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I’m An English Major–Now What?

By Timothy Lemire
What do Joan Rivers, Steven Spielberg, Alan Alda, Barbara Walters, Clarence Thomas, and Chris Isaak have in common? That’s right–they were English majors who now have dream jobs. I’m an English Major, Now What?debunks the myth that English grads have to be teachers, editors, or writers and provides:

  • Information on exciting career paths, including corporate communications, investment banking, graphic design, customer training, and more
  • Strategies for showcasing skills taught in college to prospective employees
  • Information on how an Enlish background can be very marketable, all in the author’s candid-and humorous-voice

English majors are unconventional, so why offer them a standard career guide? Instead, give them this invaluable resource for landing a job they will love.

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