Crime Writing Competition

The deadline for this year’s Writer’s Digest Crime Writing Competition has passed and is no longer accepting entries. However, take a look at more writing contests sponsored by Writer’s Digest.

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police procedure | crime writing contest Often times in writing crime fiction, there is some sort of crime, like a murder, followed by an investigation, and then finally the outcome usually leading to the criminal’s arrest or death. Police Procedure & Investigation gives writers insight into the world of being a cop, including the terminology used by police officers and in the courtroom. Plus, you will learn about arrest and search procedures, crime scene investigation, and the difference between a cop and a detective. Use this guide to write a credible story!

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creating an antagonist | crime fiction contestDo you struggle to create the right amount of conflict in your story? A n antagonist could be the answer to making your story more exciting. Learn how to create unforgettable bad guys in Bullies, Bastards & Bitches. Author Jessica Morrell gives examples of all types of bad boys–unlikeable protagonists, anti-heroes, antagonists, sociopaths, bitches, bullies, monsters, and creatures. Follow her advice on writing compelling fiction and create a story your readers will love!

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book of poisons | crime fiction Whether you are writing crime fiction or looking for ways to make your characters more interesting, it’s worth taking a look at Howdunit: Book of Poisons. Learn about the different types of poisons, what the reactions are of the one poisoned, and how long it takes for a reaction. This book provides detailed information on poisons as well as a glossary of medical terms to help you craft an accurate story.

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