A Call For Success Stories!

Here at Writer’s Digest, we love success stories. For example, did you know that two writers who attended our huge Agent Pitch Slam in 2008 signed with agents at the conference and sold books in separate six-figure deals? That was pretty awesome to hear. And did you know that writers such as Eugenia Kim (The Calligrapher’s Daughter, 2009 Borders Original Voices winner for fiction), Patrick Lee (The Breach) and Karen Dionne (Freezing Point) were just some of the many writers who used Guide to Literary Agents on their path to success?

If you or a friend used GLA or a Writer’s Digest product on your path to success, let us know!
We love testimonials that we can use. E-mail me at literaryagent@fwmedia.com. Did you enjoy a webinar perhaps? Get your agent at one of our conferences? Get a writing assignment after reading an article of ours? Let us know!

Also, there might be a chance that not you, but rather a critique partner or friend, used a WD book as their springboard. If you could pass along this message to them, I would be much obliged. Or perhaps you haven’t sold a book yet but enjoy our books. Tell people through Amazon! We always love a nice book review, whether’s for GLA or Writer’s Market or anything else. Thanks, everybody!

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