Amazing Giveaway: A Free Pass to the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference (Feb. 16-19, 2012) Worth $745

(Update: Joan Swan won the pass. Congrats to Joan!
Joan will be guest blogging about her travels here
on my GLA Blog following the event.)


This is amazing news. Writer’s Digest has 1 free pass to giveaway to a random commenter for a full registration pass at the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference (Feb. 16–19, 2012). (Wow!) Make sure you read this entire post to see all the details of the giveaway, as there are some things you need to do to formally enter. To enter, you will need to comment on this post, and spread the news a bit via social media.


Check Out These Great Upcoming Writers Conferences:




Writers conferences are a great way concerning how to find a literary agent. In addition to WD’s own large writing conferences (New York every January and now we’re adding Los Angeles in Fall 2012), WD also acts as a sponsor to some of the largest writing conferences in the country, one of which is the magnificent San Francisco Writers Conference, held this year from Feb. 16–19, 2012 (President’s Day weekend). As part of our sponsorship, we have an unused full registration pass that, for whatever reason, was never given out as of today.

It turns out this baby is worth a whopping $745 ($695 for the full event and an additional $50 to be part of the “speed dating” portion). This pass is even more valuable because the SFWC is sold out. I’m not joking. This is like Willy Wonka’s freaking Golden Ticket and some random commenter is about to be Charlie Bucket singing in the streets when they win (Beware Slugworth! Just kidding…)


The registration pass includes all sessions and keynotes in the main conference of the SFWC, at the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel in the neighborhood of Nob Hill in San Francisco. It also includes two luncheons, two breakfasts, and one drink & pupus at the opening Welcome Gala. The pass also allows attendance to the agent Speed Dating potion. (Again … WOW!) All in all, this is worth $745.

If you do not know about the SFWC, see all the details online. For starters, at least 22 agents will be there, to say nothing of all the authors and editors, as well. The location is beautiful. It’s just awesome. I’ve attended once as a speaker in 2008 and loved it. They were kind enough to let me be a writers conference speaker again this year, and I will even be doing be acting as a query letter editor. (Will I see you there???)


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To enter this contest, you must follow all rules below as they are written. Because of the quality of this prize, we must double check that all rules were followed, so please take them seriously. Thank you.

(Deadline: Comment by end of day, PST, Friday, Feb. 10, 2012.)

1. Comment below on this post. If you’re new to the WD site, note that you must quickly register to comment. And if you don’t know what to comment about (which can be anything, naturally), may I suggest talking about your 2012 writing goals to pump other writers up.

2. Spread the word at least TWO (2) times through social media. If you do the same thing twice (such as tweeting it twice, please do so on different days or at least with some time between them, as the deadline allows.)

  • If you tweet the news, include your handle in the comment below. Please write the handles @writersdigest and @sfwriters somewhere in the tweet(s) so we can easily find it in your history.
  • If you blog about the news, please include a URL to your specific mention (not your general blog URL that leads to a homepage) with your comment below.
  • Facebook status updates are difficult to verify with privacy issues, so these will not be allowed, unless you want to take a screenshot of your status and email it to Either that or you could friend request me so I can personally verify it later. Please do one or the other, or just skip Facebook promos.
  • If you possess none of these social media channels, you can still enter by simply getting a friend to tweet/spread the news for you as required. Just explain this note in your official comment below, so we know how to track everything. In other words, just try to make it as clear and simple as possible for us to verify everything.
  • And this is not a contest rule, but if you’re not following us on Twitter — @writersdigest and @chucksambuchino — what’s he hold up? It’s 100% writing love, all the time! (And who doesn’t enjoy some writing love?)


Note: This pass cannot be resold and is forfeit if traded for money. What this means is the ticket must either be used by the winner or given to someone else without monetary compensation. This rule per the SFWC. So please keep this in mind when commenting. If there is absolutely no way you can get to San Francisco and/or find a place to stay, then make sure you know someone you are willing to give the pass to, or else it will go to waste (and that is a very sad thought).


(Update: Joan Swan won the pass. Congrats to Joan!
Joan will be guest blogging about her travels here
on my GLA Blog following the event.)

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199 thoughts on “Amazing Giveaway: A Free Pass to the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference (Feb. 16-19, 2012) Worth $745

  1. K.C. ILEM

    The buzz from the power lines created by the humidity is vibrating through me, and I can barley see my blood is flowing so fast. I get up and start screaming at the top of my lungs as I run after their car,”HEEELP! HELP ME! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, THEY TOOK MY BABY!!!” no one answers back. The wind has picked up now as if the heavens have become irate and are composing fierce gusts of wind with wrathful thunder due to the injustice that had taken place. My curls are flying above my head like Medusas snakes, and my bare feet slap the concrete as I run after the fading brake lights. What do I do? What do I do?They just took my son!

  2. khart1900

    My husband and I met when I was 58 and he was 61. We fell madly in love with each other and we are still in love each and every day. Circumstances beyond our control made it so that we have to live apart, but we call each other once in the morning for morning prayer and in the evening to chat about our day and an evening prayer. It is very difficult for us that we must be apart, since we don’t feel we have a whole lot of time left on this earth that we can enjoy each other’s company. We’ve often talked about what would it have been like had we met 40 years ago and was able to spend the last 40+ years feeling this awesome love that we have..

    Had we met 40 years ago, would we have appreciated each other as much as we do now? Would we love each other as much? What life lessons would we have missed out by meeting early? Those were all the questions we had as we pondered our plight in not meeting 40 years ago.

    Rather than continuing to imagine with regret, we decided to write our lives 40+ years and what would have happened had we met then, which is the beginning of our new book. It has, at least for me, very healing and comforting and somehow served to re-program and mute our subconscious of all the pitfalls, pains, and the hurts we had to encounter in our past.

    Being able to finish this, find a great Literary Agent, and get the book published would be our dream come true.

  3. Danielle Mathieson Pederson

    2012? Hmmm, well I’m in the midst of planning and doing a ‘Leap Into Chapter One On Leap Day’ event for my book tentatively titled Lasera. I’m digitally releasing Chapter One on Feb 29. Read all about it here (on the blog just about writing and my book):

    Goals for 2012? Getting my novel out there, plus signing with an agent and hopefully getting that all elusive book deal.

    I blogged this contest here (my blog all about me, writing, and being a mom):

    I’m also on twitter and facebook


    What I great contest! I’d love to win! 😀 😀 😀

  4. flickik

    My writing goals for this year? Well, to write. On paper, instead of just in my head. This will require some cooperation from my children…

    I facebooked this and will do so again before 11:59PST. I found out about it on the last day!

  5. jamesmspaulding

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity at a chance to win this fantastic prize. Being amongst other people who share your passions and serve as inspiration among your journey is what this prize is all about. 2012 will be a big year for me. I am a young up and coming author looking to release many different types of eye catching books this year. From Picture books to honor my two adorable little girls to my first Novel. Self publishing an anthology of Short Stories is also on the horizon. I am very much looking to write Children’s books as well as Science Fiction/ Fantasy. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and his writings along with countless others I set upon my path. I have learned in my short span of 29 years that if you do not try, then you surely can’t succeed. “What a man can accomplish in a weekend can lay the foundations for what he can in a lifetime”.-James Spaulding
    @jamesmspaulding on twitter. I will also email you some Facebook screen shots. Thank you again for this truly unique opportunity and I hope luck is with me

    Amazing Giveaway:A Free Pass @writersdigest @chucksambuchino @sfwriters Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live the dream CU in SF!

  6. emperorbailey

    While I have a couple nerdy sci-fi book ideas cooking upstairs, my wife is the one with the completed novel and the adorable smile to charm potential literary agents. This would cut way down on the number of query letters she has to send.
    Also, by random coincidence, we’re already going to be in the Bay Area on those days.
    Maybe she and I will each be simultaneously going to our own conferences on the Peninsula.

    Posted on my LiveJournal at
    Posted on Twitter @emperorbailey

  7. jcwriter

    would love to post but Word press says I am posting too quickly and to slow down. WordPress error, it says. Here was my post:

    •And this is not a contest rule, but if you’re not following us on Twitter — @writersdigest and @chucksambuchino — what’s he hold up? It’s 100% writing love, all the time! (And who doesn’t enjoy some writing love?)

    Having just found a name for my talents as “content editor”, please note your typo as in what’s the hold up? (you have “what’s he hould up?”
    Probably just shot my chances at winning. 😀

  8. SueJay

    I was going to be in the bay area anyway working on my novel, this would be the BEST!

    I’m on my 6th or so round of edits for my very first novel. It’s YA urban fantasy. I blabbed about it on facebook (I can to the picture or friend thing, I just wanted all my writer friends to know), and I also posted on both my blogs. Here: and here:

    *Crossing fingers and toes*

  9. kooldaddie

    Good luck to everyone! What an incredible gift from Writers Digest, Chuck Sambuchino and the SFWC! Some lucky writer is going to be in the Paris of California a week from today!

    Here’s the link to my blog:
    Here’s a mention on twitter:
    And on a 2nd twitter account:

    Personally, I don’t want to go to this conference like I don’t want to live. I mean, speed-dating with lit agents in San Francisco, the city with its own weather system, its own zeitgeist. The place I hitch-hiked in the 70’s, (to where else) the Haight-Ashbury—where I set my online novel, The Summer of Love and Death. Where I’m (as of this writing) 21 chapters in…:

    Please Check out: @darknovel A novel on Twitter
    Story so far:

    Or, the current book that I would take to SFWC if I won: ANIMUS, A Jungian Thriller

    My goals for 2012 are to write that next book, but I can’t tell you what it’s about… but, may the writing muse descend on us all in the coming months and give us her creative touch!

  10. seraine

    As we all know, writing is a tough thing to do. Any motivation is a good thing. I haven’t been to a writer’s conference since college, and I’ve had more than my fair share of writer’s block the past 6 months. This would be a refreshing treat! I plan to tweet tweet about this one; especially since I know lots of my writer friends will appreciate it.


  11. blueskiesbeck

    Thanks to WD for featuring the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference Pass Giveaway. Win or lose, the opportunity was fantastic motivation to do some online writing. I finally started a blog! The blog is intended to be a forum for creative play and experimentation, and also for various inspirations to “take a permanent break from writers block”. And I launched a twitter account for tweets relating to the same topics.
    The results: (permalink: @writingbreak
    Good luck and best wishes to everyone, not only in the contest giveaway, but in all your creative work–you are all inspiring!

  12. sjhager

    Hi, Chuck!

    Really hoping to win this, for I finally ready to look for an agent, as I have a completed manuscript. Look for my tweets about this contest – @progressivetea and @OzarkLeprechaun. Thanks!

  13. EvaRocca

    This sounds like an amazing opportunity, and I would be so thrilled if I was that lucky person who got to experience the San Francisco Writers’ Conference! I have been writing creatively all my life and have recently launched a copywriting business. Going to this conference would be a dream come true. Good luck to everyone!

    *I have posted about this giveaway twice on Facebook and have already friended Chuck so he can personally verify my status updates. My name on Facebook is Eva Rocca.

    *I have also posted about the giveaway on twitter. My handle is @EvaARocca

    Thank you for the consideration!

  14. dpwriter

    Pick me! Pick me!! Juvenile? Yes. How I really feel? Correct. I just “happen” to be flying to San Francisco for that entire week. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly I was meant to go to the SF Writer’s Conference (for free) and meet an agent who cannot contain his/her enthusiasm for my project. Twitter handle: @dawnpier

  15. lizziegage

    Charming Boomer Takes WD Conference by Storm

    Armed with an iPad and a winning smile, Elizabeth Gage overcame stereotypes and inertia to obtain appointments with several agents at this year’s WD Conference.

    Using the iPad to share writing samples and queries, Gage, who specializes in creative non-fiction and opinion pieces, was also happy to share her blog, “True Luxury,” which demonstrates that a truly luxurious life has little to do with “things.”

    When asked how she happened to come to this year’s Conference, Gage said “I just happened to see a tweet about the contest for a free all-conference pass and decided, “why not?” Because, you know, why not? I just had a feeling I would win, and here we are! Naturally, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to get my work in front of others in the industry.

  16. GKByrne

    SO excited about this opportunity and so glad I caught it — on the LAST day! I would love to go and pitch my middle grade fantasy: Moira Black and the Faerie Bargain. It was two books and now it’s one longer book. Bouncing new ideas off other writers – also high on the list. Getting the word out at right on the front page. Thank you!

  17. katieboo21

    I was born in San Antonio, Texas on August 21, 1984, the state people call a separate country. My first memory is of lizards. Between that day and today, I have been writing. It’s not really a pleasant experience, but it’s not unpleasant, either — more of a neutral tugging feeling.

    The last time I attended an event where writers came together was a meeting of old and young farmers at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. A young woman from the Indiana Writer’s Center attended to help the members record their experiences in the organization, whether it involved raising sheep, pulling calves, tasseling corn or saving a friend in some offhanded way.

    The farmer’s wife next to me was in foreign straits. Her pen shook in her hand. She saw that I was looking, and she leaned over and told me her deal. A friend had been murdered on the farm in the middle of a dispute over land. She said she didn’t want to write about this incident, but she couldn’t think of anything else. I asked her how she would write about it in her own words. She said she didn’t know, she had never written much more than a rent check. I tried to help her without ruining the story in my own words.

    I don’t know what effect that experience had on me. One day shortly after, I started writing. Before I knew it, a novel was here. I don’t hate it. I can remember whole passages when I’m waiting at stoplights, staring at workers excavating new gas stations while apps float on clouded corporations overhead. There must be some truth to what I said, even though nothing is ever what I expect it to be.

    The San Francisco Writers Conference sounds too good to be true, but I have this novel now, and I feel that at least one person would be interested in reading it. I would love to meet Chuck Sambuchino and other writers and authors involved with Writer’s Digest. I entered a short story and poetry competition through the organization late last year, and I visit the website and read the writer’s tips all the time. It seems like a very interesting organization with plenty of useful tips for aspiring authors.

    I will Tweet about this exciting opportunity at my twitter account, @knickas21, as soon as I can to spread the word to others.

    Thank you so much!

  18. trish

    Posted in here yesterday, and forgot to include my Twitter info: @tachionite. Currently working on my novel The Phoenix Effect with Malena Watrous and the gang at Stanford in the Form and Theory of the Novel online class. We are members of the second cohort of the Online Writer’s Certificate Program at Stanford. What a great group!

    I’ve also posted this on Facebook, but my screen shot function isn’t working.

    Good luck to all.

  19. sommertales

    My writing goal for this year is the same as it was last year and the year before. To write, and to learn to do so well. It’s an ever going challenge and it’s one that I’ve accepted gladly. So… Have you ever seen the Disney movie Brink? There’s this scene, right before the big skate off where the main character, Brink, is pulled to the side by his little sister. She pulls him to her level and she looks him in the eye, and her advice to him is simple: “Skate. Better.” That’s my goal. I’m listening to the kid.

    Thanks to all of the people involved in providing this opportunity!

    Wishing you all well,

  20. bapost

    For the first time, I can make writing a major prioity. Working full time & being the full time caretaker for my mother was a gift I wouldn’t trade. I’ve been squeezing I my writing on lunch hours & a few stolen moments on weekends, when & if I was able to get someone to take care of my aging mother. The kids are grown & mom passed this past week. My heart is shattered & the only thing keeping me sane these days is my writing. It would be a blessing to take a “vacation” away from it all and really focus on my lifelong dream. Thank you for your consideration & for all the wonderful information & opportunities.

  21. CMLandreth

    The news is out on my twitter feed @CMLandreth and my incredibly entertaining, sometimes nauseating, mostly mystifying blog located in cyberspace at

    My goals for this year are simple: complete 12 short stories and my first novel by the end of it.

    I’m not a new writer, if there even is such a thing. I’m just a writer who finally owned up to his potential and began to take his craft a bit more seriously.

    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity out on the left coast. If i win, perhaps I will run into Monk…

  22. michrabe

    I would love to win the ticket to the SW Writer’s conference. I attended a workshop there last year and had a great time. I was unable to buy a ticket for this years conference because money was too tight. I have completed the first in a series of dark urban fantasy novels and am searching for an agent.


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