Frequently Asked Questions: Write It Your Way

Q: Is it okay to have illustration pictures on the cover?
A: Please send the text only

Q: If there is a word count, how many words per page am I allowed?
No preference

Q: How large of print is allowed?
No preference

Q: Are pen names allowed?
Pen names are fine. Write your pen name on all forms etc. so there is no mistakes on credits. Please be advised that we only need your real name if you are chosen as a winner (in order to issue prizes).

Q: What if I am not a U.S. resident?
WD writing competitions are open to non-U.S. residents as well. Please refer to the entry form and guidelines. All entry fees are due in U.S. Dollars.

Q: Is there an age limit for entrants?

Q: What if I wanted to submit only part of my novel into the competition (to stay with in the maximum number of words)?
If you submit a portion of a novel, please understand that it will be judged as a complete story, not part of another work, so it needs to be a complete story in and of itself.

Q: When will winners be notified?
Winners will be notified by October 15, 2012.

Q: What are the word count requirements?
The word count is 1,200 words maximum.

Q: How do I order books published by F+W Media?

Q: How do I subscribe to Writer’s Digest?
visit and click on the link

Q: Are there other writing competitions?
Yes! Visit for other competitions for writers