Agent Irene Goodman is Teaching a Webinar and Giving Away Free Critiques For Charity (on Dec. 16)

In a wonderful holiday opportunity, literary agent Irene Goodman is offering a free short critique to writers who sign up for her Dec. 16 webinar, “How an Agent Picks a Client: From Query to Career.” And, on top of that, Irene is giving all her proceeds away to charity! Keep reading to learn all the details of this event.




This special webinar is at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010, and lasts 90 minutes. Each registration comes with access to the archived version of the program and the materials for 1 year. You do not have to attend the live webinar to view the presentation or get the critique.


All registrants are invited to submit either a query letter or the first page of a manuscript immediately after the event. All submissions will receive a critique from Irene.


This event will give you an inside look at exactly what goes through an agent’s mind through each step of the submission process when making the all-important decision to sign a new client. In addition to instructing, Irene invites questions live during the webinar. No question goes unanswered. Here are some of the questions an agent asks when evaluating a project at its various stages:

  • First and foremost—Can I sell this?
  • Do I clearly understand what the book is about, and can I explain this concept to editors? How can the pitch, whether fiction or nonfiction, be clearer and streamlined?
  • Does it fit a market? Where would it be shelved at B&N?
  • Does this author have a future as a career client with multiple books/series, or this a one-book wonder?
  • What hook or handle does this book have? How can the hook of the book be improved? What can make it even more saleable?
  • If the project is nonfiction, how can the author’s platform be improved to make the project more attractive to editors? What steps can the author take?
  • How much is it worth?


Irene Goodman ( has been agenting for more than 30 years and has represented many New York Times bestsellers; she knows how to find nuggets in the slush and turn them into gold. She will share some gut level secrets that will open some of those elusive doors. She is personally seeking the following categories: memoir, narrative history, music, social issues and commentary, animals, parenting, food, Judaica, Anglophilia, Francophilia, crafts, and lifestyle. Her fiction list includes historical fiction, women’s fiction, thrillers, mysteries and the occasional literary fiction story. (All the instructor’s funds will be donated to
charity—specifically: the Foundation Fighting Blindness and the
Deafness Research Foundation.)


Sign up here!

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