2010 Rhyming Poem Winners

Announcing the Rhyming Poem winners of the 79th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition

Rhyming Poem Winners

Noreen Ayres
Bartonsville PA

  1. Luise Putcamp Jr.
    Salt Lake City UT
  2. Robert G. West
    Moses Lake WA
  3. Frank Osen
    Pasadena, CA
  4. Henry Walter
    Tarrytown NY
  5. Melissa Cannon
    Nashville TN
  6. Jeffrey MCginley
    Boonton Township NJ
  7. Patricia Callan
    Newton MA
  8. Andrea W. Doray
    Arvada CO
  9. Melissa Cannon
    Nashville TN
  10. Craig McGuire
    Staten Island NY
  11. Henry Walter
    Tarrytown NY
  12. Sherry Poff
    Ooltewah TN
  13. Stephanie Turner
    Cincinnati OH
  14. Dennis Goza
    Burbank CA
  15. Lea Hepler
    Hickory NC
  16. Samuel W. Magill
    Munich Germany
  17. Kathleen Olive Palmer
    Huntsville AL
  18. William J Cary
    Balfron Scotland UK
  19. Margie Davidson
    Richland WA
  20. Marge Steinert
    Charles City IA
  21. Karin Bradberry
    Albuqerque NM
  22. Lisa Kang
    Washington MO
  23. Melissa Cannon
    Nashville TN
  24. Angela Masterson Jones
    Palmetto FL
  25. kerry wood
    pacific grove CA
  26. Nichole White
    Secor IL
  27. Anna Amatuzio
    New York VT
  28. George H. Northrup
    New Hyde Park NY
  29. Erin Bjarnason
    Belton TX
  30. Patrick J. Walker, Jr.
    Factoryville PA
  31. Sandra Winicur
    South Bend IN
  32. Linda Masusock
    Philadelphia PA
  33. Luise Putcamp Jr.
    Salt Lake City UT
  34. Jessica Eaton
    Litchfiled ME
  35. Ginger Dehlinger
    Bend OR
  36. Ryan Tilley
    Altamonte Springs FL
  37. Shelia Watson
    Charleston SC
  38. Stephanie A. Trdenic
    Mechanicsburg PA
  39. Noreen Ayres
    Bartonsville PA
  40. Genevieve Goffman
    Washington DC
  41. Marla Alupoaicei
    Frisco TX
  42. Lesley Lanir
    Tivon Israel
  43. Jacquelyn M. McClaney
    Park Forest IL
  44. Melissa Cannon
    Nashville TN
  45. Mary Houston Shaffer
    Van Nuys CA
  46. Jonathan Christian Petty
    Big Run PA
  47. Verna Cole Mitchell
    Charlotte NC
  48. Linda Aschbrenner
    Marshfield WI
  49. Luise Putcamp Jr.
    Salt Lake City UT
  50. Janet Lombard
    Athens GA
  51. Heidi Tompkins
    Cleveland TN
  52. Henry Walter
    Tarrytown NY
  53. Andrea W. Doray
    Arvada CO
  54. Cora Chapman Arthur
    Concord NH
  55. Dennis Goza
    Burbank CA
  56. belle Rollins
    Pineville LA
  57. Wallace F. Brown
    Doylestown PA
  58. Paul Freet
    Fayetteville PA
  59. M. Kay Swaby
    Kingston Jamaica
  60. Jonathan Christian Petty
    Big Run PA
  61. Nadia Ibrashi
    Troy MI
  62. Rita L Laxton
    Hillsboro OR
  63. Michael C Treadwell
    Odenville AL
  64. Diana Sidor
    Unit 56 NH
  65. Henry Walter
    Tarrytown NY
  66. Luanne Oleas
    Cupertino CA
  67. Claudia Burbank
    Bernardsville NJ
  68. Elizabeth Kray
    Vero Beach FL
  69. Nelson Adrian Blish
    Rochester NY
  70. Jessica Bell
    Athens Greece
  71. Richard C. Johnston
    Grove City OH
  72. Becky Haigler
    Shreveport LA
  73. Johannes Nelson
    Carles City IA
  74. Graham Kash
    Cookeville TN
  75. Martha E. Amabile
    Tolleson AZ
  76. Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde
    Orchard Park NY
  77. Frank G. Donlon
    Chesterfield MO
  78. Carol Clark
    Aldan PA
  79. Julianne DiBenedetto
    Brooklyn NY
  80. Vicki (Verlene) Wheeler
    Las Vegas NY
  81. Herb Wahlsteen
    Farmingville NY
  82. Jerry Dorbin
    Santa Fe NM
  83. Janet Ireland Trail
    Greensboro NC
  84. Graham Kash
    Cookeville TN
  85. Margaret Dockry
    The Woodlands TX
  86. michael j mcdonald
    lancaster NY
  87. Dorothy Holcombe-Damiano
    Duncannon PA
  88. Susan Gryziec Showalter
    Philadelphia PA
  89. Nelson Adrian Blish
    Rochester NY
  90. Renee Barnes
    Elberton GA
  91. Genevieve Goffman
    Washington DC
  92. William C. Maxwell
    Vandalia MO
  93. Samuel R. Charlie Walls
    Nettleton MS
  94. Howard Manser
    Brunswick GA
  95. Lisa Kang
    Washington MO
  96. Jordan Gray
    Orlando FL
  97. Lissa Ledbetter
    Owasso OK
  98. Elizabeth Scarpelli
    San Francisco CA
  99. Nelson Koscheski
    Brownwood TX

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