Young Adult Fiction Competition


The deadline for this year’s Young Adult Fiction Competition has passed and is no longer accepting entries. However, please take a look at the other writing contests sponsored by Writer’s Digest.

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writing young adult novel | young adult fiction contestLooking to take a class or workshop on writing a young adult fiction novel but can’t commit to set schedule? Enroll in our Writing The Young Adult Novel Workshop, which allows you to work at your own pace. Through the workshop’s lecture supplements, creative exercises, and writing assignments, you will learn about the essential elements for writing a young adult fiction novel, including how to develop interesting characters, how to write believable dialogue, and why character, plot, and setting matter. Plus, you will learn helpful techniques for outlining your novel to keep you organized, tips for editing your work, and how to get published.

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writing books for young adults | young adult fiction contest Are you new to writing fiction for young adults? Do you want to learn how to break into the market? Let Writing Great Books for Young Adult Readers be your guide. Regina L. Brooks, founder of Serendipity Literary, shares her experience within the publishing industry and gives you a step-by-step guide to writing a book for young adults. Learn the five rules for engaging young readers, the importance of plot, theme, and setting, and how to craft entertaining dialogue. She also teaches you how to develop a solid story idea, how to write a catchy query letter, and how to get published. Plus, the book includes an overview of the publishing process as well as a list of children’s book publishers–everything you need to get started in writing for young adults!

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mary kole | young adult fiction writing contestIf you a writer who has always wanted to try writing for young adults, aren’t sure where your novel fits into the middle grade and young adult spectrum, or interested in finding an agent for your novel, we recommend listening to Middle Grade & Young Adult Craft Intensive: Telling Kidlit Stories In Today’s Market. Mary Kole, an associate agent with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, speaks on everything you need to know about writing for young adults. She gives tips on what young readers look for in a book, specific guidelines for how to write for kids and break into the market, and covers some of the essential elements in writing–character, plot, and voice. Plus, see recent examples of bestselling young adult fiction novels and how to find success in publishing.

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