2011 Mainstream Fiction Writing Winners

Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate the 100 Mainstream Fiction Writing winners of the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition!

First Place Winner:

Erik Hoel
Madison WI

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The Top 100


  1. Erik Hoel
    Madison WI
  2. Jerrianne Hayslett
    South Milwaukee WI
  3. Alan Black
    Albany CA
  4. Siamak Vossoughi
    San Francisco CA
  5. Bonnie S. Linder
    Fairfax VA
  6. Linda Byrd Kilian
    Clinton MS
  7. Sandra Hunter
    Woodland Hills CA
  8. Frederic Townsend
    Lake Bluff IL
  9. Raymond Ku
    Naperville IL
  10. Tova Dian Dean
    San Jose CA
  11. John T. Biggs
    Oklahoma City OK
  12. Jan Stinchcomb
    Austin TX
  13. Teresa Stores
    West Hartford CT
  14. Erin Flaaen
    Glendale AZ
  15. Millie Ledford Lee
    Portland OR
  16. Susan Anderson
    Prospect Heights IL
  17. Tara Mitchell
    Singapore Other
  18. Carol Johnson
    Tulsa OK
  19. Sherie Fox Schmauder
    Incline Village NV
  20. Julia Fulton
    La Jolla CA
  21. Adnan Mahmutovic
    Stockholm Other
  22. William Shih
    Flushing NY
  23. Robert Mundy
    Omaha NE
  24. Alaric Lejano
    Jersey City NJ
  25. Colleen M. Story
    Idaho Falls ID
  26. Christian Riley
    New York NY
  27. Kevin Hart
    Brooklyn NY
  28. John Salick
    Middletown CA
  29. Madeleine Hart
    L’Amable ON
  30. Chloe Bolan
    Chicago IL
  31. C. M. Lo
    Scarsdale NY
  32. John Salick
    Middletown CA
  33. Lisa Douglass
    Los Angeles CA
  34. Cynthia Gregory
    Portland OR
  35. Joyce Finn
    Bluffton SC
  36. Clif Webb
    Houston, TX
  37. Mick Ransford
    Dublin 24 Other
  38. Holly Rizzuto Palker
    London Other
  39. M.R. Lovgren
    Chico CA
  40. Elaine Costanzo
    New Concord OH
  41. William Doonan
    Sacramento CA
  42. Campbell Cloar
    Greeneville TN
  43. Adrian Ruiz
    Tempe AZ
  44. Jennifer Celani
    Elizabeth City NC
  45. Gregory Schieffer
    Lakewood CO
  46. Abbe Rolnick
    Sedro Woolley WA
  47. mary beth leymaster matteo
    Lancaster PA
  48. R.C. Neighbors
    Bryan TX
  49. Katie Smith
    Cranston RI
  50. Jennifer Hritz
    Austin TX
  1. Charles Frode
    Eagle ID
  2. Cameron Coursey
    Defiance MO
  3. Charles Frode
    Eagle ID
  4. Donna L. Turello
    Staten Island NY
  5. Cain Azar
    Orefield PA
  6. B.G. Armstrong
    Avondale Estates GA
  7. M.R. Lovgren
    Chico CA
  8. Kate Belcher
    Toronto ON
  9. Leon Hess
    Hot Springs AR
  10. April Rubasch
    Vail AZ
  11. Carla Petree
    Montara CA
  12. James L. Milne
    Oak Harbor WA
  13. Mary Hutchings Reed
    Chicago IL
  14. Roger Real Drouin
    Delray Beach FL
  15. Lindsey Armstrong
    London Other
  16. Patryk Zielonka
    Cranford NJ
  17. Rebecca Ashcraft
    Kansas City MO
  18. A.M. LoGerfo
    Seattle WA
  19. Brendan Thompson
    Astoria NY
  20. Helen Sedwick
    Santa Rosa CA
  21. Kennebrew Surant
    Clinton Township MI
  22. B. Phillips
    Inverness FL
  23. T.J. Knightly
    Tulare CA
  24. B.J. Spamer
    Kansas City MO
  25. Robert Larry Specht
    Washington DC
  26. Robert Smit
    Wyoming MI
  27. Vanessa Fabiano
    Madrid , Spain
  28. Rebecca Ashcraft
    Kansas City MO
  29. B.K Barrett
    Salem OR
  30. Gabrielle Mandel
    Brooklyn NY
  31. Scott Mesrobian
    Champlin MN
  32. Joseph M. Williams
    Normal IL
  33. Joyce Finn
    Bluffton SC
  34. Karen Kachra
    Oakville ON
  35. Julianne McCullagh
    Flower Mound TX
  36. Ewing Eugene Baldwin
    Skokie IL
  37. Daisy Kate
    Melbourne Other
  38. Ian Blake Newhem
    Mountain Dale NY
  39. Donna L. Turello
    Staten Island NY
  40. John Gorman
    LIC NY
  41. Christine Peters
    Mill Valley CA
  42. Todd D. Reppert
    New York NY
  43. Alethea Black
    Holmes NY
  44. Michael Lundy
    Riverton IA
  45. Denise Ganley
    Mesa AZ
  46. Ericka Clay
    Corpus Christi TX
  47. Hays McCormick
    Manassas VA
  48. John Patrick Legry
    Portland OR
  49. Britney Hope
    Toronto ON
  50. Hannah Jones
    Eagan MN

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