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Elements of a Successful Fiction Platform

To really make your name, you need to put it out there—and not just on the cover of your book. Here, novelists share which strategies for attracting readers work, which ones don’t, and why craft is still as important as ever.

By Christina Katz 

Inside the Mind of Cory Doctorow

Can technology bridge the gap between science fiction and social activism? Broad-reaching author Cory Doctorow says it can—and that taking risks online can reap rewards in print.

by Christina Katz

How to Build a Marketing Platform

Here are 10 simple steps that will take your visibility from zero to standout in a short time, while also giving you ample opportunities to flex your expertise, carve out your niche topic and connect with your audience.

by Christina Katz

Quick Tips for Building a Bio

Of all the materials you’ll utilize in becoming known, your short bio is the one you’ll use and update the most. By highlighting your credibility in your field and showcasing you as the experienced professional that you are, it succinctly tells people what you know and why they should listen to...

Why All Authors Need a Platform

Before you are in a position to land a book deal, you need to construct a platform that will build your future book's readership, project your professionalism, and attract the interest of editors and agents.

The Write-At-Home Mom

You know the feeling: there just aren't enough hours in the day. But are you sure? Between the first bowl of cheerios and the last reading of "goodnight moon," you can squeeze in a writing career.