Agent Sara Megibow Shows How to Write & Sell Romance/Erotica (and Critiques Your Work!) — New Webinar, Oct. 13

Writing romance or erotica? Want to get some inside info on how to spice up your work and sell your book? Well, do we have a treat for you. Literary agent Sara Megibow (Nelson Literary), who runs some of our most popular webinars here at WD, is doing a new intensive webinar called “What’s Hot in Fiction’s Hottest Genre: How To Make Your Romance Hot Enough For An Agent” on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011. She is also giving all attendees some personal attention with a critique. Keep reading to learn more.





It all goes down at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011, and lasts 90 minutes. Each registration comes with access to the archived version of the program and the materials for 1 year. You do not have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation or ask the presenter questions. In all WD webinars, no question goes unanswered. Attendees have the ability to chat with the instructor during the live event and ask questions. Sign up here.


After the session, all registrants are invited to submit the first five pages of their romance novel for critique! Sara will personally read each submission and respond with a short review of your work. Each partial will be evaluated exactly like those that come through the slush pile and Sara will be asking for full manuscripts from all exceptional submissions. In this one (rare) case, Sara will review sample pages from completed AND not—yet—completed manuscripts (although requests for fulls will only come if the book is complete). The sample pages must be to Sara no later than 30 days after the webinar. So, as long as it’s a romance novel, your manuscript will be read and critiqued!


Romance novels represent a huge chunk of fiction sales — readers devour romance and agents are hungry to sell romance to publishing houses. If you write in this HOT genre, you need to know what captures the attention of an agent, an editor and all those voracious readers! Sign up here. What you’ll learn:

  • The specific elements of a romance novel agents look for in submissions: Yes, there are specific elements of romance writing that you want to nail before starting submissions. We’ll discuss your writing, your platform, your hook and your pitch. Want agents and editors to ask for sample pages and full manuscripts? This is a specific checklist of Things To Do for publication.
  • Common red flags to avoid in your romance novel: To avoid those dreaded passes from agents and editors, make sure you understand common pitfalls and red flags within the genre. Again, we’ll tackle the book itself as well as business tips.
  • Places to go to get your work reviewed and critiqued: Once your manuscript is polished and you know more about the business side of things, find a reputable source for a critique (or two). There are places to go if you know where to look, and they don’t always cost money. Polishing your work is one top way to make your novel hot enough for an agent!
  • How to make an accurate list of legitimate agents who rep romance novels and how to approach them successfully:We’ll discuss how to find reputable romance agents, how to make sure they would be a good fit for your style and for your book, and what to do with that list once you have it.
  • How to mold a successful publishing career out of the options you have in today’s ever-changing market: Finally, in this brave new world of publishing (meaning the explosive growth of e—publishing and self—publishing alongside traditional print publishing), you need to know your options! The romance genre is exploding with opportunity but you have to know where to look for accurate and professional information on how to grow your career!


Instructor Sara Megibow has worked at the Nelson Literary Agency since 2006. As a literary agent, Sara has enjoyed tremendous success selling debut romance authors into major New York publishing houses. A few deals from 2010 and 2011 include the debut contemporary erotic romance CRASH INTO YOU by Roni Loren to Berkely/Penguin, debut Golden Heart finalist Ashlyn Macnamara’s TALE OF TWO SISTERS to Ballantine Bantam Dell, and debut erotica author Tiffany Reisz’s THE SIREN to Harlequin. Nelson Literary Agency is a member of: AAR, RWA, SFWA, SCBWI. Find Sara on Twitter as @SaraMegibow, on Facebook at SaraMegibowNelsonAgency and online at

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