2011 Television/Movie Script Winners

Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate the 100 Television/Movie Script winners of the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition!

First Place Winner:

Beverly Littlejohn
Allen TX

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The Top 100


  1. Beverly Littlejohn
    Allen TX
  2. Joe Fenico
    Deptford NJ
  3. Vince Feleccia
    Humble TX
  4. Ian James Wakerley
  5. Lee Warren Jones II
    Los Angeles CA
  6. James V. Smith, Jr.
    Shelby MT
  7. Wes Worthing
    Boone IA
  8. Paul Donnett
    Airdrie AB
  9. Michael Robert Tosta
    Ste-Therese PQ
  10. Jason Lohr
    Glendale CA
  11. Linda Briley Webb
    Scottsdale AZ
  12. Richard H. Kenney, Jr.
    Broken Arrow OK
  13. J. Thomas Dalby
    Calgary Other
  14. Madeleine Hart
    L’Amable ON
  15. Dominic Oliver & Kaenan Oliver & Jay Flynn
    Glendale CA
  16. Rick DeMille
    Little Elm TX
  17. Bob Canning
    Petaluma CA
  18. Richard H. Kenney, Jr.
    Broken Arrow OK
  19. Brian Smith
    New York NY
  20. Sean Fallon
    Montgomery NY
  21. Christopher Lovick
    Los Angeles CA
  22. Adrian Crawford
    Chicago IL
  23. Dean Stewart
    Sylmar CA
  24. A. H. Oberholtzer
    Santa Monica CA
  25. David Feeney
    Hoffman Estates IL
  26. Brett McAtee
    Lenexa KS
  27. Hollie Overton
    West Hollywood CA
  28. Stephen Lamm
    Agoura Hills CA
  29. Erik Slagle
    Linden NJ
  30. Tina Quick
    Winchester MA
  31. James V. Smith, Jr.
    Shelby MT
  32. Giovanni Smith
    Calgary AB
  33. Richard Guimond
    Tiverton RI
  34. J.I. Wells & Ian Ginsburg
    Cottonwood AZ
  35. Consuelo M. Ohanesian
    Phoenix AZ
  36. Barry Brennessel
    Silver Springs MD
  37. Stephanie A Moore
    Cincinnati OH
  38. Quintin Peterson
    Temple Hills MD
  39. Rashmi Singh
    Brooklyn NY
  40. Joe Hinds
    Florence KY
  41. Demetrios Tsoulos
    New York NY
  42. Mark W. Travis
    Shadow Hills CA
  43. Madeleine Hart
    L’Amable ON
  44. Anne Marie Moulding
    Santa Rosa CA
  45. Gretchen Givens: Linda Gregg
    Martinez CA
  46. D. L. McMillan
    Riverside CA
  47. Heather-Louise Ferris
    Greenwood IL
  48. Heather-Louise Ferris
    Greenwood IL
  49. Linda Briley Webb
    Scottsdale AZ
  50. Carol Hall
    Fremont CA
  1. James A. Marzo
    Williamsville NY
  2. James Daniel
    Vernon Hills IL
  3. Christopher Ryan
    New Milford NJ
  4. Pamela Schott
    Westlake Village CA
  5. David Bazan
    Corpus Christi TX
  6. Tony Macy-Perez
    Brooklyn NY
  7. Lawrence W. Gold
    Grass Valley CA
  8. James K. Barnard
    Phoenix AZ
  9. Janice Edelman
    Huntingdon Valley PA
  10. Madeleine Hart
    L’Amable ON
  11. Lydia Christine Crichton
    Yountvile CA
  12. Sid Smoliga
    West Linn OR
  13. Valerie Del Villar
    Lynn MA
  14. Salvatore Richard
    Haverhill MA
  15. Ted Alan Sterns
    New York NY
  16. Alonzo Peterson
    Denton TX
  17. Debra K. Sutton
    Shelbina MO
  18. Ryan King
    Saanichton BC
  19. Lee Lennon-Costanzo
    Montgomery AL
  20. Paul Alexander Clingan & Maria Paola Chironi
    San Diego CA
  21. James Wolf
    Eastsound WA
  22. Pamela Schott
    Westlake Village CA
  23. Carol C. Farrand
    San Rafael CA
  24. Mark C. Roberts
    Plano TX
  25. Lee Bellavance
    Moosup CT
  26. Tim O’Hara
    Elk Grove CA
  27. Carol Hall Fremont CA
  28. Briley Webb
    Scottsdale AZ
  29. David Feeney
    Hoffman Estates IL
  30. Theodore Carl Soderberg
    San Francisco CA
  31. James Jordan
    Glenn Heights TX
  32. Lee Warren Jones II
    Los Angeles CA
  33. August Detering
    Seattle WA
  34. Louis B Spirito
    Malibu CA
  35. Jean Blasiar
    Pasadena CA
  36. Kimberly McCullom
    Whiting IN
  37. Robert Fleisher
    Atlantic City NJ
  38. Victoria and David Povall
    Oceanside CA
  40. Dana Booker
    Cleveland OH
  41. Eric Delgado
    Spring Hill FL
  42. Christopher Ian Lutz
    Las Vegas NV
  43. Karen Hamer
    Toledo OH
  44. Josh Lee
    Iowa City IA
  45. Kenneth Wayne Tate
    Compton CA
  46. Caitlin Mitchell
    N. Chelmsford MA
  47. Freddie Robinson, Jr.
    Pembroke Pines FL
  48. Billie Reynolds
    King City OR
  49. Craig E. Burgess
    Audubon NJ
  50. Barry Brennessel
    Silver Springs MD

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