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There’s Something You Need to Know About That Night

You're searching through your closet and find an old stuffed animal or doll from your childhood. It starts to bring back a warm memory of a specific night that's near and dear to your heart. Suddenly, your stuffed companion begins to talk and says, "There's something you need to know about that night." Write...

A Suicide Note

You are helping out at a charitable center by organizing donated items. When searching through an old suitcase, you find a suicide note dated six months prior. What's peculiar is that you know the person. What's even more peculiar is that the person is still alive. Write the story about what happens when you...

Terrible Musician

You’ve just been to the worst concert of your life. Afterward, you head to a bar with friends and start drowning your disgust. Moments later, the musician (or musicians) shows up. You decide to confront the musician about the lousy performance and ask for your money back. The musician suggests a different approach to...


5 Literary Agents Seeking New Clients

When trying to get your manuscript published, it's often beneficial to have an agent on your side. Agents not only have connections within the publishing industry but they also read hundreds of proposals a year, giving them better perspective of what will sell and what won't. Here are five literary agents currently looking to...

Write A Breakout Novel in 2017

Write A Breakout Novel in 2017

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What Happened to Your Pants?

Pretend you are a recovering alcoholic who falls off the wagon while attending your high school reunion. Start your story with "I hadn't had a drink in nearly 10 years" and end it with "If only I could remember where I left my pants."

A Mad Scientist Approaches You With an Offer

A mad scientist approaches you with an offer—he will heighten one of your senses, but it will make one of your other senses duller. It isn't optional; he's going to perform the surgery anyway, but you get to choose which two senses. Write this scene.

Why Did Santa Kidnap You?

You wake up in a daze only to find out you've been kidnapped and are currently tied up to a chair. After hours of unsuccessfully trying to escape, a door starts to open. Your kidnapper is none other than—Santa Claus? Write a story explaining why Santa kidnapped you and what he intends to do...


The 19 Most Popular Articles on Writing of 2012

During its first full year in action, my blog (The Writer's Dig) reached amazing heights and has become one of the most popular parts of our website. First, I want to thank everyone for that—without your support and clicks, I wouldn't be able to do what I love, which is find and share...


Connecticut, Our Thoughts Are With You

We are in shock and completely devastated to hear about the tragedy in Connecticut today. As a father of three young children, I can't even imagine the heartbreak and hell these families are unjustly being put through. From the entire Writer's Digest staff, our thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to everyone involved.


The 12-12-12 Big Clearance Sale From Writer’s Digest

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A Haiku of Bad Habits

Write a haiku (three lines: five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables) about your significant other’s most annoying habit/feature. Or, do the same for a friend, coworker, family member or pet.

Your Elf on the Shelf is Stealing From You

You brought an Elf on the Shelf into your home, but instead of him visiting Santa every night, you believe that he is mysteriously stealing money from your wallet and taking nightly trips to (fill in the blank). One night you stay awake and secretly follow him to find out the truth. Write this...

Reject a Hit: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Let’s step once again into the role of the unconvinced, perhaps even curmudgeonly or fool-hearted editor: What harsh rejection letters might the authors of some of our favorite hit books have had to endure? This contribution comes from Chris Gay of Manchester, Conn., who found Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol to be as...