Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition

Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition


The deadline for this year’s Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition has passed and is no longer accepting entries. However, please take a look at some of our other writing contests.

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memoir writing | how to write a memoir

If you are interested in writing personal stories, then consider reading Writing & Selling Your Memoir. Author Paula Balzer gives readers insight into writing a memoir with helpful tips, techniques, detailed exercises, and examples from best-selling memoirs. Plus, she offers essential advice on how to submit your memoir to publishers and how to get an agent.

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2nd draft short story critique | writing critique servicesThinking of entering your short story into next year’s competition? Submit your story to 2nd Draft Short Story Critique Service and see what a professional critique editor thinks of it first. You will receive a detailed evaluation with specific feedback and recommendations to help you get an extra edge on the competition.

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poetry | poetry writing contestFor aspiring poets looking for top notch advice on writing poetry, check out the 2012 Poet’s Market. Inside you will find hundreds of detailed listings for poetry publications, publishers, and writing contests, along with current information such as submission preferences, what editors look for, who to contact and payment information. You will also get advice from well-known poets on how to get published and the best ways to use social media. Plus, receive access to the poetry niche on WritersMarket.com for a year.

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young adult fiction | how to write for kids and young adultsFor writers interested in crafting stories for kids and young adults, download Writing For Kids & YA. Let this be your guide to the children’s and young adult market. Learn the process of creating stories for a young audience, ways to break into the industry, which rookie mistakes to avoid, how to structure your picture book, and most importantly, how to make your story stand out from the rest of the crowd and get published.

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magazine writing | creative writing competition Learn the components to a perfect magazine article and how to write for magazines with the Writer’s Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing. Plus, read tips on brainstorming article ideas and interviewing, developing a unique writing style, how to find and target the right magazine for your work, and how to pitch your story ideas to editors. Plus, learn the basics of running your own freelance writing business and more!

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