Agent Debbie Carter Seeking YA Writers With Experience in Study Abroad Programs

Debbie Carter, founder of the literary agency Muse Literary Management, is putting out a call for writers who have some experience in a study abroad programliving as a student in another country.

This is her message
: “Agent/Packager looking for writers for a new teen series about American high school students in study abroad programs. Experience as an exchange student, host family or teacher abroad is required. The series will focus on students in different countries, each student/protagonist will have two or three books within the series. The project is speculative; there is no publisher at present. Writers will be compensated by an advance against publisher royalties, payable by agent/packager on acceptance of a proposal, and publisher royalties.”

So I don’t full understand the details nor how the money works, nor exactly what Debbie has in mindbut I wanted to simply pass on her message in a large forum. Interested parties should contact her at MuseLiteraryMgmt[at] with “GLA Blog” in the subject line. I would explain your writing credentials as well as your history of studying abroad.

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