Announcing My Next Humor Book: RED DOG / BLUE DOG (and Giveaways To Celebrate!)

It’s been more than a year and a half since my first humor book, HOW TO SURVIVE A GARDEN GNOME ATTACK, came out. Writing that book was a fun, crazy journey that has now led me here. I am so freaking excited to finally announce the release of second humor book, RED DOG / BLUE DOG, a collection of dog photos with humorous politically-oriented captions. Because of this news, I am celebrating with some fat giveaways (details at the end). (Update: bdaniels119, Kelly Mogk and skoneal90 won the contest.)




RED DOG / BLUE DOG is due out in July 2012 from Running Press.




You may remember how several months back, I was putting out calls through Facebook and Twitter soliciting interesting photos of dogs. Well guess what? Here is the result. Thanks to cooperation from so many dog owners who submitted photos (a generous feat that is nothing short of miraculous), I was able to have thousands of images to choose from. The end result was a product that matched two of my greatest loves: dogs, and politics. The book will hopefully provide some much-needed levity right in the heart of the election season this summer (releases July 2012, Running Press). It rips on both sides of the political spectrum evenly. Here’s a sample of the silly humor inside RED DOG / BLUE DOG (sorry the text is small):



Red Dog relishes pooping on the New York Times ... Blue Dog loves his new e-reader because he can get all of his liberal media in one place.


Red Dog would like to know why these flags were made in China ... Blue Dog would like to know if this bone is organic and fair-trade.



I am extremely excited to give a portion of the book’s future proceeds to no-kill shelters. My own dog, Graham (a very flabby poodle mix), was a rescue dog himself.



If you’re part of the media or run any dog-centric blogs or anything that would cover such a title, would you be interested in receiving a review copy of my book? E-mail me at chuck.sambuchino (at) and tell me about your media outlet or site. I will pass all review requests on to my Running Press publicist. Thanks!


THE GIVEAWAY: (Update: bdaniels119, Kelly Mogk and skoneal90 won the contest.)

OK, OK — on to the giveaway. In celebration of the book deal, I will award three lucky winners at random who comment on this post. Here’s the deal. If you’re picked, I will 1) edit your query letter or synopsis (one page max for length) for free, and 2) give you any one of my books. You can pick from the following:

  1. The 2012 Guide to Literary Agents
  2. Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript, 3rd Ed.
  3. The 2012 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market

There’s more! If you share news of this post/giveaway through Twitter, say so in your comment by mentioning your handle. If I pick you and you indeed shared news via Twitter, I’ll also edit the first 10 pages of your work — for freebies. Contest ends after 2 weeks — at end of day April 19, 2012.

Thanks, all!


This is me and my dog, Graham.


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118 thoughts on “Announcing My Next Humor Book: RED DOG / BLUE DOG (and Giveaways To Celebrate!)

  1. shellywmf

    First time reader of your blog. Love your book idea. As a huge dog lover, I found it very admirable that you are donating to no kill shelters.

    Good luck!!

    Michell F.

  2. Su@dreamweavernovels

    So excited for release of Red Dog Blue Dog in July. We are big critter fans. I posted info on the book on my Twitter page under @DreamWeaver526. Spreading the word!

  3. Graelyn

    I won your How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack and loved it. I applaud your decision to donate some of the profits to no-kill shelters. My cat, Donnie, is a shelter cat. In fact, I’m the third person to adopt him from the Humane Society. However, he will not be going back to there. I hate to think of what would have happened to him had he been taken to the Animal Shelter.

  4. ESBender

    Absolutely love the book idea! How very clever. I also look for things that make me laugh and lift my spirits, so your book is a must read. Tweet is: @Irelandhereicom


    As a dog lover, I like the concept. I’m also a cat lover, animals of all kinds really… but not partial to gnomes. I’d like to see what happens when Dog meets Gnome.


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