    Thank you as always for the great giveaways.

  18. tamucky69 says:

    I hope you have pictures of Graham in the book as well. I think he is adorable, and he reminds me of my mom’s dog who she just rescued from the pound. He is a poodle mix (we think with Jack Russel Terrier). Both are adorable. I can’t wait to read more of your book. https://twitter.com/#!/ Posted.

  19. beaderchick says:

    Your dog is adorable (looks like there might be some poodle in there!) Congrats on this new book coming out — and right on time too. (I hate to say it but I’ve often wondered myself why American flags are made in China….!)

  20. sldwyer says:

    Okay this is my third try to write a comment. I think my dog ate the first two.
    Dogs and politics – how amusing is that. Politics today reminds me of the local pound – a lot of barking and everyone looking for a new home since they were thrown out of the last one.
    Love to see humor in connection to politics and the simplicity of a dogs POV can not get more humorous. Then again, most politicians are laughable in their own right and they don’t even have a professional writer, oops sorry, most do have writers, just not as good as yourself.

  21. EWood says:

    Such a fun book for an election year! Sambuchino for President!

  22. lsteed says:

    Cool book—I love the pictures and the captions, and the way you look at it from both sides. I am a Democrat and my husband is a Republican but we are able to poke fun at each other’s parties without being mean so I like that your book keeps things light. And all our pets are rescues so it’s great that you’re donating some proceeds to help other animals in need. I retweeted @loriesteed.

  23. Loulymar says:

    Dog and dog-loving aspiring novelist ISO Query /Synopsis critique…please pick us…I have a twitter account; however, I need a kido to explain how to follow tweets…[amend above to “IDSO” (in desperate search of) Query/Synopsis critique AND twitter instruction—I really need help—and a funny read. :~)

  24. Kelly Mogk says:

    Fun book and thanks for the awesome giveaway! I tweeted about it too — @kellylou

    Thanks again!

  25. wmyrral says:

    Which is you and which is Graham? You both are beautiful.

    Do you remember Albert Payson Terhume? Or was that before your time? He wrote great dog stories and was one of my first favorite authors. I’ll bet he would love your Red Dog, Blue Dog book. I know I will. And so will my wife. I’m the dog lover in the family. She’s the politics fan. You have something for both. And we both love humor. So there!

    Oh, and I tweeted your message. Twice!

    Larry Winebrenjner.Novelist
    The Case of the Locked Drawer
    Visit me on Facebook

  26. shkuharik says:

    Very cute idea. Congratulations!

  27. DanaRoseBailey says:

    Love the picture of you and Graham!

  28. acgergen says:

    This book would be absolutely perfect for a gift for my father… like you, he loves politics and dogs! Could there be a better combination? I think not (strawberries and chocolate comes up in a close second.) I’m spreading the news via twitter, too! @annagergen

  29. Leigh Muller says:

    Oh yes, I remember — politics USED to be fun!

    I’m not on Twitter, but I did promote you on Facebook so maybe that could count? There are quite a few red and blue types still kicking over there.

    Good luck with your book. Humor is always well-timed.

  30. llowe says:

    The Garden Gnome book looks to be hilarious and now the dogs. Congratulations!

  31. Kate Brauning says:

    Sounds like a clever idea for a book- I can think of a number of relatives who would love it. I sent it out over Twitter! @KateBrauning

  32. skoneal90 says:

    Love the concept of the new book. Perfect timing, too. It would make a nice gift for friends and relatives who are politically active.

  33. gaparker says:

    How do you find time to do all you do? I am impressed! I am looking forward to reading your new book. Congratulations!

  34. ChessnySilth says:

    What a great idea for a book! I’ve grown to become a huge fan of yours, in the short time I’ve known about you. (Don’t take this the wrong way, I’ve simply been in my own Other World for some time now!)

    I’m a huge lover of animals, and we have a family dog (Jack Russel) who I suspect is deeply involved in politics. (What kind of dog doesn’t chase cats? I’m convinced he’s trying to win them over)

    Good luck with everything, and just know that somewhere in Europe there’s a girl who’s reading and dissecting your every sentence just to learn something new.

    I tweet as: @ChessnySilth

  35. Sara Tribble says:

    Oh! That is funny! Who knew mixing animals with politics could work?! Kudos! And also, a big congrats! Glad you’re back having some serious fun and landing a great deal!

    And yes, I did post this via twitter! Check it out! =D

    Thanks for offering such a great contest!

  36. Dessie says:

    If you ever do a Red Cat/Blue Cat book, I have a picture of my late, great cat Vincent (blue, of course) reading Writer’s Market.

  37. HannaAnna says:

    I’m glad you’re doing this for those animals. We’ve taken in several dogs over the years and learned to avoid breeders and go to the pound. I read somewhere that something like 40,000 dogs die in the Oklahoma City pounds here in Oklahoma every year. We’re major dog lovers so I really admire what you’re doing!

  38. samcarter46 says:

    The book looks cute. Congratulations!!

  39. prcbuff says:

    I love political humor of all colors. Check out my tweet @pattibuff

  40. IULIAN says:

    Oh, I wish I knew so I can insert my dog in this book! However, he’s neither red nor blue, he’s very independent, ask my soaking wet carpets…

    Anyway, best of luck with this book! I can’t wait to read it!

    PS: I sent your announcement via twitter as well (@iulienel)

  41. vrundell says:

    Sounds like just the book for my friend Mimi–who’s ardent about animal rescue, dogs, politics, books and humor. Thanks for writing the perfect gift and releasing it in time for her birthday this August! Looks like it’s going to be “a hoot” as Mimi would say!

    Best of luck!

  42. patevans says:

    This is the perfect present for my mom. She loves pups and politics and humor, so perfect! The giveaways are too good to be true.

  43. Wow! You must be really ecstatic over your book deal! I’ll mention this giveaway on twitter as soon as I get home. (The high school where I work blocks all social network sites…)

  44. LH says:

    LH Our whole family is voting for this book!! Love that part of the proceeds go towards rescue shelters! What a winning strategy for everyone!

  45. Jennifer Velez says:

    Great idea! Love that it benefits shelter pups, too. @Funnyasreallove

  46. atimperman says:

    Congratulations Chuck! Hope this one can stand up to the Gnomes!

    I shared this on Twitter as well – @atimperman

    Enjoy this amazing time!

  47. SashaNova says:

    Congrats! I’m sure Graham is very proud! :)

  48. slja0707 says:

    Love, love, love it! Retweeted @namesnotshirley and shared with my FB peeps! All the best to you!

  49. jennblackburn says:

    The only question that I have is: Is Graham a RED dog or a BLUE dog? ;)
    Retweeted @bananas

  50. WD462 says:

    Quite an interesting subject you’ve covered. Very timely too, what with this year’s elections. As a dog owner and animal lover myself, I’ll be sure to flip through the book when it’s released. Good luck!

  51. AnyaHarker says:

    Commenting to enter!

    I retweeted from @AnyaHarker

  52. Callie says:

    Congrats on the book, it looks like a fun read. Tweeted as @Alcyee

  53. LizHellebuyck says:

    Congrats on the new book. And thanks for the great contest!
    Retweeting: @LizHellebuyck

  54. flute71 says:

    I love the idea of your new book! Tweeting this now, my handle is@flute71. :)

  55. Vanessa Grassi says:

    Awesome charity to give to. My Ollie is a rescue pup. Love the photo of you and Graham! Congrats on the new book!

    Retweeted: http://www.twitter.com/vanessagrassi

  56. Michelle Hed says:

    The Book looks great! Good luck to you!

    Sorry, I’m not on twitter but I will post a link on Facebook. :)

  57. evonne lack says:

    Please enter me as well – thank you! I’m tweeting this – my handle is @evonnelack.

  58. M'Lo says:

    Dogs melt my heart! Would love to win your new book.
    May it achieve high success for you (and for the dogs you’ll help).
    Enjoyed the Gnomes, survived the attack and gave it to a kindred spirit!


  59. LisMarie says:

    We loved your seminars at the SF writer’s conference, somehow we must have missed hearing that you also wrote. What a cool idea. Who doesn’t love dogs. Can’t wait to pick up a copy of your book and best of luck to you!

    As a side note, if you happen to follow up this book with a book on dogs who find themselves in odd photoshoots with celebrities, let us know. Here’s our Rex hanging out with Paris – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001649166006
    Pretty funny too right?

    BTW, you’re twitterd:

    Salute –

  60. laurimeyers says:

    Congratulations. Love the money for charity aspect.
    Tweeted link by @laurimeyers

  61. LGwenn says:

    Looks really adorable! ( tweeted as @LGwenn)

  62. harrison_jenn says:

    What a fun book, especially right now with so much going on in the political world!

    Passed along via twitter @harrison_jenn

  63. HeatherWebb says:

    Looks like another hilarious read! :) Congrats on your release and thank you for offering such generous prizes.

    Consider it Tweeted: @msheatherwebb

  64. miselainis says:

    Fargo, our blue dog, can’t wait until this baby hits the NY Times Bestseller list. Actually he’s big and white, but who’s getting technical?

    (Spread on twitter: @forgottenflapper)

  65. theryanlee says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! That also looks like a very unique book. Cute! (= I spread the word about this on twitter, too. (@TheRyanLee) thanks!

  66. Good luck with this book, Chuck. It was a pleasure meeting you at the WDC in NYC, and I look forward to the new book.

  67. Jami Gold says:

    Congratulations, Chuck! What a fun premise. :)

    I helped spread on Twitter (@JamiGold) here: http://twitter.com/JamiGold/statuses/190520766335418368

  68. amadan says:

    Dogs and politics…sounds like a perfect match to me. :) Congratulations on the new book!

  69. mara_rae says:

    The book looks adorable! Thanks for the opportunity – tweeted @mararaewrites

  70. cassandra5 says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’m only commenting because I want to enter the contest.

    I tweeted this on @PrtyWrdsOnPaper

  71. Ashlethas says:

    This book is adorable!! Tweeted @ashlethas.

  72. cdorman says:

    Great concept! Putting dogs and politics together–who would of thought? Oh, yeah–you.
    Seriously though, it’s a wonderful idea. I especially appreciate your ripping both sides equally.
    “Red dog wants to know if these flags were made in China.” “Blue dog wants to know if this dog bone is organic and fair trade.” Hilarious, but also spot on. Best of luck with the book. I don’t think you’ll need it though; the book sounds like a top seller.

    I am sharing the contest and the news of the book on Twitter. My handle is @looneyfilberts.

    Thanks for the contest.

  73. sally_apokedak says:

    Looks like a great book!

  74. SuzeW says:

    This is the first funny political book I’ve seen this year! Yaaaay! My pup will love it, as will I. And so generous of you to donate to no kill shelters. I tweeted this from @scwine. Congratulations, and I can’t wait to see it!

  75. Janet T says:

    Dude– Dogs and politics? Righteous!
    Did u dress one up as Sarah Palin? PLEASE tell me you dressed one up as Sarah Palin?

    Seriously– what a great concept- and congrats!

    I tweeted this as:


    ps- my mutt is half Jack Russell and half Greyhound. You’ve never seen a stranger-looking dog. :)

  76. missylarae says:

    Congratulations! I love dogs. My Buddy and I are dog people. He approves of your book ;-) I’m tweeting this as


  77. bdaniels119 says:

    Congratulations on the new book! I love the sample pictures you posted above. I’m sure this will be a great book. I mean who doesn’t like funny pictures of dogs? Well, except for cat people. I am tweeting this as @BrandiDaniels

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  78. Lindsey says:

    I’m looking forward to this book… anything that lightens up politics and includes dogs has to be good, right?

    I wish I had seen the tweets about dog pictures, I have a pretty cute little fella here. Graham is adorable as well!

    Awesome giveaway. I’m retweeting this as @LinzeeS.

  79. Wendy says:

    After looking at your cover, I have to side with the blue dog lovers, our Weimeraner-cattle dog mix recently passed away and she was a gem!
    Looking forward to the book and glad to tweet it out. Look for it @WendyGreenley
    Thanks for the giveaway offer.

  80. Wendy says:

    After looking at your cover, I have to side with the blue dog lovers, our Weimeraner-cattle dog mix recently passed away and she was a gem!
    Looking forward to the book and glad to tweet it out. Look for it @WendyGreenley!
    Thanks for the giveaway offer.

  81. Mike Chen says:

    Now you have to write a cat book so the feline side of my family doesn’t remain jealous. They’re a little more vengeful than the happily oblivious canine side.

  82. DanaC says:

    Congrats on the launch of your book. Very fun doggie idea!
    And thanks for the generous giveaway– I’m tweeting it! @danaFR

  83. Hi,
    I love dogs, too! Politics – not so much. But if your book indeed rips on both sides of the political spectrum evenly, it might very well be one of a kind!
    I like the idea of donating to no-kill shelters very much. My dog – also a rescue poodle mix – could have been your dog’s brother (maybe, he is?)
    And I like good stuff for free!
    I tweeted about your post (@Sasha_Palmer)

  84. Cathy H. says:

    I love a good dog book–and a good giveaway! So heck yeahs, I tweeted it (@cathychall)

  85. Mantifit4 says:

    Congrats on the new book! What a great idea. :) I was happy to post on Twitter and wish you the best of luck. @MarlanaAntifit

  86. Columbo1@cox.net says:

    Chuck, thank you. What a novel idea.
    This is Sadie’s Mom, the beautiful Golden with the white face, and thank you for making us the Blue Dog, and YES, it was a “fair trade organic bone” from 3 Dog Bakery!
    I would be happy to review your book and network it thru FB, Pinterest and wordpress…as a matter of fact, I already re-posted it to FB.
    Peace and look forward to reading this book.
    ~Es Goodman.

  87. BlairShares says:

    What a fun book, and we’d love to be in on the give-away(s)! Now Bella and I are off to announce the news via Twitter…Best wishes!

  88. brite1010 says:

    Yay for the new book! And double yay for Cupcake’s picture making it in! I’m headed straight to amazon to see if I can preorder, then to Twitter to tweet the good news – @brite1010. Also, we don’t review books, but Cupcake is a blogger, so she will surely mention (brag about) the book on her blog – http://earontheball.com

  89. LuminousPendragon says:

    It is a very appealing idea! Congratulations! I’m sure it will be a great book! It’s a fun twist on politics, haha!
    Also thanks for the opportunity of participating in the giving away! I’m sure those will surely be three lucky winners. Other than that, cheers~! Really hope all turns out well!

  90. joannmannix says:

    Your blog and this site are on my short list of daily reads. My copy of the 2012 Guide to Literary Agents is dog-eared from use.

    Love your sweet puppy! I have three Labradoodles and they look an awful lot like your Graham, there.

    My dogs are definitely not Red Dogs since they don’t poop on the paper. If I don’t catch them in time, they usually find one of my shoes to deposit their business. I think this makes them Fascists.

    I’m tweeting this post. My handle is @joannmannix. Congratulations!

  91. wendybythesea says:

    Yay for rescue dogs! We got ours from the pound, too. Congrats on the new book!


  92. cctyping says:

    Love the idea for your book. I swear my dogs look at me and make comments all the time. “We know there’s more chicken in the refrigerator. Why do you lie to us about the chicken?”

  93. katherineamabel says:

    Congrats on the new book and thanks for the opportunity. My handle @katherineamabel :D

  94. sefmac20 says:

    Congrats on your success and thanks for the opportunity to win a book!

  95. Kaitlin Adams says:

    Congrats on the new book, and your dog is adorable! My Twitter handle: jk_Adams.

  96. decflatte says:

    You are an inspiration to me and I read your blog every single day. I also own the 2012 Guide to Literary Agents. So happy for you on this new project. Congratulations! I would share this post on my Facebook wall but I don’t have a Twitter account :-(
    Kathy B.

  97. Cindy1408 says:

    I can not wait to get my hands on this book! And what a great cause too. My black lab, Murphy, came from from a shelter and he is the best boy ever! I’d LOVE to have the opportunity for you to read my synopsis!

    You bet your cute booty I retweeted your contest! @cindy1408

  98. MadiK says:

    You are definitely biased toward one side. Your “Red Dog” is much uglier and scruffier (more curmudgeonly) than the “Blue Dog” which is sleeker, more refined. Of course, I love the “Blue Dog” much, much better in every picture on this post.

    I am not much of a reader of “how to” books. I like to dive in and just get down to it. However, if I win a book, I would love to have the Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript (in italics), 3rd Ed. I have 3, count them 3, manuscripts in the works.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment on your post.

  99. katefall says:

    Your book looks very funny, and thank you for donating part of the proceeds to no-kill shelters. I’ve retweeted your contest on Twitter (from @katefall), and I’ll be looking for your book!

  100. jzeman says:

    Congratulations on the new book Chuck! As a fellow dog lover, I’m looking forward to it! And it’s awesome to be donating part of the proceeds to no-kill shelters. May you experience an abundance of success!

  101. DianeK says:

    You have me sold on this book, without a doubt! Our house should have non-profit status, because there have been times it would qualify as an animal shelter on its own. We’re currently at two dogs and two cats. All of the pets at our house are ones that somebody else didn’t want, and it’s that way by design. A few of them have just ended up here, like our adorable Daisy Mae who was found in a convenience store parking lot in San Antonio, TX, only about 2 months old. She’s now living happily at our house, and spoiled much worse than the kids ever were. Since part of the proceeds go to animal rescue, I’ll buy more than one book. :) — From a fellow dog-loving fan.

  102. katielise says:

    Hmmm… I think I’ll take a blue dog!

    Clever idea. RT’d @katielise

  103. ajwenger says:

    Aww, Graham is such a cutie!

    This looks to be even funnier than How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. Can’t wait to read it!

    RTing as @andreajwenger.

  104. evapohler says:

    How exciting! I hope I win! I’ll RT you as @evapohler. Btw, have you seen @laurabradford’s pic of garden gnomes in her bathroom cabinet?

  105. melriggins says:

    Doggone it, Chuck! That’s a great giveaway. May your dogs prosper, and be wise enough to avoid altercation with attacking gnomes. Love the humor books. Best of luck. I’ll RT you at The Daily Mel. @melriggins

  106. boltoncarley says:

    Garden gnomes and now political dogs! That’s humor! Would love to have your book, your advice, and your help! @boltoncarley on Twitter

  107. bjmuntain says:

    My dog, Koko, couldn’t possibly be a Red Dog. He won’t poop on any papers. Instead, he prefers to use them to cover up his messes…. oh wait. Maybe he *is* a Red Dog…

    I tweeted this post as @BJMuntain.


  108. amusingmom says:

    Great concept! And I love that you feature dogs on both sides of the aisle. : )


  109. dkray says:

    Can’t wait for the book!! And thank you for donating a portion to the no-kill shelter!

    Awesome contest!! I retweeted @dklarsonray.

    Love your blog on Literary Agents!!


  110. Graham is adorable. It is a wonderful idea to donate a portion of the book’s future proceeds to no-kill shelters – go you. Congrats on the book – looks like a winning combination.

    Appreciate your Guide to Literary Agents Blog, tks so much for the posts and info.

    Tweeted your contest via handle @thesaturnbull

    Best wishes,

  111. sjforti says:

    Awesome offer. Thanks for the chance (and, as always, the great blog)!
    Good luck with the new book. I’ll mention on twitter.com/steveforti1

    Also – how about another “Worst Storyline” contest? Been a long time since the last

  112. rhenwilson says:

    I bought Garden Gnomes, so I’ll be getting this one as well. Congrats on the book.

    I mentioned your giveaway on Twitter.com/rhenwilson

    – Rhen

  113. Backfence says:

    So excited about your upcoming book, Chuck. The fact my dog is in it doesn’t hurt (unless she was cut in the editing process??? Never may that happen!) She’s never discussed her political views with me so I’m curious what she has to say.

    Anyway, best of luck and I’ll spread the word (starting with a Tweet on Twitter).

    Carol Bro (Backfence on Twitter)

  114. I love the idea of your new book Chuck. In this time of crazy politics and even crazier politicans we need authors to put it all in proper perspective. Wishing you great success with the book!

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