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Amazing Giveaway: A Free Pass to the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference (Feb. 16-19, 2012) Worth $745

(Update: Joan Swan won the pass. Congrats to Joan!
Joan will be guest blogging about her travels here
on my GLA Blog following the event.)


This is amazing news. Writer’s Digest has 1 free pass to giveaway to a random commenter for a full registration pass at the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference (Feb. 16-19, 2012). (Wow!!) Make sure you read this entire post to see all the details of the giveaway, as there are some things you need to do to formally enter. To enter, you will need to comment on this post, and spread the news a bit via social media.

(See a large list of writers conferences.)





Writers conferences are a great way concerning how to find a literary agent. In addition to WD’s own large writing conferences (New York every January and now we’re adding Los Angeles in Fall 2012), WD also acts as a sponsor to some of the largest writing conferences in the country, one of which is the magnificent San Francisco Writers Conference, held this year from Feb. 16-19, 2012 (President’s Day weekend). As part of our sponsorship, we have an unused full registration pass that, for whatever reason, was never given out as of today.

It turns out this baby is worth a whopping $745 ($695 for the full event and an additional $50 to be part of the “speed dating” portion). This pass is even more valuable because the SFWC is sold out. I’m not joking. This is like Willy Wonka’s freaking Golden Ticket and some random commenter is about to be Charlie Bucket singing in the streets when they win (Beware Slugworth! Just kidding…)


The registration pass includes all sessions and keynotes in the main conference of the SFWC, at the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel in the neighborhood of Nob Hill in San Francisco. It also includes two luncheons, two breakfasts, and one drink & pupus at the opening Welcome Gala. The pass also allows attendance to the agent Speed Dating potion. (Again … WOW!) All in all, this is worth $745.

If you do not know about the SFWC, see all the details online. For starters, at least 22 agents will be there, to say nothing of all the authors and editors, as well. The location is beautiful. It’s just awesome. I’ve attended once as a speaker in 2008 and loved it. They were kind enough to let me be a writers conference speaker again this year, and I will even be doing be acting as a query letter editor. (Will I see you there???)


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To enter this contest, you must follow all rules below as they are written. Because of the quality of this prize, we must double check that all rules were followed, so please take them seriously. Thank you.

(Deadline: Comment by end of day, PST, Friday, Feb. 10, 2012.)

1. Comment below on this post. If you’re new to the WD site, note that you must quickly register to comment. And if you don’t know what to comment about (which can be anything, naturally), may I suggest talking about your 2012 writing goals to pump other writers up.

2. Spread the word at least TWO (2) times through social media. If you do the same thing twice (such as tweeting it twice, please do so on different days or at least with some time between them, as the deadline allows.)

  • If you tweet the news, include your handle in the comment below. Please write the handles @writersdigest and @sfwriters somewhere in the tweet(s) so we can easily find it in your history.
  • If you blog about the news, please include a URL to your specific mention (not your general blog URL that leads to a homepage) with your comment below.
  • Facebook status updates are difficult to verify with privacy issues, so these will not be allowed, unless you want to take a screenshot of your status and email it to literaryagent@fwmedia.com. Either that or you could friend request me so I can personally verify it later. Please do one or the other, or just skip Facebook promos.
  • If you possess none of these social media channels, you can still enter by simply getting a friend to tweet/spread the news for you as required. Just explain this note in your official comment below, so we know how to track everything. In other words, just try to make it as clear and simple as possible for us to verify everything.
  • And this is not a contest rule, but if you’re not following us on Twitter — @writersdigest and @chucksambuchino — what’s he hold up? It’s 100% writing love, all the time! (And who doesn’t enjoy some writing love?)


Note: This pass cannot be resold and is forfeit if traded for money. What this means is the ticket must either be used by the winner or given to someone else without monetary compensation. This rule per the SFWC. So please keep this in mind when commenting. If there is absolutely no way you can get to San Francisco and/or find a place to stay, then make sure you know someone you are willing to give the pass to, or else it will go to waste (and that is a very sad thought).


(Update: Joan Swan won the pass. Congrats to Joan!
Joan will be guest blogging about her travels here
on my GLA Blog following the event.)


I Will Instruct At These Great Writing Events Soon:






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199 thoughts on “Amazing Giveaway: A Free Pass to the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference (Feb. 16-19, 2012) Worth $745

  1. K.C. ILEM

    The buzz from the power lines created by the humidity is vibrating through me, and I can barley see my blood is flowing so fast. I get up and start screaming at the top of my lungs as I run after their car,”HEEELP! HELP ME! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, THEY TOOK MY BABY!!!” no one answers back. The wind has picked up now as if the heavens have become irate and are composing fierce gusts of wind with wrathful thunder due to the injustice that had taken place. My curls are flying above my head like Medusas snakes, and my bare feet slap the concrete as I run after the fading brake lights. What do I do? What do I do?They just took my son!

  2. khart1900

    My husband and I met when I was 58 and he was 61. We fell madly in love with each other and we are still in love each and every day. Circumstances beyond our control made it so that we have to live apart, but we call each other once in the morning for morning prayer and in the evening to chat about our day and an evening prayer. It is very difficult for us that we must be apart, since we don’t feel we have a whole lot of time left on this earth that we can enjoy each other’s company. We’ve often talked about what would it have been like had we met 40 years ago and was able to spend the last 40+ years feeling this awesome love that we have..

    Had we met 40 years ago, would we have appreciated each other as much as we do now? Would we love each other as much? What life lessons would we have missed out by meeting early? Those were all the questions we had as we pondered our plight in not meeting 40 years ago.

    Rather than continuing to imagine with regret, we decided to write our lives 40+ years and what would have happened had we met then, which is the beginning of our new book. It has, at least for me, very healing and comforting and somehow served to re-program and mute our subconscious of all the pitfalls, pains, and the hurts we had to encounter in our past.

    Being able to finish this, find a great Literary Agent, and get the book published would be our dream come true.

  3. Danielle Mathieson Pederson

    2012? Hmmm, well I’m in the midst of planning and doing a ‘Leap Into Chapter One On Leap Day’ event for my book tentatively titled Lasera. I’m digitally releasing Chapter One on Feb 29. Read all about it here (on the blog just about writing and my book):


    Goals for 2012? Getting my novel out there, plus signing with an agent and hopefully getting that all elusive book deal.

    I blogged this contest here (my blog all about me, writing, and being a mom):


    I’m also on twitter and facebook



    What I great contest! I’d love to win! :D :D :D

  4. flickik

    My writing goals for this year? Well, to write. On paper, instead of just in my head. This will require some cooperation from my children…

    I facebooked this and will do so again before 11:59PST. I found out about it on the last day!

  5. jamesmspaulding

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity at a chance to win this fantastic prize. Being amongst other people who share your passions and serve as inspiration among your journey is what this prize is all about. 2012 will be a big year for me. I am a young up and coming author looking to release many different types of eye catching books this year. From Picture books to honor my two adorable little girls to my first Novel. Self publishing an anthology of Short Stories is also on the horizon. I am very much looking to write Children’s books as well as Science Fiction/ Fantasy. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and his writings along with countless others I set upon my path. I have learned in my short span of 29 years that if you do not try, then you surely can’t succeed. “What a man can accomplish in a weekend can lay the foundations for what he can in a lifetime”.-James Spaulding
    @jamesmspaulding on twitter. I will also email you some Facebook screen shots. Thank you again for this truly unique opportunity and I hope luck is with me

    Amazing Giveaway:A Free Pass @writersdigest @chucksambuchino @sfwriters Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live the dream CU in SF!

  6. emperorbailey

    While I have a couple nerdy sci-fi book ideas cooking upstairs, my wife is the one with the completed novel and the adorable smile to charm potential literary agents. This would cut way down on the number of query letters she has to send.
    Also, by random coincidence, we’re already going to be in the Bay Area on those days.
    Maybe she and I will each be simultaneously going to our own conferences on the Peninsula.

    Posted on my LiveJournal at http://emperorbailey.livejournal.com/50667.html
    Posted on Twitter @emperorbailey

  7. jcwriter

    would love to post but Word press says I am posting too quickly and to slow down. WordPress error, it says. Here was my post:

    •And this is not a contest rule, but if you’re not following us on Twitter — @writersdigest and @chucksambuchino — what’s he hold up? It’s 100% writing love, all the time! (And who doesn’t enjoy some writing love?)

    Having just found a name for my talents as “content editor”, please note your typo as in what’s the hold up? (you have “what’s he hould up?”
    Probably just shot my chances at winning. :D

  8. SueJay

    I was going to be in the bay area anyway working on my novel, this would be the BEST!

    I’m on my 6th or so round of edits for my very first novel. It’s YA urban fantasy. I blabbed about it on facebook (I can to the picture or friend thing, I just wanted all my writer friends to know), and I also posted on both my blogs. Here: http://suealicious.livejournal.com/207869.html and here: http://strawberryhanky.blogspot.com/2012/02/golden-ticket.html

    *Crossing fingers and toes*

  9. kooldaddie

    Good luck to everyone! What an incredible gift from Writers Digest, Chuck Sambuchino and the SFWC! Some lucky writer is going to be in the Paris of California a week from today!

    Here’s the link to my blog: http://josepheastburn.com/blog/?p=187
    Here’s a mention on twitter: http://twitter.com/darknovel
    And on a 2nd twitter account: http://twitter.com/jungiandetectiv

    Personally, I don’t want to go to this conference like I don’t want to live. I mean, speed-dating with lit agents in San Francisco, the city with its own weather system, its own zeitgeist. The place I hitch-hiked in the 70’s, (to where else) the Haight-Ashbury—where I set my online novel, The Summer of Love and Death. Where I’m (as of this writing) 21 chapters in…:

    Please Check out: @darknovel A novel on Twitter http://twitter.com/darknovel
    Story so far: http://tinyurl.com/7mje55c

    Or, the current book that I would take to SFWC if I won: ANIMUS, A Jungian Thriller

    My goals for 2012 are to write that next book, but I can’t tell you what it’s about… but, may the writing muse descend on us all in the coming months and give us her creative touch!

  10. seraine

    As we all know, writing is a tough thing to do. Any motivation is a good thing. I haven’t been to a writer’s conference since college, and I’ve had more than my fair share of writer’s block the past 6 months. This would be a refreshing treat! I plan to tweet tweet about this one; especially since I know lots of my writer friends will appreciate it.


  11. blueskiesbeck

    Thanks to WD for featuring the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference Pass Giveaway. Win or lose, the opportunity was fantastic motivation to do some online writing. I finally started a blog! The blog is intended to be a forum for creative play and experimentation, and also for various inspirations to “take a permanent break from writers block”. And I launched a twitter account for tweets relating to the same topics.
    The results: http://writingbreak.wordpress.com (permalink: http://writingbreak.wordpress.com/express-yourself-and-win) @writingbreak
    Good luck and best wishes to everyone, not only in the contest giveaway, but in all your creative work–you are all inspiring!

  12. sjhager

    Hi, Chuck!

    Really hoping to win this, for I finally ready to look for an agent, as I have a completed manuscript. Look for my tweets about this contest – @progressivetea and @OzarkLeprechaun. Thanks!

  13. EvaRocca

    This sounds like an amazing opportunity, and I would be so thrilled if I was that lucky person who got to experience the San Francisco Writers’ Conference! I have been writing creatively all my life and have recently launched a copywriting business. Going to this conference would be a dream come true. Good luck to everyone!

    *I have posted about this giveaway twice on Facebook and have already friended Chuck so he can personally verify my status updates. My name on Facebook is Eva Rocca.

    *I have also posted about the giveaway on twitter. My handle is @EvaARocca

    Thank you for the consideration!

  14. dpwriter

    Pick me! Pick me!! Juvenile? Yes. How I really feel? Correct. I just “happen” to be flying to San Francisco for that entire week. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly I was meant to go to the SF Writer’s Conference (for free) and meet an agent who cannot contain his/her enthusiasm for my project. Twitter handle: @dawnpier

  15. lizziegage

    Charming Boomer Takes WD Conference by Storm

    Armed with an iPad and a winning smile, Elizabeth Gage overcame stereotypes and inertia to obtain appointments with several agents at this year’s WD Conference.

    Using the iPad to share writing samples and queries, Gage, who specializes in creative non-fiction and opinion pieces, was also happy to share her blog, “True Luxury,” which demonstrates that a truly luxurious life has little to do with “things.”

    When asked how she happened to come to this year’s Conference, Gage said “I just happened to see a tweet about the contest for a free all-conference pass and decided, “why not?” Because, you know, why not? I just had a feeling I would win, and here we are! Naturally, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to get my work in front of others in the industry.

  16. GKByrne

    SO excited about this opportunity and so glad I caught it — on the LAST day! I would love to go and pitch my middle grade fantasy: Moira Black and the Faerie Bargain. It was two books and now it’s one longer book. Bouncing new ideas off other writers – also high on the list. Getting the word out at http://www.gkbyrne.com right on the front page. Thank you!

  17. katieboo21

    I was born in San Antonio, Texas on August 21, 1984, the state people call a separate country. My first memory is of lizards. Between that day and today, I have been writing. It’s not really a pleasant experience, but it’s not unpleasant, either — more of a neutral tugging feeling.

    The last time I attended an event where writers came together was a meeting of old and young farmers at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. A young woman from the Indiana Writer’s Center attended to help the members record their experiences in the organization, whether it involved raising sheep, pulling calves, tasseling corn or saving a friend in some offhanded way.

    The farmer’s wife next to me was in foreign straits. Her pen shook in her hand. She saw that I was looking, and she leaned over and told me her deal. A friend had been murdered on the farm in the middle of a dispute over land. She said she didn’t want to write about this incident, but she couldn’t think of anything else. I asked her how she would write about it in her own words. She said she didn’t know, she had never written much more than a rent check. I tried to help her without ruining the story in my own words.

    I don’t know what effect that experience had on me. One day shortly after, I started writing. Before I knew it, a novel was here. I don’t hate it. I can remember whole passages when I’m waiting at stoplights, staring at workers excavating new gas stations while apps float on clouded corporations overhead. There must be some truth to what I said, even though nothing is ever what I expect it to be.

    The San Francisco Writers Conference sounds too good to be true, but I have this novel now, and I feel that at least one person would be interested in reading it. I would love to meet Chuck Sambuchino and other writers and authors involved with Writer’s Digest. I entered a short story and poetry competition through the organization late last year, and I visit the website and read the writer’s tips all the time. It seems like a very interesting organization with plenty of useful tips for aspiring authors.

    I will Tweet about this exciting opportunity at my twitter account, @knickas21, as soon as I can to spread the word to others.

    Thank you so much!

  18. trish

    Posted in here yesterday, and forgot to include my Twitter info: @tachionite. Currently working on my novel The Phoenix Effect with Malena Watrous and the gang at Stanford in the Form and Theory of the Novel online class. We are members of the second cohort of the Online Writer’s Certificate Program at Stanford. What a great group!

    I’ve also posted this on Facebook, but my screen shot function isn’t working.

    Good luck to all.

  19. sommertales

    My writing goal for this year is the same as it was last year and the year before. To write, and to learn to do so well. It’s an ever going challenge and it’s one that I’ve accepted gladly. So… Have you ever seen the Disney movie Brink? There’s this scene, right before the big skate off where the main character, Brink, is pulled to the side by his little sister. She pulls him to her level and she looks him in the eye, and her advice to him is simple: “Skate. Better.” That’s my goal. I’m listening to the kid.

    Thanks to all of the people involved in providing this opportunity!

    Wishing you all well,

  20. bapost

    For the first time, I can make writing a major prioity. Working full time & being the full time caretaker for my mother was a gift I wouldn’t trade. I’ve been squeezing I my writing on lunch hours & a few stolen moments on weekends, when & if I was able to get someone to take care of my aging mother. The kids are grown & mom passed this past week. My heart is shattered & the only thing keeping me sane these days is my writing. It would be a blessing to take a “vacation” away from it all and really focus on my lifelong dream. Thank you for your consideration & for all the wonderful information & opportunities.

  21. CMLandreth

    The news is out on my twitter feed @CMLandreth and my incredibly entertaining, sometimes nauseating, mostly mystifying blog located in cyberspace at http://intotheinkwell.blogspot.com/2012/02/skylar_05.html

    My goals for this year are simple: complete 12 short stories and my first novel by the end of it.

    I’m not a new writer, if there even is such a thing. I’m just a writer who finally owned up to his potential and began to take his craft a bit more seriously.

    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity out on the left coast. If i win, perhaps I will run into Monk…

  22. michrabe

    I would love to win the ticket to the SW Writer’s conference. I attended a workshop there last year and had a great time. I was unable to buy a ticket for this years conference because money was too tight. I have completed the first in a series of dark urban fantasy novels and am searching for an agent.

  23. trish

    This is such an awesome opportunity! All my writing ‘buddies’ are in SF at Stanford–either physically (my current instructor, Malena Watrous), or virtually (the class of Form & Theory of the Novel). Plus, it’s been a few hundred million years since I’ve been to SF.

    Thank you for sharing, F&W Media, and good luck to all who enter.

  24. kristenrudd

    Great. Now I’ve got “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from the Gene Wilder movie stuck in my head. WAY TO GO, CHUCK! *shakes fist*

    I wonder if the odds of winning this ticket are like the odds of getting signed by an agent. If so, then not winning would be good preparation for all those rejection letters, right? I’m working on a novel that I hope to have polished up and query-ready by the end of the year. I want to have e-mails in agents’ inboxes by Christmas.

    Yeah, so saying that out loud is kind of scary, isn’t it?

    Best of luck, everyone!

  25. Randrews

    I recently just tweeted about this under @RandomCAndrews – and I will blog about this contest as well – RandomAndrews.Blogspot.com –

    This would be the best opportunity for me, simply because currently I am querying for my novel and not getting too much positive feedback. I would love to know what exactly I am doing wrong. If maybe I am taking the wrong approach, or missing a few key factors? I am a new author and just now learning the ropes. I need all the help I can get and this really would be like visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, for me, at least during this period of my career.

    Thank You,

    Random Andrews

  26. loritayseastep

    What an awesome opportunity! I’ve been honing my writing skills for the past several years, and the feedback at the few conferences I’ve been able to attend has been invaluable. I’ve revised my first manuscript until it’s shiny and clean, and I’m ready to start pitching… 2012 is my year. :) It’s a MG fantasy that’s been a looooong time in the making, and I’m excited to start working on some new projects this year as well. Conferences are not in the family budget this year, so this would be a true gift for me.

    I’ve tweeted and blogged about this. Blog link is http://loritayseastep.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/a-girl-can-dream-cant-she/ and my twitter handle is @loritayseastep.

    Thanks again for making someone’s dream come true!

  27. Benjamin Ehlert

    This is such a great thing to offer! As a writer trying to land an agent, I’m doing everything possible to garner some attention from the industry and this would be a great step! Working three jobs while in college leaves little room to travel for my writing, so this would be my first conference.

    Stating my goals for 2012 is always something I hesitate to do, its like saying, “Hey, I haven’t gotten sick yet this winter!” That being said, I suppose the end goal is the publication of my novel, get my blog traffic up, and place in the top ten of the Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.

    I would this opportunity to grow and learn! You can check what I said about the conference on my facebook page (Ben Ehlert) or on my blog (benjamin-ehlert.blogspot.com)


  28. marycycle

    So excited about this opportunity. I will be in SF the weekend before theevent and will happily stay for conference if selected! Thanks for this great prize.

  29. Carol

    What a great opportunity – and perfect for helping me meet my writing goals this year. I’ve completed a first draft of my novel and my goal is to have a draft ready for agent/publisher review by mid 2012. Pitching the idea to agents in February could not come at a better time.

    I’ve blogged about the give away at: http://www.justwalkingthisearth.blogspot.com/2012/02/amazing-giveaway-free-pass-to-2012-san.html And tweeted @CABodensteiner I was already following @WritersDigest and am now following you, too, Chuck. Long live the network!

    Nothing would make me happier than to figure out air travel from Iowa to SF in the next week. Thanks for making that dream possible.

  30. christy rey

    I’m excited! This opportunity would be a fantastic way to open the 2012 year and push me to move my writing to the next level. I’ve never attended a writer’s conference because of no time and how great if the universe provides this free pass now when I do have the time and desire to attend. Last July I completed the first draft of a mystery novel and I’m currently working on the revisions and rewrites.

    What a great learning experience combined with networking with writers, fellow students and agents…Happy New Year! I’m a dragon…

  31. ktomobi

    I am so excited to hear that there is still a ticket for this conference! I have never been to a writing conference before, but I have been informed that conferences are a great source of networking and great mentorship. I missed the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York and was later set on attending the San Franscisco conference when I discovered that the TICKETS were sold out! Looking forward to the San Franscisco conference gave me an opportunity to further work on my book chapters, so it would be a great opportunity for me to still attend this conference in 2012.

    I am currently several chapters into my book after overcoming some of the writer’s block that comes with recalling and sharing memories that may not be as easy to share in a non-fiction book, but easier to share in a fictionalized account. I am also learning to better incorporate humor into my writing to help with some of the tougher parts of my book. My goal is to publish this year!

    In the meantime, I also hope to enter my work in the Writer’s Digest Annual Competitions this Spring.

    Thank you for informing us all on this opportunity, and may the winner have every advantage at the San Franscisco and other conferences this year!

    (I am also posting on Facebook).

  32. CMAllred

    …and here is my blog post link:


    I’ve been attending local conferences in Utah for a couple of years, and I’m excited to branch out to national conferences in my search for an agent while I continue to practice improving my writing skills and learning the industry.

    I’m writing my second novel. I’ve enjoyed trying a variety of genres: picture books, contemporary short stories, dystopian for the YA, and paranormal for adults.

    I have not yet submitted to an agent as I am still learning to look like a pro.

  33. RobynLCoburn

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.
    My writing goals for this year are:
    – to finish my crafting book about upcycling and refashioning
    – to continue writing articles for Natural Life Magazine
    – to write an article for at least one other publication
    – to blog more regularly – I’ve already scheduled the topics
    – to finish the polish on one of my screenplays and seek an agent, and get the first draft finished of my other.

    I tweeted the contest twice @IggyJingles
    Thanks again,
    Robyn C.

  34. Holly-Marie

    Wow what a fabulous, magical opportunity! Thanks ever so for offering it.
    One of my goals this year are to finish my book, The Journey from Holeness to Wholeness. It’s my memoir about choices in love and dating. I’ve gotten together with a writing buddy and every other week we critique each others’ work and hold one another accountable to finishing so many words per week.
    Another is to enter the WD contest in May. I’m going to a fabulous week-long writing retreat in April to prep.
    I will tweet about this today and tomorrow. You can check my handle @HollyMarie0407
    Rock On and thanks again!

  35. Meenu

    Writing for me is not a goal or a destination for it is I believe a journey. Expression is a gift of God that only humans possess and in my opinion it should be a platform for the betterment of everyone involved. Learning something new or meeting new writers would be a great opportunity for ” All experience is an arch where through gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever when I move,” I nod my head to what Tennyson said.

  36. grannygirl

    Hello, I am new to all this…but looking forward to all the fun!!! I would so Love to win a free Writer’s Conference. It would be very educational and inspirational!!!! God Bless!

    I FB the status. Not sure who I am supposed to Friend…but….my email is grannygirl1968@hotmail.com. I will email FB status as well. Thanks!

  37. chava812

    Tweeted as @chava812 and added @chucksambuchino and @writersdigest (following) – as well as sent a friend request from my FB account (Diane Schultz). Took 3 tweets to get it right :) noticed that the tweet should mention wd and the SFWC rather than the two above, for easy finding. Having a blonde moment :)

  38. rochhamp

    Hello all. My writing goals for 2012 are to expand my electronic profile by blogging, and I am going to publish three short stories and my one act play this year. I never realized home much work it is to be a write, but I’m definitely up for a challenge. What are your goals?

  39. K.C. ILEM

    The butterflies that are in my stomach are about to carry me away at the moment. My son keeps looking at me and calling me crazy as I read with wide eyes, while whispering to myself in between bursts of gitty laughter ;-) Hey whos not a little crazy, right? I am so excited to have found out about this opportunity through chirping with the fellow flock @KC_ILEM where I have posted this. My goal this year is to share my dramatic non-fiction story about loosing my child through the corrupt “non”justice system, and the six year fight it took me to get him back, Thank You Angels!!!
    I wish you all luck, and thanks again for the opportunity!!
    I also posted this on my freshly baked blog http://bitterbanters.com/?p=69

    1. K.C. ILEM

      Oh Yea, did I mention that The system took him away because I was accused of kidnapping him, even though I had full custody?? CRAZY! Good read, interesting story, inspiring, and a story the world needs to hear. This story could be a Lifetime movie, and its true.

      1. K.C. ILEM

        The buzz from the power lines created by the humidity is vibrating through me, I can barley see, my blood is flowing so fast. I get up and start screaming at the top of my lungs as I run after their car,”HEEELP! HELP ME PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, THEY TOOK MY BABY!!!” no one answers back. The wind has picked up now as if the heavens have become irate and are composing fierce gusts of wind with wrathful thunder due to the injustice that had taken place. My curls are flying above my head like Medusas snakes and my bare feet slap the concrete as I run after the fading brake lights. What do I do? What do I do?They just took my son!

  40. anesam

    Oh, the memories! We got to San Francisco a wee bit late–college grads in the bicentennial year of 1976–but our hair was decked with flowers, and my sweetheart was a left-leaning Berkeley boy, so we went to work organizing boycotts for the Farmworkers Union. We lived in a 3-story townhouse in the Fillmore District with ten other full-time activists, all subsisting on oatmeal and peanut butter. I had majored in Russian, so they assigned me to canvass the Richmond neighborhood, where lots of White Russians lived at that time. Talk about a tough crowd! My guy had a better time with his Spanish in the Mission District–claro. We got to meet farmworker VP Delores Huerta, a truly inspirational figure (I was even asked to stand in for her one night when she was late to a rally), and Delancy Street founder and rehab super-guru John Maher, a card-carrying union rabble-rouser. Days off were few and far between, but we made the most of them at Cliff House, strolling the seawall above the Pacific, or haunting the bars and blues fests of North Beach. We even wound up taking a trip to Delano for the wedding of Cesar Chavez’s youngest daughter.

    Is there a memoir in my future? No better way to start than with a return trip. A writers conference in San Francisco–there’s an event not to be missed. My tweets appear under @ruthepogacar

    Thanks and best wishes–

  41. lotussamurai

    I am actually quite nervous as I type this. To go to the conference would benefit my writing endeavors greatly since I’m still starting out. My current project is a fantasy fiction novel (the first of five, hopefully) about a bounty hunter’s struggle with his past, family, and demons from hell, all while avoiding assassination attempts and other bounty hunters trying to cash in on the enormous bounty on his head. I’m also working on a realistic fiction told from a dog’s point of view.

    I posted this on my website: http://www.enchanted-pen.com/san-francisco-writers-conference
    Tweet: @marcusspaur

  42. zeffly

    I’ve been a reader of Writer’s Digest for years and have always been impressed with your magazine’s (and website’s) editorial ethos of trying to be as useful and practical to its readers as possible. Hence, I’m not surprised that you’re offering something as valuable as a pass to the SF Writer’s Conference for one lucky reader. It’s completely in line with how I view WD–a resource to help writer’s turn this insane pursuit we have all chosen into a career.

    I know you’d prefer that we not fulfill the social media component of the entry requirements via Facebook, but I will add you and/or send screen shots. The reality is, the two biggest writer’s communities to which I have access are on Facebook. (If I tweeted about this contest, it wouldn’t get nearly as much exposure.) The first of these two Facebook communities is Babylon Salon, a 5-year-old reading series in SF that I run with a few MFA friends. Over the years, we have hosted many well-known (including five of The New Yorker’s 20 under 40 authors) writers, as well as lots of emerging writers in the community. I am posting a notice there. The other place I will post is to my personal Facebook page (450 friends, many of whom are SF-based writers). Hopefully, I can help you get the word out!

    You can get biographical details about my writing in my profile. Thanks for the chance at the free pass! I would put it to good use as I continue to try to shop my novel.

  43. stephaniecain

    This is such a great opportunity! I have blogged about it here: http://stephaniecain.dreamwidth.org/130969.html – my blog automatically posts a link to new entries on my Twitter account @stephanie_cain but I will tweet about the contest again tomorrow just in case that doesn’t count. :)

    I do wish Writer’s Digest would do more conferences in the Midwest. I really enjoyed the Editors’ Intensive I attended in Cincy and would love to see more conferences in Cincy, Indy, Louisville, Chicago, or even Kansas City or St. Louis. Seems like all the big conferences are out at one coast or the other, which adds a lot to the expense of attending. :(

    All the same, if I win the trip, I know where my tax return will be spent! Totally worth the flight to get there, in order to win this opportunity. :D

  44. bruskyjack

    This is an amazing giveaway! My number one writing goal for 2012 is to finish the novel I am working on – even if it means writing in the middle of the night. I have posted on Facebook and sent a friend request to Chuck Sambuchino for verification. I will post again tomorrow.

  45. honey_sls01

    Wow! What an amazing offer. Winning this would be such a big deal for someone like me. My biggest writing goal for 2012 so far is composing a poetry book dedicated to my soon-to-be husband for our wedding in the Philippines next year. I thought this would be such a romantic wedding gift. Plus, if ever I get chosen, I can write about my experience in our local newspaper, http://www.pinoywatchdog.com, and inspire others to write and join the Writer’s Digest community. I am so excited.

  46. Don

    Thanks for the unique opportunity, Chuck! This has been an incredibly useful blog. I’ve yet to attend a writer’s conference, but I could definitly benefit from the experience. I’ll be faculty at the Katchemak Bay Writers Conference in Homer Alaska this year. Last year my first novel, The Raven’s Gift came out with Penguin Canada, and this year it will be published in Australia and New Zealand, and next year in France.

    In the meantime I am working on revising my latest novel with hopes that I’ll actually get it published in the US. It is strange to be an American author with a book that isn’t readily available for US readers, some networking at a conference like this one might be a place to start.

  47. tssim53

    I have spent the last several months bemoaning my lack of funds to attend this conference, and it seemed like my leg was being pulled when I saw this. If it is, in fact, genuine, then I can’t begin to relate how thankful I am to even get a shot at this.

    Though I’m as of yet unpublished, I plan to change this status with as much fire and determination as I possess, something I put into my characters to make them fly–or stumble–through whatever bramble patch I put before them (I like to imagine myself cackling as I do this, though I imagine on the outside I look quite impassive). I write primarily in the genre of fantasy, in tones that attempt to bridge the open space between reader and book (I suppose e-reader as well) so that their noses creep closer and closer in their own attempt to reach out and help the protagonist through his or her journey. I build worlds and I topple them. I treat them with as much respect as my own.

    I am currently searching for an agent, and this opportunity would definitely help me and give me valuable advice. Since I live near San Francisco, attending this conference would be the sunset–or sunrise, depending on the person–that throws my future goals into sharp relief.

    Good luck to everyone with their own goals, and thank you again. I will be posting two tweets, one today and one tomorrow. @EachStarAWorld

  48. jbyers

    I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco, but never had the means — this would be an amazing opportunity! My writing goals for 2012 include trying my hardest to get a literary agent, and this would totally help with that.

    I’ve shared the link to this page on two of my blog posts:

    Good luck to everyone who enters! Not to sound like a brown-noser, but this really is a fantastic opportunity. I’ll be very, very envious of whoever gets to go!!

  49. ChrisE

    2012 is the year to SEND IT OUT OF THE HOUSE! Did I write that loud enough?
    Writing short nonfiction, memoir, essay and the errant poem.
    Enjoyed sharing my work last year at readings and was a finalist in a Literary Idol.
    My first trip to San Francisco was last year and I would love to return to the towering eucalyptus trees and attend the legendary SF Writers Conference.
    Thanks for encouraging me to set up my account and expand my web presence.

  50. KAPStultz

    Pick me! I have completed a YA speculative fiction manuscript and need an agent.
    My goals right now include publishing my first novel and getting out of this time zone for the first time!
    This could help me do both!

  51. mrsheatherstout

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. I am yours forever in humility. As a mother of two, I have never gotten an opportunity such as this. Any trips I have been able to afford lately are that of the clearance bread aisle at the supermarket. I have always dreamed of going to a conference, and due to monetary circumstances, I have never afforded to go. This conference would be my Disneyland. Even if not chosen, going to your conference in the future is a serious goal that I hope to accomplish one day. Just being a fly on the wall of this conference would be enough for me, such people to listen to, talk to, I would be in the presence of people I’ve held in high accord since I was old enough to read or write! Yours in humility, Heather! @heatherhifives

  52. CMAllred

    What an amazing giveaway. Thank you!

    I’ve Tweeted the link today, Feb. 8, @MTeacress (my pen name) and will be back tomorrow with the link from my blogpost.

    Good luck to everyone.

  53. Janet_B

    Late in January I opened a fortune cookie and read with interest these words, “Great financial rewards come to you next month.” Thinking that meant I would win the lottery, on February 1 I bought a lottery ticket using the lucky numbers on the back of the fortune. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not even a free ticket.

    Still focused on the fortune, A couple of days later I met with my day-job boss for my performance evaluation and I was pleased that my ranking was well above average. I asked what he thought the chances were that I could get a huge raise in pay. He’s still laughing.

    Today, I open my Guide to Literary Agents email and see the words “Free Pass to the San Francisco Writers Conference. I think, “I love San Francisco. I love writers. I love being a writer. What’s this about?”

    I click on the link to read the article, thinking, “Wow! Free registration. What do I have to do?”

    Moving to this blog, I see more enticements: Some meals included, opening gala. “What’s this?” I think. “Agent speed dating? At least 22 agents? Maybe one will be interested in my Normal Is So Overrated manuscript. That must be the great financial reward the fortune cookie promised!”

    I get so excited at the prospect that I can’t remember my danged password to log in and leave a comment. I have to reset the password and wait an Internet eternity (2, maybe 3 seconds) for the verification email to arrive. “YES!” I exclaim aloud, “I’m in! Now, what to write about? Writing goals for 2012 suggested.”

    My primary writing goals for 2012 are to (1) attend at least one writers’ conference, (2) find and agent and/or publisher interested in my narrative non-fiction guide to survivng and recovering from a ruptured brain anuerysm, (3) place in the top 3 in a writing contest, and (4) finish to final polish my first supernatural mystery novel.

    Once I’ve posted here, you will see @JanetBettag tweeting about this contest and a post or two on my Janet Norton Bettag Facebook page. I’ll probably be generous to my writerly friends on LinkedIn and spread the word there, too. It’s a karma thing. If I make sure a ton of people know about this opportunity, my chances of having my good fortune come true increase tenfold.

    Oh, and in case it sways the judges, President’s Day is a holiday for me and I have a bunch of vacation hours banked, so nothing should stand in my way of getting to the conference in San Francisco. Oh, and my husband has been trying to get me to take a trip with him to celebrate our 40the wedding anniversary that took place on January 8. Until now, I just couldn’t decide where I wanted to go.

    The guy who wrote my cookie fortune and I thank you for this opportunity to make true his prediction that February 2012 would bring me great financial rewards. See you in San Francisco?

  54. Angela

    As a mother of a disabled child, I don’t get the opportunity to get out much and meet and mingle with other writers, both aspiring and professional. Writing is a lonely way of life, especially when you seldom meet the people you work with. Thanks for sponsoring this opportunity to make it possible for someone to attend.

  55. kpalms

    Just tweeted @kcpwriter and will tweet tomorrow. Hope I win! I have several scripts I’m writing into novels and have a non-fiction project in the works. Fingers crossed!

  56. Sandra Tarling

    I had thoughts of attending this conference since I’m in the final editing stage for my first novel tentatively titled Molly Adair, an historical story of a woman’s journey from her family home in Missouri to Bisbee, AZ. I’d love the opportunity to introduce it to agents, editors, fellow writers — it’s been a years-long birthing process & feels unreal that I’ll be sending Molly out into the world soon. Thanks for this opportunity!

  57. Qmarpat

    This is such a wonderful chance of a lifetime! I blog under the name Qmarpat on a few blogs and under the name;
    rixxie, on my main blog. My main blog is: http://www.writing.com/authors/rixxie/blog. I think what I’ve gotten most
    from Writers’ Digest site, and magazines is a renewed creativity. When I first became aware of this site I had just
    gotten home from heart surgery. I had started a book before becoming ill; Tales & Myths of the Innercity. I had no
    computer skills, I was an older lady, who hadn’t been introduced to pc’s–they didn’t have any! I gradually got up and
    each day with the help of family, taught myself some internet skills. I self-publihed the book, twice and both times
    it was botched. I was downhearted, I had worked on it, for ten years. I read articles, how some writers took books
    and recreated them,on a higher level. So, that’s what I did, I published the book as a new creation. I worked on it,
    until it resembled a book; Urban Tales & Myth, Calendar/Book, the collectors’ edition. I published it on my small
    online Zazzle.com store, “QmarPat”. It proably won’t be the next blockbuster, or hit all the best of list, but it gave
    me a since of satifaction..

    P.S. I will mention it on my facebook page today and tomorrow

  58. Greg

    Wow. This is really cool of you guys. I actually just moved back to SF after a 3 year stint in London. I’m managing a warehouse during the day and writing at night. I’m 25 and just figured out writing is what i want to do with my life. Right now just trying to develop a portfolio of short stories as I split time between those and my other manuscripts. I’m crossing my fingers that I get lucky enough to win this. I’ll be tweeting your praises from @glinden. Thanks again for all the great work and oppurtunities.

  59. RossEskimo

    This is a fantastic opportunity. My book, “The Love-Based Leader” has sold very well at my seminars and keynote addresses. It is time for me to find a publisher for this important book. My visibility is about to increase with the publication of Steven Sieden’s, “A FULLER VIEW” in April. I am one of 42 contributing authors who have commented on various quotes of Buckminster Fuller. Other contributors include Werner Erhard, Barbara Marx Hubbard, John Robbins (Diet For A New America), the CEO of the Edgar Case A.R.E. Foundation, the CEO of the Buckminster Fuller Foundation, the CEO of Video Law, and 35 other concerned citizens of “Spaceship Earth” (as Bucky would put it).

    It is important that I attend this conference. Thank you!

    Posting to my twitter @Ross_Quinn

  60. catheolson

    I’ve been wanting to go to this conference for several years and it’s just the cost that’s been keeping me away. This year, one of my favorite authors Lisa See is keynoting, as well as Lolly Winston who’ve I heard speak at at another conference and she was wonderful. It would be like a dream to be there.

    I posted to twitter under catheolson and under Facebook as Cathe Fein Olson

    Here is the Facebook URL but I also friended you: http://www.facebook.com/cathe.olson/posts/289960694400422

  61. jlhuspek

    Am going to go, was going to report anyway. This is a MAJOR conference, and if you can make only one a year (like I can), this is the one to attend. Good luck to you!

  62. mjrwriter

    I would love to win this! My goal is to keep working on my craft and hopefully land an agent this year, and going to this conference would certainly help me to get closer to those goals. I will be posting this on facebook under Mollie Rushmeyer, and tweeting @molliejrushmeyer. I’m the author of Ethereal Keys, and currently working on Eliminating Eternity for YA. Blessings all!

  63. Teresa L Watts

    This is a wonderful opportunity. I will not only tweet about this @TeresaLWatts, mention it on facebook (we’re friends), I will also announce this wonderful event on Google+ TeresaLWatts. As the editor, I will send out a special announcement today in our writers group newsletter blog, Henderson Writers Group weekly newsletter at http://henderwritersgroup.blogspot.com

  64. Lenorems

    I’ve had the privilege of being the top 100 of the Writer’s Digest 73rd annual competition and have been a fan of the website and magazine for years. I have commercially published 16 books and self-published an anthology of my own work. This year I am focusing on finding a commercial venue for my two novels. I belong to a fantastic, professional writer’s group known as Writers and Critters. We actively critique each other’s work and through mutual support, many of us are published and actively writing in our preferred genres. Currently, my work is posted on Fiction365 as the feature author of Feb 8th, 2012. I have always wanted to attend this conference but time has been a big issue. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    I posted this @lmskomal and will do so again tomorrow.

  65. martabro2000

    I am so excited about this year- 2012. I have several children’s books about adoption that I have completed and am sending out. I am also working on a memoir of my most recent adoption. Looking forward to meeting the challenge of a book proposal head-on. Would love to be a fly on the wall at this conference and see what the industry is about- better yet, going on a fully paid pass!

    I tweeted this @camopantsgirl and blogged it @ http://www.chinaforasister.blogspot.com/2012/02/writers-conference.html

  66. Amy

    How did you know it was my birthday?! Like everyone, I would love to attend this writer’s conference. NYC was just not in the budget…but here’s my big chance! I’m in the querying stage for my first novel (32 rejections and counting) and editing my second. Thanks for this amazing chance to win. I don’t twitter (less time to write!) but my husband kindly posted on his account: GFMak. And you are now linked to my blog: maisymak.blogspot.com. Thank you!

  67. bri.nguyen

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw such an amazing offer. A ticket to a sold-out coveted writing conference? In San Francisco, which isn’t even an hour away? That would be my life’s dream.
    Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to be a writer. When I grew up and realized that being a writer was only one of the things I wanted to do, I wanted to be an editor. While other kids dreamed about being ballerinas and firefighters and policemen, I wanted to be in the literary field. I’m older now, and my dream hasn’t changed.
    It’d be one of the most amazing things ever to go to a writing conference in San Francisco. I’d love it more than anything in the world. I grew up in a world filled with sentences and words and phrases, and more than ten years later, I’m still there. I love writing, and this conference will only get me closer and closer to my dream. If all I have to do to get there is post a few things on Facebook and Google about why I should? Well, I can’t possibly sign up fast enough.

  68. bri.nguyen

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw such an amazing offer. A ticket to a sold-out coveted writing conference? In San Francisco, which isn’t even an hour away? That would be my life’s dream.
    Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to be a writer. When I grew up and realized that being a writer was only one of the things I wanted to do, I wanted to be an editor. While other kids dreamed about being ballerinas and firefighters and policemen, I wanted to be in the literary field. I’m older now, and my dream hasn’t changed.
    It’d be one of the most amazing things ever to go to a writing conference in San Francisco. I’d love it more than anything in the world. I grew up in a world filled with sentences and words and phrases, and more than ten years later, I’m still there. I love writing, and this conference will only get me closer and closer to my dream. If all I have to do to get there is post a few things on Facebook and Google about why I should? Well, I can’t possibly sign up fast enough.

    1. bri.nguyen

      Probably should have left what profile on Facebook and Google I was going to post it under. Just one of the many things that have eluded me. I’ll post it under Brittany Nguyen on Google and Facebook. I want this ticket just as much as the rest of you, and I really hope I get it, but if I don’t, congrats to the lucky winner, and make sure to make the best of it, because the rest of us who didn’t get it have turned into green-eyed monsters eyeing it! ;)

  69. chthao

    What an awesome giveaway! Would just LOVE LOVE LOVE this opportunity! I’ll be working hard to polish my writing and start submitting again! This is especially exciting because I just received my query letter critique back by Chuck! Thank you Chuck for the amazing feedback! I will be tweeting about this tonight with my fingers and toes crossed!

  70. JCKey618

    Awesome! I live and write in Oakland and couldn’t afford this year’s conference because I’m recently married and am taking classes to apply to medical school. I tweet short stories at @TalesoftheTweet and blog at http://theinkroad.blogspot.com and will spread the word about this on both of those!

    -Justin Key

  71. shawndrarussell

    2011 was a year of total transition: quit my job teaching high school English, downsized, moved in with the ‘rents for a while…and I have entered 2012 stronger, more capable, and ready to publish my two finished women’s fiction novels and complete my first nonfiction book. I plan to write four more books this year and continue to pitch magazines, newspapers, and journals like mad thanks to being inspired by IJ Schechter’s book 102 Ways to Earn Money Writing 1,500 Words or Less. I haven’t been to San Francisco yet, but all of these amazing conferences, travel deals, and the like keep putting San Fran on my radar this year. Maybe it’s meant to be?

    I’ll be tweeting tonight and tomorrow about the conference at @ShawndraRussell. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  72. erindipitousjourneys

    For me, 2012 started with a jam session. The ‘word-sicians’? Six writers of various genres who enjoy the harmony of working with other writers. Our goal? To spend a day planning the writing and submitting of our ‘masterpieces’ by the end of March.

    Hanging a dry erase board on the wall and equipping ourselves with coffee and party food, we dug deep into the inner workings of each writer. One by one, we spotlighted goals and trashed fears and excuses. Owning our passion was what it came down to and now, I’m submitting, submitting, submitting!

    The session was grueling but we came out like rock stars! Now, we’re ready to ‘rip’ through the work and ‘rock’ the publishing houses!

    Thank you for making this opportunity available to the WD ‘word-sicians’ community. You can find my tweets (@erindipitous) today and tomorrow.

    May you ‘rock the house’ with your own lyrics,

  73. ktrehous

    Just because I want it! I really want it. 2012 is definitely my year to finish half a dozen books that I have been writing for years. You ask, “What’s the hold up?” Well let’s see, maybe it’s been a lack of motivation or the sucky stuff that life throws at you and let’s not rule out men because I am a women. In retrospect, these are three great depths to draw from and I have no more excuses for me as of now. I have a bevy of unique stories chuck full of wit, insight, humor and reality to be delivered from a fresh outlook because they are mine.
    I need a good shot in the arm and who knows what an organized learning experience such as the WD San Francisco conference would contribute to this effort not to mention the opportunity to meet new people, develop new relationships and vicariously create some really good new drama and fiction that business trips are famous for. I want to go, I really want to go.
    Thank you

  74. PaperWithPencil

    My dad used to win everything. He won a scooter, a trip to Paris, multiple concert tickets, and a dog bed, for starters. He also worked three jobs and drove a car with a leaky window, but the contest winning was a thing there for a while. They even had to make a rule in Rhode Island that a person couldn’t win a radio contest more than once a month because of him. One time, he was listening to the radio, waiting for a certain song to play to start the call-ins, and his power ran out. He moped around for a while, and then a couple hours later, suddenly thought to himself, “I bet they’re playing that song now!” And he went next door to use the neighbor’s phone to call in. He won that one too.

    His luck hasn’t seemed to rub off on me yet though. I won a limited edition print of the armory in my neighborhood once a couple years ago, and I thought maybe I was onto something, but it dead-ended there. If ever there were a time for that old family magic to kick in, it would be for a Writers Conference in San Francisco. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, and ask my dad to send some good vibes out into the universe for me. I’ve had a lot of books knocking around in my head for the past few years, and lately they’re pounding with the badness, so I gotta get ‘em out of there.

    In the meantime, I’ve tweeted about this great contest with my handle, @PaperWithPencil, and I pinned a picture of that pretty golden gate bridge on my Pinterest account: http://pinterest.com/paperwithpencil/write/

    Thanks for this exciting chance!

  75. Sue Ashford

    This is an amazing offer!! Imagine sitting in a conference room filled with published authors, zealous agents and editors!! I would sing the theme song from the Laverne and Shirley show (we’re gonna make that dream come true…for me and you.) all the way there!! :))) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

  76. llowe

    I’ve always wondered how an author knows that they have a trilogy or multi-volume book. Now I know. I entered NaNoWriMo this year and by the time I crossed the finish line with 50,000 words, I not only had my original book but two others had developed.

    My writing goal for 2012, is to finish the editing of my first NaNo novel (2010) and developing my trilogy from this years NaNo.

    I tweeted about this at @LLowe4 and blogged about this on http://www.your-sunny-story.blogspot.com. (I hope I win! I’ve never been to a WD conference. This is great opportunity).

  77. VStrawmier

    Wow, this would be such an amazing boost for anyone who wants to improve their writing career! I’m going to share this on my Facebook page and my Twitter account–and thank you so much for the chance to win!

  78. Alissa Lukara

    My Twitter handle is @AlissaLukara where I already tweeted about the giveaway. And I blogged about it at my blog for writers at Transformationalwriters.com http://www.transformationalwriters.com/?p=657.

    Thank you for this incredible opportunity for writers. I am excited to share it — and to enter myself.

    I am passionate about supporting individuals to write novels, memoirs and nonfiction books that touch people’s hearts and souls — and to write those books myself. My writing goals for 2012: finish my novel in progress and my nonfiction book on writing, promote my published memoir, Riding Grace — and support other writers at Transformationalwriters.com in completing and publishing their books through online and in person writing workshops, retreats and membership programs, as a developmental editor and writing coach and as a speaker.

  79. barbarajoss

    So glad to join this site and be part of a community of writers! I think the giveaway is such a fabulous prize. There is nothing more motivating than going to a writers conference — I always come home with so many ideas and so inspired to get back to my computer and write!

  80. anya.tikka@gmail.com

    Yay! A freebie! to SF of all places! To a writer’s conference! Give it to me pleaaaze! Ok, thank you for giving me a chance, and I’ll facebook about it. I’ll befriend you!

  81. piano

    WOW – – awesome opportunity, awesome town. I’m a full time exec and “would be” writer and have set a goal of one thumb nail / fiction plot idea per month for 2012. Sources can be anything – – twitter feeds, FB posts, news sites, gossip sites – – even family drama!! It’s as much as I can find time to do, but it should get my mind accustomed to analyzing and capturing vignettes for fiction writing. It’s worked so far (already have 2) and should work for any level of commitment and experience. Hope it helps you too – – good luck everyone !!

  82. ThoughtsOfAPonderousDinosawr

    Having only had small poems posted in contests, I’m extremely ready to get out into the world and share my work. I haven’t quite generalized my genre, only narrowed the results to about…oh, 50?
    As a young writer, any oppurtunity to learn, write, or meet other writers sounds like an absolute Nirvana. I am President of a writers club (Affectionately named Writers Anonymous) at my local high school, and I’d definitely pass on anything a learned to my “kids”.
    Writing my first book, and still a bit fumble-y- this chance is my dream, along to be noticed and published
    On my way to follow you guys on Twitter!
    Hoping to get this- no wait,- praying! Please, please, PLEASE pick this!
    San Fransisco, I hope to see you soon.

    Lea Hampton

  83. sherriemiranda

    You go girl, Elizabeth! You go boy, Michael!
    Am sending in the 10 pages with cover letter and synopsis, as requested a while back.
    I would love to come to the conference and have family in Menlo Park and downtown SF that I can stay with.
    PLEASE PICK ME! ;-) <3
    P.S. I will tweet this, put it on FB, My___, etc.
    P.P.S. Thank you very much for this opportunity!
    P.P.P.S. You forgot to tell us you were sending us rain! ha, ha!

  84. paula

    writers, writers, writers…

    We drive our friends crazy, literary agents love/hate us, and the world would never be the same without us!

    It’s difficult to imagine what just one day in a world without writers would be like, and it’s equally as difficult for me to imagine how exciting it would be to spend four full days in a room full of writers!

    The quick witted comments, the awkward pauses filled with heavy silence and keen observation, the amount of left handed people in the room…{ contented sigh }… I can’t even imagine. I would feel like a lost alien who, at last, had found her people.

    I will spread the word via Twitter… @yourvervemag

  85. Mamachino

    Well first off, I would pay twice as much, just for the pupus and the Speed Dating potion! Writers standing around, noodling over pupus and potion will always lead to creative hijinks!

    As for my writing goals, you know, I’ve been writing a little here and there for years, but not until last November, when I connected with people in Chicago’s National Novel Writing Month (ChiWriMo), did I actually give myself permission to be A Writer, and to take time To Write. How lovely and freeing and just darned fun! I found that the experience of being surrounded by like-minded people, by people with both more and less experience than I have, was invaluable. It excites me to think about total immersion in San Fran and maybe I can get the social and creative kick in the butt to finish the novel!

    I’m a noobie hoping to go hang out with oldbies!

    I’ll be FaceBooking this (Patricia Ohanian Lundstrom), Pinning it (Patricia Lundstrom), and posting it on my blog at http://www.gestaltmonkey.com. Also, I’ve just Tweeted @Mamachino1

    Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck, everyone!

  86. fayken123

    It was a dark and stormy night in the city by the Bay. Suddenly, a shout rang out. That darn publisher was chasing me down the Embarcadero again. Slowly I turned, she drew a pen and we signed the contract.

    Such are the dreams of a contest entrant.

  87. AdrianaGomes

    Not only you guys offer great tutorials now this!
    Wow! Absolutely fantastic! Fabulous opportunity!
    I’m a writer who decided to stop dreaming about becoming a published author and started acting on it.
    Besides loads of hidden picture books and short stories, I have been working during the past three years on a YA Epic Adventure series about a fifteen year old boy who looses all his rights and circles the world in the company of an unlikely friend trying to conquest his privileges back.
    Writing makes happy, but I believe sharing it will be even better!

    To keep writing happily I suggest stretching now and then!

    Twitter @AdriTGomes

  88. PIBarrington

    Wasn’t going to enter thinking I’d never win until I saw your line about this pass being akin to Willy Wonka’s golden ticket and figured “Hey, if Charlie can do it, so can I!”

    Tweeting once today my Twitter: @PIBARRINGTON and once tomorrow and including both @writersdigest & @sfwriters. If I don’t follow will do so now!

    I have several sci-fi crime thrillers published via a small press and a new dark sci-fi novel, Isadora DayStar, out now.

  89. ninilovespie

    Wow! This is an amazing opportunity. I really want to win so I can glean all the knowledge I can at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference.

    I blog daily about writing, business, family and faith on the Sweetie Pie blog, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of PIEhole Magazine. I am also working slowly but surely on my first novel as well as a couple of shorter ebooks. I am also beginning to send out query letters in order to secure more freelance magazine writing opportunities.

    My Twitter handle is @ninilovesPIE.

  90. magicfingers

    My goal for 2012 is to finish and find a publisher for the young adult novel I started when my daughter was born (12 years ago), post to my blog on a weekly basis and get my website up and running. I have more goals, but they’ve fallen out of my head …OH! I’m going to continue on my path of becoming a financially and critically successful internationally renowned Newberry Award winning author……(how’s THAT for the power of intention?). Tweeted @caterpillarmom (still waiting to emerge as a beautiful butterfly)…

    The golden ticket is just one more step down the yellow brick road……

  91. KirstenSF

    I’ve dabbled in writing for a while but my goal this year is to write (and sell!) a humorous memoir of my many years working with dogs and their people. Attending the Writer’s Conference would be a golden opportunity to learn more about the business and kickstart my mindset from “I’d like to” to “I’m going to”!

    You can find me on Twitter @KirstenSF

  92. Mer

    Today I start a writing-related twitter account and this pops up within hours? It’s meant to be!

    This year, I’m focusing my efforts on getting a literary agent and selling my first novel, a young adult novel about two girls from a small town and the sport that binds them together and changes their lives. I am planning to attend a writers conference this spring and, if necessary, another in the summer. On the side, I’m doing research for and writing preliminary drafts of two other novels.

    I’ll spread the word about this amazing opportunity via both my twitter accounts – @smbrebner and @sarmerbear – and on my blog Life is Peachy (www.lifeispeachy83.blogspot.com).

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to go to San Francisco!

  93. noctem93

    December of 2011 saw my first published work. This year, I aim to continue improving my craft while cranking out *and submitting* at least one story each month. I mainly stick to short stories in the speculative fiction and horror genres, but really I’m open to writing anything that starts puttering around my brainpan. I also dabble in poetry and blogging, as well as reviewing the occasional book at http://www.sheneverslept.com/newsandreviews.

    I’m also a full time student and stay-at-home dad, so that $745 ticket price would normally put this kind of thing squarely out of my reach. Being able to go back to my hometown of San Francisco and attend this convention at this early stage in my career as a writer would be immeasurably important to me. But hey, I guess we’re all thinking something similar, so good luck to all of us!

    My twitter handle is MarcNocerino (I know, not terribly creative – but hey I created a Twitter account just to enter this contest!) and my very rarely updated blog is http://corpse-to-be.blogspot.com, where you can find this contest mentioned at http://corpse-to-be.blogspot.com/2012/02/oh-what-i-wouldnt-give.html

  94. ruqiwg

    My goal is to finish up my novel this year. Was thinking about attending this conference but since my novel wasn’t done yet, I passed and now it’s all full!! So this golden ticket is a great motivator for me to get moving again! Also twitted @ruqiwg and sent a snapshot of my facebook post. Thanks so much!!

  95. LilithPayne

    Many thanks for offering this fabulous opportunity to writers, and it just happens to be in one of the most lush cities on the planet. In fact, my daughter is there, so I’d love to catch up with her, meet editors, talk with poets and writers of all genres, and enjoy all that the Castro and Mission District have to offer.

    I am a Stuckist poet who adores, writes, and performs formal poetry with the likes of Sexton Ming, Colin Shaddick and Bill Lewis. Bondage is everywhere if one knows where to look.

    Twitter handle is @ LilithPayne

    LP x

  96. mmefran

    Wow, Chuck, thanks so much for hosting such a great giveaway! I’ll tweet the info twice: today and on Thursday. My Twitter name = @mmefran. I’m already following you on twitter. I also took your synopsis Webinar last year and learned a great deal. Thanks for that, too.


  97. Musequisamuse

    I have already promoted the SF Writer’s Conference on my Tweeter account @musequisamuse. Thank you for making this dream seem possible Chuck Sambuchino! I didn’t studied professional writing nevertheless I am aware that I have a talent on it. It seems complicated since I need to juggle between obtaining income to survive and trying to finish soon my book manuscript for a thriller that I will publish. Nevertheless, none of the other dreams seemed achievable before and I managed to make them come true! I would certainly love to be updated with all your professional advice. Or even better meet you in person in order to discuss about one of our greatest passions of all : Writing . ;)

  98. cclubb

    Very cool, Chuck! Thanks so much for this opportunity. My writing goals in 2012 are to build a writing brand based on an ebook series for the YA and MG audiences. Aside from that and completing another manuscript, I will still strive to seek representation.
    I also do ebook cover for authors: http://coryclubb.carbonmade.com/

    Twitter handle @coryclubb

    -Cory Clubb

  99. Zephyrsaerie

    I’ve had this conference in my Wish List file since 2004. Since I was born in the Presidio, San Francisco’s the city of my heart. Plus here’s why you want me to come out and play with you: I’m a writer of those things you glimpse from the corner of your eyes – wolves, fractals, selkies, hedgewitches, runes & dragons.

    My writing has won awards as Janine Donoho along with pseudonyms Jessie Jayne Smith and J. M. Donoho. I cannot resist building new worlds. With one foot firmly planted in fuzzy science and the other in fantastic realms, I inhabit WHAT IF. Published in scientific fields as well as fiction, I continue to pursue the thuds that echo in the night and write about those, too.

    With my indefatigable husband, sight hounds and tuxedo cat, I make my home in the spectacular highlands of Okanogan County in eastern Washington State. There, I write daily, teach dance, putter in my garden and ponder the underpinnings of life. Having virtually been snowed into our highland home for months now, I crave the connection with other writers.

  100. Dana Sitar

    My goals this year include finding a writers’ conference that I can afford to attend (not easily done), and pitching a book to an agent for the first time. This generous offer would help me achieve both of those, so I am so excited for the opportunity! I’m just across the Bay from SF, but the price of the conference is prohibitive.

    I’ll Tweet about the giveaway @danasitar
    and share it on my G+ profile: http://gplus.com/DanaSitar

    Thanks, WD!

  101. bentguy

    Chuck, I’ll come to the SF conference simply to have you autograph my gnome. I’ll tweet today and tomorrow.

    I’m finally back at work on my second novel, though I need to work harder on promoting the first (self-published) one without being an obnoxious boor. I have a book of short stories coming out from a small press in May, and am working on some travel pieces about a crazed 2-month stay in the Bahamas.

    Thanks for the chance!

    My Twitter handle is @bentguy1

  102. stormygirl_47

    I would love the opportunity! I am a novice novel writer specializing in paranormal characters. IN my books and short stories, I address issues of spousal abuse and neglect, rape, recovery, and social prejudices (in my paranormal worlds). twitter name is NageenaIsis

  103. MaggieGriffin

    Thank you, Writer’s Digest, for your great magazine and for constantly contributing to my ongoing education as a writer. I hope to see some of you at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference! And a great excuse to sign up for Twitter. @carolynkurle

  104. alvaradofrazier

    The ‘freakin’ Gold Ticket,’ LOVE IT! My intention for 2012: Create…revisions of 2 MS’s, query letters, adventure, fun, opportunities…
    I write about characters on both sides of the law, multicultural characters, young adult and adult fiction. I blog about family, writing journey, hope, the arts, single parenthood who wants an empty nest soon.
    Twitter name is @alvaradofrazier

  105. casplan

    My first book is coming out in April but I intend to self-publish an ebook in the next few months and I want to get another book contract before the year is out. I’d love to see what opportunities might come out of attending this conference.

    I’ll be tweeting at @AlamedaGardener

  106. Mellova

    I’d love the chance to win this ticket – and thanks for making it available to us. I am just getting started writing books, and this would b a golden chance to accelerate my learning, and develop some contacts.

    I am starting work on a book for young adults combining techie geeks and wizardry – all against the anxiety of growing up. I also have some cards on my corkboard in the planning stage for a mystery aimed at young adults, where a teenager moves with her parents across several states, and in the new town stumbles on to a murder.

    Thank you again for this opportunity! My twitter name is @joemello.

  107. ShellyW

    I would love to win this, not only for the knowledge and skill I could gain from attending, but for the absolute lure of getting out of Canada during this long and rainy winter. But mostly the knowledge.

  108. ldraconus

    What an awesome opportunity! I’ve been unable to go to a writers conference (ever tried to go to one from Omaha?) and this sounds like a golden opportunity! I’ll spend the nights between now and then polishing up my writing for the ‘speed dating’ event!

    (time out while I squee like a little girl, which if you have ever laid eyes on me is a truly frightening sight!)


    Anyway, I’ll be tweeting about this under my login name ‘ldraconus’. Don’t ask. It’s from my far, far younger days … and I’ve ground attached to it, like a foot …

    Chris Olson

  109. adamo

    Other people get on the subway, they find an empty seat – I find a workspace. They stop on the sidewalk to pick up a quarter – I stop to jot down a title. They sneak off for a long lunch at the bar with friends – I sneak off to the library, and make up friends when I get there.

    I can find a way to jam a little writing – or reading – into just about every part of the day. It’s what I do.

    So I’d like to jimmy my way into the San Francisco Writers’ Conference. I hear you can help. Let’s do this.

    Spreading the love on the blog: http://adamrennolenn.tumblr.com/post/17224210605/free-pass-to-the-san-francisco-writers-conference

    And on Twitter (@adamolenn): Free pass to the San Francisco Writers’ Conference. Who’s interested?
    #pickmepickme @writersdigest @sfwriters

  110. HeatherWebb

    WOW! I haven’t been to a WD conference, but I’ve been dying to go. The $$$ has kept me from it.

    I’ll be tweeting about the contest the next few days.

    As for writing goals in 2012, I’m hoping to sign with an agent and begin book two!

  111. TCWesley

    Better than your average giveaway, this is a true opportunity for the lucky winner.

    I firmly believe in doing at least one thing every day toward the fulfillment of your dreams. How sweet would it be to attend the conference and do literally hundreds of things toward my dreams during that weekend?

    To fulfill the contest requirements, I’ll tweet on Twitter and will mention the contest on Facebook both today and another day this week. Mr. Sambuchino, I will friend you and/or like your page today on FB. I’m following Writer’s Digest on Twitter already, but I’ll seek to follow you there as well. Sincerely hope to get to shake your hand and learn a great bit from you in beautiful San Fransico.

    Fingers crossed,

  112. jenniesbevcom

    Should I get picked to receive the complimentary attendance to San Francisco Writers Conference, I would be covering it for The Jakarta Post, Cosmopolitan (Indonesia), and Forbes (Indonesia). For The Jakarta Post, I’d share about my journey as a bilingual (English-Indonesian) columnist residing in SF Bay Area and attending SF Writers Conference. For Cosmopolitan, I would share about the excitement for attending this international writers’ event. For Forbes, I would share about the business trends of international publishing. I can be reached at http://www.jenniesbev.com or @jenniesbevcom. Thank you for your consideration.

  113. jenniesbevcom

    My goal for 2012 is writing and publishing 100 articles. For this, I had sent out proposals to various print and online publications in the United States and Asia, considering I’d be commuting from San Francisco Bay Area to Asia regularly starting this year. So far, I have been able to secure interests from some of the world’s top-notch publications, including the Asian-version of Esquire, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, etc. Feel free to browse my works and download compilations of works: http://www.jenniesbev.com

    My twitter handle is @jenniesbevcom

  114. LaylaMessner

    Oh, wow. This looks great.
    My 2012 writing goals include sending at least 30 queries for my 1st YA novel (or until I get an agent, whichever comes sooner), editing my second manuscript, and completing a short story.
    I’m tweeting about the contest: @LaylaMessner

  115. Donnamc57

    My twitter handle is @DonnaMc57 and I will promote this information through Twitter.This opportunity seems as if it was meant to light a fire under me. I am a Licensed Psychotherapist with years of experience in my field.. My career in mental health and being a mom are both responsible for giving me depth as a writier. I know I can write, but I’m new to the publishing process and feel this is where I need guidance. At this stage we all know its a huge no-no to quit your day job, but I would love to get to the point where I could devote more time to writing..My work to date has been poetry, essays and memoirs. My new goal is to be unembarrassed about reaching for every attractive opportunity.and, as an example, I recently entered an essay contest sponsored by the SF Giants and won.
    Thank you for considering me. This chance will no-doubt be life-changing for someone. I’d like to be that person.

  116. Vicki

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I attended the conference in New York and absolutely loved the experience! I’d be so excited to go to the one in California, as well!


  117. Jocelyn Julian

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity! I just finished a first draft of my novel and look forward to more writing, revisions, and learning in 2012. I’ll tweet twice from @JocelynJulian.

  118. KSZ714

    Wowzer! My colleague AG rocked at WDC12 in NYC, which made my first experience at the conference oh so memorable for me and so many other attendees. Can I brave SFWC all alone? Will I have the chance? Perhaps the stars are meant to align as it just so happens that February 16th is the beginning of our February vacation, which means I am FREE to attend. I’ve always wanted to go to San Fran, so I’m hoping, hoping, hoping for the best. The internal voice that began as a tiny whisper of “pick me” is now shouting, and I don’t know if I can quiet her! AHHH. I’ll tweet from @KSZ714 to all 26 of my followers. The word is getting out there like Ayn Rand’s We the Living…best seller by word of mouth!

  119. Kate Arletta

    This is my year for going pro, which means that all those stories and novels that I have written over the years are being polished, edited and submitted. I am on the steep part of the learning curve regarding the publishing industry and would love, and I mean LOVE, to attend the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference in February. I’ll tweet from @Kate_Arletta. Thanks for offering this opportunity to some deserving writer (gosh I hope it’s me).

  120. ultraswan

    What a generous giveaway! I’ve followed WD since I’ve been on Twitter, which has been a couple of years now. I write romantic suspense and have two books coming out in 2012, one at the end of this month 2/28 – by debut, and one in October with Kensington.

    I’m a huge proponent of cross promotion for authors. I think it is the absolute best way to deliver the strongest message to the widest audience. On my blog, I host fellow authors to promote their work and upcoming releases. I purchase their books to giveaway and I make handmade bookmarks depicting the covers of their books to give away as well, then send the remaining bookmarks to the authors at no charge to use in their own marketing work. You can see these pieces at my blog http://joanswan.com/blog.

    I also started a special account on Twitter solely to promote book related giveaways. I follow thousands of authors and pull as many of their giveaways as I have time to find then post them on this Twitter account, where followers can find nothing but book giveaways. I named it @romancegiveaway because that was the only simple name available, but I promote giveaways across all genres.

    I work in San Francisco, but I live on the Central Coast, which is 4 hours south. Once a week I drive to the Bay Area for work, stay with my parents, then drive home. I will be working evenings two days of the weekend of the conference and available to attend all three days. I would be thrilled and honored to be able to go.

    Joan Swan

  121. cjvint

    What an amazing experience. I was at the the WD New York 2011 conference (I was standing across from you, waiting to speak with you when a mini crisis happened in front of us, and the opportunity was lost). Your pitch info session was awesome, very helpful.

    I loved every second of the NY conference and learned a ton. It inspired me to return to school to better my writing skills, which I am currently doing. I’ve never been to SF– the SF Writer’s Conference is on my bucket list.

    I also follow you on Twitter (have for over a year). I get great insight and help from each of your posts. You’re one of my sacred writing resources.

    Thanks for hosting this incredible prize.



  122. word_working

    I’ve Tweeted via my ‘handle’ (@word_working) and blogged about this great opportunity:


    (also reposted it on my ‘book blog': http://bookconjuring.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/full-circle-to-where-this-story-first-debuted/)

    As I wrote in the blog post, attending this event would be a great full-circle trip for me; I attended my first-ever writers’ conference in Northern California in the midst of a difficult time (divorce), thanks to the cheerleading of a group of close friends I’ve known since I was a kid. At that time, I brought the beginnings of a story (a magical realism novel for kids) with me for critique/feedback. Now it’s a finished manuscript, and attending another conference in my favorite corner of the US would be a fitting kickoff to my efforts to put the story out into the world (have been hemming and hawing and delaying for too long, so this is my Big Life writing goal for 2012).

    Thanks for the opportunity…

  123. Kirsten

    I am writing 12 picture books this year through Julie Hedlund’s 12 x 12 in 2012 challenge. We have a group of over 400 committed children’s writers who are doing the same. I’ll tweet @CreatingCurious

  124. PaulaG

    For the second year in a row, I New-Years-resolved to finish the edit of my book, and get it out there. Like a lot of girls, I’ve been sitting on my couch in my jammies, watching movies and eating chocolate, waiting for the White Knight of Agents to knock on my door. That didn’t happen the last time I waited for a White Knight either. Two years is long enough! Out into the world of unattached writers I go! I just need to toss the jammies in the wash and pull on some slinky black jeans. Which no longer fit. Apparently, I have some editing to do! Posted about the San Francisco Writers Conference on Twitter @noapaulag and on my blog: http://paulagesmundo.blogspot.com/2012/02/giselles-tebow-fail.html.

  125. hilarykirchner

    This year I am going to write like my life depends on it, because I know at least my well-being really does depend on it. I’m going to hone my craft and strengthen my portfolio. If I can get some of my more creative work published then even better! This would be such a great opportunity and I would love to go. I’ve already posted it in my blog: http://dreamwritecreative.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/free-pass-to-the-sold-out-san-francisco-writers-conference/ and I’ve tweeted it on Twitter under @DreamWrite. I’ll also be spreading the word on Facebook simply because I know several folks who would be interested. Good luck everyone!

  126. kjcristina

    This is absolutely awesome! I’d love this opportunity. My goal for 2012 is finish two manuscripts and get it out to as many agents as possible. I also want to continue to build my platform through my blog (kjconte.com: shameless plug entered) and my handle @kjcristina!

  127. Matthew Jones

    You guys are awesome for doiing this. Read about this from Mercedes, so props to her.

    It’s strange, I’ve lived in SF for the last four years and have gone to a few writing conventions, but I never heard of SF Writers Conf. (Costs more than World Fantasy, but it looks more hardcore.) I’ll have to keep my eye on it in the future.

    I tweeted at @stridera and posted on my blog at http://www.stridera.com/2012/02/free-tickets-to-san-fran-writing-conference-yes-please/

  128. lhuss

    Wow! What an incredible opportunity!! And what luck that I just happened upon this announcement tonight!
    I have so many writing goals this year that I don’t know where to begin…quite literally! Which is why I would absolutely LOVE to go to this conference.

    I am only an hour north of SF, so this is the only “real” writers conference that I thought I would have access to, for a long while, but then it sold out…so I resigned myself to put my nose to the grind stone for a year and put to use some of the many tips I have gleaned from WD. But, now…there may be hope!?!

    I am currently working on a historical novel with the working title: The Fruit of the Vine.
    I have a concept and basic outline for a non-fiction inspirational book entitled: Voices
    I am diligently trying to establish a platform and hone my writing and social networking skills with my “baby” blog: livinglifewrite.com, as well as a new fun project with my husband for a Wine Country guide of sorts: thewinecountryway.com.

    I have written a blog post here: http://livinglifewrite.com/incredible-opportunity-from-writers-digest-and-san-francisco-writers-conference/

    I have also tweeted about this as @Laurenlivelife

    Since my blog is so new, I will be sure to tweet about this again before Friday the 10th.

    Thank you for the opportunity! And thanks to SF Writers Conference as well!

    Hope to see you there!
    Good luck to all!

  129. AllisonMoon

    Thanks for the opportunity! I live in the Bay Area, so it’d be great to hop over the bridge to the conference. This year I’m working on the sequel to my debut novel, Lunatic Fringe, plus I’m working on some smaller projects including a post-apocalyptic novella and two books on creativity. You can find me on twitter at @TalesofthePack

  130. Mercedes

    What a fantastic opportunity! If it were me, I’d give each writer a sword and have them battle it out to see who will be The One. You must be much more humane. ;)

    My plans for 2012 are to finish the dark women’s fiction that I’m working on, polish up a campy noir novel with an awesome co-writer, and make one more pro sale so I can move up from an associate member of the SFWA to full. This is the year!

    I tweeted about the giveaway as @mercedesmy, and I posted about it on my blog. The URL is here: http://abrokenlaptop.com/2012/02/06/two-awesome-things/. Thanks for the chance.

  131. Jenn

    A big goal for me in 2012 is to get over myself and stop boo-hooing the publishing process. I will get tough and resilient and market my work with fire and passion and confidence and…and…and…What this means I guess is that I’ll have to become someone else, or at least learn to wear different hats. There’ll be my Hiding-under-the-covers-with-the-cat Hat; my Singing-soprano-at-every-rejection Hat; the Dog-and-pony-show-flourish Hat and my Eyelash-batting-pratt Hat. And I will no doubt wonder how, under the weight of all this couture, I will be able to write a single word. But you know what? I’ll find a way because deep down, in all the undressed parts of me, that include my soul, there are stories to tell. And I will sigh and remember that, with or without fashion, it’s really about the work.

    Thank you Chuck, for this fabulous opportunity. Whoever gets to go, we’re all coming with you.

    I’ll be twittering and probably tweeting at the handle @jskutelsky.

  132. AuntyAlias

    Contest Qualifications: @auntyalias on Twitter, RT your tweet, will tweet a new one with @writersdigest on it. I’m emailing the screen shot of the Facebook status update of the contest.

    Why do I want this “golden ticket”? I’ve been reading Writers Digest and buying books on writing fiction for decades. I have a BA in English Literature, 1984 SFSU, and I have short stories on my website , which have received positive responses by readers.

    I love to write. I would be thrilled to learn how to get published. I am as broke as the 10 Commandments and winning a ticket seems like the best way to get a foot in the door to a writers conference like this. I live in San Francisco so this seems like a perfect opportunity to cast my comment into the mix and see if my luck holds out.

    Whether I win or not I will continue to write. If for no other reason than to quiet the voices in my head, all the characters going about their imaginary lives. “Imaginary?” They say in unison, frozen in place, looking at the back of my third eye. Oh dear, they took offense. Let me rephrase that. I would like to be able to have an opportunity to allow these characters their day in the sun on a printed page in a published format. “That’s better.” They say and go about their business once again. Whew, that was a close one.

  133. coolbrz1999

    I have huge writing goals this year! My book, A Developmental Scope and Sequence from Infancy to Young Adulthood is almost done. What a name right, believe me it is not dry, it is very important. This book is developmental how to book for parents. It is a service to the community of well meaning parents who are ripped off by a poorly ran educational system that throws kids under the bus unnecessarily. The book gives parents information on when to look at growing, developmental and learning nuances. I’m committed to help.

    I also have a screenplay which is my baby it is very exciting. Now, this is writing I do for me. I enjoy it and hope someday others will enjoy it too. My biggest dream is to publish my screenplay as a book or see it as a movie.

    No matter what I will keep on writing because I love it and it makes me happy. There is nothing like being lost as the words pour unto the page.

    I don’t know if anyone will read this but I have enjoyed writing it. I’m a writer because I simply love to write.

  134. SarahLBlair

    Wow, such a great opportunity! Thanks for the chance to win this super prize Chuck. I had such an amazing time at #WDC12 this year. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is serious about a career in writing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this. I’d love to make some friends in the Bay Area who enjoy writing as much as I do. I’ll always be a Southern girl at heart, though so you can still call me Atlanta! You can bet I’ll be Tweeting about this…
    Thanks again,

  135. ebonstorm

    I am a writer of multicultural science fiction and fantasy. When you read my work, you will find a variety of heroes and villains in all shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, species, genomes, families and phyla. I will employ machines, aliens, bacteria, creatures on the edge of life as we know it, because I believe science fiction should promote ideas. It should address the realm of possibilities. It should question the nature of existence, the fundamental underpinnings of reality as a whole. I am a new writer having recently published a collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories called Hayward’s Reach.

    I am hoping to sell my first speculative fiction novel called Insurrection in the middle of this year as my editor and I are putting the final touches on the work. Insurrection is a tale of the Human Race unwittingly thrust into a universe filled with dangerous and sometimes unfriendly galactic races. Humanity is unprepared for the sophistication, complexity and cultural diversity of their saviors who rescued them from a failed and devastated Earth. I am hoping to continue a career as an author and have the outlines for two other novels already in the works.

    Thank you for the opportunity. I will be using Twitter and Facebook to promote this event. Good luck everyone.

      1. 303Writer

        Thank you for sharing this so true comment.

        I’m just returning to writing after many years of helping family members through some tough times, and now I’m trying to remove writer’s rust and to write every day.

        To the winner of the San Francisco Writers Conference pass, ENJOY, LEARN, and WRITE when you arrive home.