19th Self-Published Winners


Author Title Website
Grand Prize
Mainstream/Literary Fiction Holly Payne Kingdom of Simplicity kingdomofsimplicty.com
First Place
Children’s Picture Books Kathryn Otoshi ZERO kokidsbooks.com
Genre Fiction Richard Hicks Crossing Borders
Inspirational Evelyn Geisler Touched By God www.amazon.com
Life Stories Polly Letofsky 3mph: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World www.3mphBook.com
Mainstream/Literary Fiction Georgia Lowe The Bonus luckydimepress.com
Middle-Grade/Young Adult books John Kitchen Nicola’s Ghost http://johnkitchenauthor.synthasite.com
Nonfiction Stephen Kirkpatrick and Marlo Kirkpatrick Sanctuary: Mississippi’s Coastal Plain www.kirkpatrickwildlife.com
Poetry Irene Latham The Color of Lost Rooms www.irenelatham.com
Reference Books Reny Parker Wildflowers of Northern California’s Wine Country & North Coast Ranges www.renyswildflowers.com/guide.html
Honorable Mention
Children’s Picture Books Amber Tayler What Do Monsters Look Like? www.rp-author.com/Tayler
Allyson Park My Favorite Place www.unboxedesign.com
Sam Connery Wild Weird & Wacky Creatures
Genre Fiction David W. Walker The Traitors
Paul Black The Presence http://www.paulblackbooks.com
Robert W. Gregg Setting The Stage for Murder amazon.com
Lon Rogers The Between Season
Debra Gaskill The Major’s Wife www.debragaskillnovels.com
Dean M. DeLuke Shedrow www.shedrow1.com
Ron McManus Libido’s Twist ronmcmanus.net
Inspirational Bryan Hathaway David and Goliath www.bryanhathaway.com
Maria Malin “When You Just Can’t Say Good-bye, Don’t-A Mother’s Personal Journey After Losing a Child” www.movingforwardhangingon.com
Rebecca V. Smith Foreclosed….But Not Forsaken authorhouse.com
Christine Holton Cashen The Good Stuff:  Quips and Tips on Life, Love, Work and Happiness www.christinecashen.com/shop.html
Life Stories Susanna Barlow What Peace There May Be www.susannabarlow.com
Jack Lindquest with Melinda J. Combs In Service to the Mouse:  My Unexpected journey to becoming Disneyland’s First President inservicetothemouse.com
Roberta Carly Redford Crazy: My Seven Years At Bruno Bettelheim’s Orthogenic School www.robertacarlyredford.com
Anne K. Gross The Polio Journals: Lessons from My Mother www.thepoliojournals.com
Nina Hamberg Grip: A Memoir of Fierce Attractions www.ninahamberg.com
Mainstream/Literary Fiction Kaira Rouda HERE, HOME, HOPE www.kairarouda.com
Adi Alsaid Somewhere Over the Sun www.somewhereoverthesunnovel.com
Ann Hall Marshall Crooked Lines
Adrian Crook Zeus Blinked
Ann Swinfen The Testament of Mariam www.annswinfen.com
Ruth Welburn the Devil’s Ruse www.ruthwelburn.com
Marian Armstrong Musings of a Mystery Sibling
Middle-Grade/Young Adult books Annette Laing Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When www.AnnetteLaing.com
Dianne Greenlay Quintspinner – A Pirate’s Quest www.diannegreenlay.com
Eva Poole-Gilson Little Star Sleeping amazon.com
Nonfiction Robert A. Shaines Command Influence
T. L. Needham When I Was A Child outskirtspress.com/wheniwasachild
Paul Sites Truth For Human Existence and Happiness
Susan Hagen and Mary Carouba Women At Gound Zero:  Stories of Courage and Compassion www.womenatgroundzero.com
Poetry Susan Marc Lawley Hieroglyphics of the Heart www.arseya.com
Jean Sheppard A Run at the Moon
Reference Books Vinit Allen Sustainable World Sourcebook swcoalition.org



Children’s Picture Books
Author Title Website
Eric Best The Deep www.whatcouldpossiblybe.com
Bardril Green Mrs. Green, I Know What You Mean
Melissa Irene Eights It Is Going To Rain http://www2.xlibris.com/bookstore/bookdisplay.aspx?bookid=74750
Jud Miner A to Z Animal Poetry Adventures Activity Book Edition
Donna Hoke Neko and the Twiggets www.donnahoke.com
Lois Beckford The Interesting Pen Pal http://www.writersownwords.com/loisbeckford
Maria Larsen Reign Over Me: A Ruff Life http://handsonpublishing.com/
Ms. T AKA Kathy Tatler A Chincoteague Pony Finds a Friend www.chincoteaguepublishing.com
Nicole Kosch Heaven Sent www.rgkproductions.com
michael hardesty Who Made The Sun, Mommy?
Sharon Ferry Granddad Bud – A Veterans Day Story www.sharonferrybooks.com
Helen Kuenstler Captain Terry the Pirate Cow’s Adventure to Italy www.terrythecow.com
Glenna S. Edwards Rainbow Bed
F. Michael Lynch I Don’t Want To Share A Bedroom www.mikelynchcpa.com
Mary Jo Hazard The Peacocks of Palos Verdes peacocksofpalosverdes.com
Lynda Medlyn & Kelley Staudenmier The Best Belcher www.windowboxpress.com
Anita Hilliker Kieslich Friends Forever: Adventures of Henderson www.drkieslich.com
Iris Montgomery-Ilori Little Iris First Day Of School
Cheri Moser Salmon, Prince of Israel amazon.com
Alexa hale Sunny’s Game almazbooks.com
Danny W. Pettry II Building Character With Sam, Izzy, & Many Other Dogs: 15 Tips That Help Children Build Character http://www.booktherapyforkids.com/
Matthew Swanlund My Funny Body http://www.amazon.com/My-Funny-Body-Matthew-Swanlund/dp/0615425070/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1296492740
Jason Leon Britsas Althea’s Window Box and the Land of Slumber www.altheaswindowbox.com
Shirley L. Edwards Mom and Me: A Mother’s Read-along Guide to Child Safety pkebooks.com
Marie L. Wallace My Traveling Grandma www.mytravelinggrandma.com
Julie Sexson I CAN Make a Difference! www.hearts4charity.org
Cindy R. Williams Chase McKay Didn’t Get Up Today http://www.cindyRwilliams.com
Aidi Yin and Kerry Grogan I Love My Brother! www.emmalittlejohnny.com
Gretchen Archambault Hats,Gloves,Hot Cocoa With Love//Gorros,Guantes,Chocolate Caliente Con Amor www.angelchildrenbooks.com
Julie Ann Howell Finnigan the Dragon www.julieannhowell.com
Dorothy May Voyer The Big Jump
JAIRO PENARANDA THE LITTLE LEAF https://www.inkwaterbooks.com/shop/
Jud Miner A to Z animal Poetry Adventures Activity Book Edition
Lois Loehr Rini A Dog for Dave
Emma L. Price Portia’s Incredible Journey
Daniel Burch Fiddler Malinda A Mostly Magnificent Moose
Donna Hoke Neko and the Twiggets www.donnahoke.com
Claire B. Bateman Call Me Hero
Lisa Leary The Magic of Daydreaming
David D. Bernstein The Enchanted Rope
Renee Ashmeade Mokee Makes Friends
Terri Saville-Sewell Can You See?
Toni L Mafes The Great Food Fight
Mpho Otukile The Lion’s Deceit www.villagelifebooks.com
Dawn Mitchell A Bird in a Bathing Suit http://web.me.com/dawnmitchell/blue_feathers
Diane Dignan Bartholomew’s Gift www.storieswithmorals.net
Susan B. Keophila But, Mama! She’s My Sister! http://www.ButMamaShesMySister.com
Dorothy May Voyer The Big Jump
Judith E. Torres Duck Duck Moose
Shirley Myers Grandma, Tell Me A Story: 52 Bible Stories for Children
Karen Leahey Norman – Special Delivery
Karen Leahey Norman Goes to the Park
Karen Leahey Norman’s Dogs A to Z
Charlene Anne Meeker Cookies in Heaven
Thomas A. Mattingly, using the pseudonym Matthew S. Field The Three Pigs, Business School, and Wolfe Hash Stew (ISBN 978-0-9761528-1-1) www.MattingLeahPublishing.com
Linda Chambers Mumps lindachambersbooks.com
Carrice Halmarick Reach For Heaven
Enid E. Haag Peter George’s Pipe House wwww.amazon.com
Gaetana Zanzonico A Magical Dream
A.E. Keener My Name is Charlie www.mistislandbooks.com
Cynthia Dekel Nobody Likes Me http://nobodylikesmebook.com/
Sherrie A. Madia, Ph.D. Bumblelina http://www.Bumblelina.com
Tami Su Sword to Words www.tamisubooks.com
Tami Su Phobiatopia www.tamisubooks.com
Edith Nettleton/Author, Carole Dwinell/Illustrator Handsome Bill Adventures in the Desert www.caroledwinell.com
Sue Glader Nowhere Hair www.NowhereHair.com
Cassie Kelly Washington’s Waltz www.cassiehart.com
James Otis Thach The Seal Pup thesealpup.com
Nancy M. West Kali Leads the Way http://www.offleadpublications.com
Kenny Lim Theo www.theo3eyes.com
Sherry K. Brubaker Cup of Glitter www.GildedMagic.com
Kristen Fairgrieve A Happy Book For A Happy Baby http://www.happybabybook.com
Wendy McKernan The Thing I Say I Saw Last Night: A Christmas Story www.littledragonpublishing.com
Charlotte Wheat THAT BODACIOUS, GOD-TRUSTIN’ PROPHET, ELIJAH! outskirtspress.com/thatbodaciouselijah
Adam Webb Walking with Sophie www.walkingwithsophie.com
Kerri J. Busteed Will’s First Hunt www.kerribusteed.com
Bruce Paul The Book of Knowledge & Wisdom thebookofknowledgeandwisdom.com
Marie C. Varga Toby and the Babe working stage
Vennetta Switzer Orange Slices and Lemon Drops
Martha L. Spegal Rainbow Valley – Home to the Fairies www.xlibris.com/bookstore
Kelly Jo Carver-Fehrenbach Ricky Bear’s Bath Adventure amazon.com
Gregory L. Hoffman Santa Needs A Vacation (On the Day After Christmas) amazon.com; barnesandnoble
Sandi Bloomberg Ava & the Magic Tutu amazon.com
Sandi Bloomberg Jake & the Magic Soccer Ball amazon.com
Sandi Bloomberg Brett & the Magic Super Heros amazon.com
Sandi Bloomberg Veronica & the Magic Fountain amazon.com
D. Harriet Hart Miguel Mot Mot
Donna Scott Nusrala Metric Family www.amopublishing.com
Donna Scott Nusrala Twinkle Toes amopublishing com
Janet Hayward Burnham A Week Ago Cat mylittlejessepress.com
Michael Spillane Anthony’s Nightmare
LeeAnn Piermont Camut Peacock Parade www.leeannpiermongcamut.com
Karen Hufford Sawyer www.lulu.com
Adele Marie Crouch Where Hummingbirds Come From creationsbycrouch.com
Adele Marie Crouch How the Fox Got His Color creationsbycrough.com
Mindy Goldhammer Open Your Eyes
Vincent Lombardi Rubber & Glue
Rebecca Matthews Bobby and the Flies createspace.com
Marjorie W.Wittig The Duck Who Couldn’t Swim
Dan Donovan Holiday Tails! dandonovan-skunktales.com
Marjorie H. White Stories of a Dog Named Misty
Ida Avin My Summer Time Sea amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com
Stephanie Corum Antics in the Attic www.headlinekids.com
Marion Zee Kalber The New Baby
Diane Shapley-Box Tator’s Big Race
Aleta J. Crigler Adventures In Fairy Tales www.xlibris.com
Scott Sussman Silly the Seed octopusinkpress.com
James E Tague Teeney O’Feeney King of the Leprechauns www.jamesetague.com
Marj Piazza
Thelma Sithole Little Shoko ans the Crocodile http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=little+shoko+and
Mary Ann Castagnetta Bubble Gum Dreams www.maryanncastagnetta.com
Mary Ann Castagnetta Elephant Soup? www.maryanncastagnetta.com
Meggan A. MacKenzie What Does It Take? www.megganmackenziebooks.com
Paul Kay Jr If Trees Could Talk
Adalgiza Gebhart Gotta Have Hearts www.amazon.com
Marie C. Varga Toby and the Babe
Brooks Olbrys The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob:  Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose www.blueoceanbob.com;  amazon.com
Joe G. Valdez Lean On Me
Tamra P. Martin Surrogacy, A Magical Delivery www.childrenspecialitybooks.com
Pamela G. Hamilton Snow Day www.outskirtspress.com
Bruce Paul The Book of Knowledge & Wisdom thebookofknowledgeandwisdom.com
Jennifer Mozart Ranney The Birthday Star www.xlibris.com/bookstore; www.amazon.com
Laura Barta My China Travel Journal www.wholewideworldtoys.com
Renee Heiss Somebody Cares! www.reneeheiss.com/somebodycares.html
William H. Tyler Who Let the Mongoose Loose?
Nannette Nocon What’s UP with Yuk? www.whatsupwithyuk.com
Christine Simpson and Elizabeth Stiles The Backward Farm simpsonandstiles.com
Christine Simpson and Elizabeth Stiles Hiccup Hop simpsonandstiles.com
Kathleen Taylor and Katherine L. Taylor Eddie and Bingo: A Friendship Tale www.eddieandbingo.com;  inkwaterpress.com
Milanie Milburn I Love You More than Chocolate!
Cassie Rita Austin Peppermint
Cassie Rita Austin The Fisherman’s Cat amazon.com
Scott Sussman Silly the Seed octopusinkpress.com
Michele Strangis Stefanides Tales From Shrimps www.talesfromshrimps.com
Lynda Wurster Deniger Patti Pelican and the Gulf Oil Spill www.saltyseasandfriends.com
Eva & Yoshi Shiraki My Body’s Just For Me www.ProtectOurAngels.com
Michael Huntley Hoppy the Happy Frog http://outskirtspress.com/Hoppy_the_happy_frog
Serena Phillips Vocabhallow
Mary Stern Country Critters www.cowboydogseries.com
Michele Strangis Stefanides Tales From Shrimps http://www.talesfromshrimps.com
Linette BRUNO Three’s No Crowd
Judith Margaret Johnson Feeling Great with Jasper State Eat Your Green Things Everything Day www.jasperstate.com
Amara Riccio Miracle’s Climb
Debbie Egolf Paddy O’Possum at Peekachoo’s Party
Teresa Tallman I Love GREEN
Kimberly Bettcher Sam Picks Football www.awaytoplaybooks.com
Marc Kuhn Never Goose a Moose…And a Bunch of Other Things You Should Never Do! nevergooseamoose.com
Zander Srodes Turtle Talks Activity Book
Zander Srodes the Gopher Tortoise
Montana Sewell and Zander Srodes Freshwater Turtle Adventure Activity Book
Sonia Yeakel/Sabrina Tusing Remember
Brent Sampson One Wacky Wasp outskirtspress.com/onewackywasp
Barbara Bryan Starfish, Seashells, Coral and Gems outskirtspress.com/starfishseashellscoralandgems
Dawn Menge 7 Heath Rhoades Queen Venita meets Sir Healthy Bean the Astronomer outskirtspress.com/queenvenitameetssirhealthybeantheastronomer
Jeanine Jones We Can All Decorate the Same Tree Speaktomebooks.com
Elizabeth Yeamans Simrell Penny Piccolo Buys a Portobello www.dashanddoodles.typepad.com
Carol Italiano-Krivinskas Barnyard Babies To The Rescue outskirtspress.com/barnyardbabiestotherescue
Susan K. Montague A Dog’s Bark is No Laughing Matter
Terri Creswell No Money Molly www,PoochPics.com, blurb.com
Kevin Dove Sir Nick of Tyme http://www.sirnickoftyme.com
JC Sulzenko Boot Crazy www.jcsulzenko.com
Albert Schneider
Hilary Gillespie Under A Sunflower Sun www.sunpatchpress.ca
Gary Raham The Dinosaurs’ Last Seashore www.biostration.com
Cheri L. Hallwood One Wish for Winifred Witch www.foreveryoungpublishers.com
Fannie Corrales The Perfect Friend
Claudia Schmidt Liess Harry the Hamster Learns a Lesson
Sarah V Tinsley Instant Bible Plays, Just Add Kids! www.BibleinaNutshell.com
Timothy A. Weeks Goldie’s Search for Silver www.foolosophy.org
Myron J. Abrams Chubby Wubbles
Michael John McCann PurpleUmpkin PurpleUmpkin.com
Bonnie Stanton Grandma’s Bunny
David J Hernandez Ornaments
Jenny Scholl Four Farm Boys outskirtspress.com/fourfarmboys
Vicki Leary Roberto El Rapido outskirtspress.com/vjleary
Jay Bern The Prince of Antabelaria
Aunt Kimmie Bebo Magic Sprinkles www.auntkimmie.com
Stacey DeNafo What Do You Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night?
Stacey DeNafo Jason and His Yellow Spoon
V. C. Jones Mixed Up Me authorhouse.com/bookstore
V. C. Jones Anna Banana Goes To Montana authorhouse.com/bookstore
Marcia Chellis Duke Finds A Home
Michael Pagliarulo Duffy the Dinosaur and the Secret Treasure! www.duffythedinosaur.com
Colette Nicoletta Allison Investigates: Does Chocolate Milk Come From Brown Cows? www.colettenicoletta.com
Colette Nicoletta Allison Investiga:Viene La Leche Chocolatada de una Vaca Color Chocolate? www.colettenicoletta.com
Christopher Eck The Story of Gumbo Yah-Yah the Blue Alligator and the Big Storm www.gumboyahyah.com
Adelina Gotera Grandma Lives In Us readadream.com
Rex Thomas Young Sigmund Simon Stinkbug authorhouse.com
Michelle Kniss If Every Day Was  A Summer Day www.createspace.com/3480395
Billie Hazard The Bunny Train
Marybelle Vancil Sadie Four Paws and the Magic Rocking Chair
Marybelle Vancil Adventures with Macy and the Sneezy, Sneezy Dog
Kathy Brodsky Stover kathybrodsky.com
Larry D. Krohn Pushkin the Christmas Pumpkin
Tanisha Brandon Bayje’s Story www.PublishAmerica.com
Carla Burke My Name May be Peanuts, but I Say Nay to PB&J http://www.carla-burke.blogspot.com
Carla Burke I Spy a Dragonfly http://www.carla-burke.blogspot.com
Clint Arthur Daddy Loves You
Barbara Bass Gus The Bus Driver http://www.trafford.com/Bookstore/BookSearchResults.aspx?Search=gus%20the%20bus%20driver
Dr. Natalie Johnson Leslie & H. Steve Leslie ABC’s of Surviving School Violence www.survivingschoolviolence.com
Marisa Church Koala and Mates
Linda Young God Glasses for Kids http://www.lindayoungministries.com/
Mary A. Micehi Boston North Shore’s…Tales of Webs isbn  978-1-4568-1135-8
Donna Wright My Mother’s Secret:  Dad is Always Near amazon.com. and barnes and noble.com
Gabriela Zorrilla Chilly Bolly Guacamolly
Joyce M. Attia Sama We Are All Alike
Barbara Waddell Hooray Hooray Today’s the Day
Roseanne Veillette Buck & Ben Explore…the Rainforest amazon.com
Albert Schneider Greetings From Mars themanintheshack.com
Mary Artley Werner Turning Quiet
Amos Knoll The  Flower that could not talk http://productsearch.barnesandnoble.com/search/results.aspx?store=BOOK&WRD=the+flower+that+could+not
Mary Sturtz Rumschlag The Secret of Sadie Sequoia www.sadiesequoia.com
Jenny Braswell & Robin Freeman On No!  Not the Doctor! www.achancein thecountry.org
Byron Scott B The School by Blue Lake
JB Mounteer Franky Frankenstain ISBN 9781425991852
JB Mounteer Camp Were Wolf ISBN 9781604624984
Lu Hanessian Picnic On A Cloud www.picniconacloud.com
William E. Collins Tell Me Child How Will Your Life Be
Iris Montgomery-Ilori Little Iris’ Frist Day of School
Staci Capehart Furry Tails The Adventures of Mr. Mackie – Mr. Mackie and the Heavenly Dog Choir www.authorhouse.com
Marci Fuller When I Grow Up I Want To Be… www.authorhouse.com
Cheyenne Robinson & LaSean Robinson Rainbows and Me
Diane Grabow Princess Daisy
Marisa Church Koala and Mates www.amazon.com
Venessa Knizley “Hello,” said the Ocean www.venessaknizley.com
Luke L. Ahearn A Pirate’s ABC Adventure http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/a-pirates-abc-adventure/15700852
Darren Sardelli Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie www.laughalotpoetry.com
Cheryl Vatcher-Martin Haiku For You!  With Some One Room School House History aurthorhouse.com/bookstore
Cheryl Vatcher-Martin The Cornstalks Are Whispering authorhouse.com/bookstore
Pam Fisher Pammy the Pig www.pammythepig.com
Steve Ettinger (author), Pete Proctor (illustrator) Wallie Exercises www.WallieExercises.com
Stacey “Sissy” Elliott What Kind Of Bread Does A Monkey Eat? http://sissyandrob.blogspot.com
Tiffany Urquhart The Many Hats of Hank www.lulu.com
Ann Pierce Smith Esmerelda Hedgepath’s First Date
Melissa & Lexy Webb Zoe The Earless Kitten Meets the Family www.zoetheearlesskitten.com
Jessica R. Kratz Sleigh Bells in Springtime:  Frogs Calling www.sleighbellsinspringtime.com
Barbara and Joel Kristal Fun in the Sun with Bonnie and Clyde
Jonathan M. Sweet Secrets of a Teenage Superhero http://www.freewebs.com/welcometolemora/
Joe Vivirito & Debbie Bartley Important News from Santa Claus www.importantnewsfromsantaclaus.com
Susan B. Keophila But Mama! She’s My Sister! www.ButMamaShesMySister.com
Christi Drue Dunlap Lucky Me:  A Children’s Guide to Animal Companionship and Safety www.sumerlandpublishingcom; amazon and borders, barnes and noble.com; Appleibookstore
Jaclyn Stapp Wacky Jacky: The True Story of an Unlikely Beauty Queen http://www.wackyjackybooks.com
Barbara Christine Bechler Mr. Bat Cat
Genre Fiction
Kent Westmoreland Baronne Street http://www.kentwestmoreland.com/
Bruce Thomason THE SIX O’CLOCK RULE brucethomason.com
Lawrence Janesky The Highest Calling http://www.thehighestcallingbook.com/
Matthew M. Frick Open Source http://opensourcethebook.com
Jes Peterson Candle of the Dragons
Laurianne Macdonald Penance and Prey http://lauriannemacdonald.com
Terry Hager Death on the Night Watch http://www.amazon.com/Death-Night-Watch-Terry-Hager/dp/145289325X/ref=sr
John M. Burchfield The Chamber of Truth http://www.johnburchfieldbooks.com
Lois Browning Bauer A Case of Deceit
Michael Bailey Scales and Petals http://www.nettirw.com/sp.html
Michael Bailey Pellucid Lunacy http://nettirw.com/pl.html
Tina deCoux TEMPTATION www.tinadecoux.com
Devon Jackson and Daniel Spritka Brash: The many lives of Salem and Lezlie www.salemandlezlie.com
Angela Khristin Brown Avant Garde Culutral Activist Movement
Ronald J Van Wynsberg Bunnyman Bridge Ronvw.com
Tina deCoux Shipping and Deceiving www.tinadecoux.com
James M. Campbell Distortions
Courtney Stackhouse When Heaven Calls
Daniel T. Martinez Tabitha and the 6 Kingdoms of Lodoria – Book 1 – Trials of the Hidden Mountain http://www.danieltmartinez.webs.com/
Judith Kendall Overtime www.amazon.com
Leland L. Jones
Debbie A. Heaton The Haunting of Wolfe Haven debbieaheaton.com
Yvonne L. Stegman A Wizard Enlightened
Joey Madia Jester-Knight www.newmystics.com/joey/jester-knight
Phyllis Dinerman Murder Is Only Skin Deep www.phyllisdinerman.com
Jay Lillie JUSTICE www.jaylillie.com
Gabriele Wills The Summer Before The Storm http://themuskokanovels.com/
Gabriele Wills Elusive Dawn http://themuskokanovels.com/
Dac Crossley Escape from the Alamo www.daccrossley.com
Judith Horky Soul Shift – 2012 and Beyond www.JudithHorky.com
Wayne Hancock Along Came Bill www.waynehancockbooks.com
Malinda Muzi Invisible Loyalties www.pinkrosespublishing.com
David M. Gehlhausen The St. Augustine Affair QualityHousePublishing.com
G. C. Wakefield THE GESTAPO HUNTERS http://gcwakefield.com/
Geri Goines Black Cats Prowling
S.K.Jenkins In Defiance of Enemies www.rosedogbookstore.com
Patricia Strefling EDWINA www.patriciastrefling.com
Robert S. Ruehrdanz Chitose Road
Giselle Lumas Tug of Love www.gisellelumas.com
Katharine A. Russell A Pointed Death http://www.pointermysteries.com
Mark Sheldon The Lost Boy (The Noricin Chronicles #1) http://noricin.webs.com
robert cook Cooch www.robertcooknovels.com
Darlene Quinn Twisted Webs http://www.darlenequinn.net
Logan Alberts Justice Seed http://www.justiceseed.com
Thomas White Justice Rules www.justice-rules.com
Sherry M. Bryant Rachel’s Run www.xlibris.com/RachelsRun.html
Areta Bass Steele A Feather Duster Tail
Chris McGee The Green Machine
Marc Curtis Little ANGELS IN THE MIDST
D. Michael Olive Dancing Over Hell www.dmichaelolive.com
Paul Naintre The Man Who Married a Redhead
Beatrice Edwards Reeves Audacity to Survive www.Audacitytosurvive.com
Stephan Loy Last Days and Times http://stephanloy.com
K. Rowe Dragonslayers: Mind Games http://www.amazon.com/K.-Rowe/e/B003H2UCNI/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0
Thomas L. F. Barrett, Phd. C.S. The Mollies Were Men (Second Edition) The Final Chapter http://web.me.com/tlfbaret/Short-n-snappy/Welcome.html
Peter Labrow The Well http://blog.peterlabrow.com/the-well/
Chip Wagar An American in Vienna www.anamericaninvienna.com
Robert Kiger His KingdomS Come: The Parousia Project www.hiskingdomscome.com
Robyn Gant In Laws and Play Cousins www.wix.com/inlaws/inlaws
Jeremy Asher Insignificant Moments www.jeremyasherauthor.com
A.P. Greenwood Lakota Dreams apgreenwood.com
syrrina haque Sand in the Castle: A Collection of Short Stories www.sandinthecastle.wordpress.com
Ashley Charisma School of Black Love www.ashleycharisma.com
Anthony J. Camargo The Will Chain
Shpetim Lezi An Eagle Heart www.outskirtspress.com/eagleheart
Bert R. Emrick The Ancients
Becky Due The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love http://www.Becky-Due.com
Becky Due Returning Injury: A Suspense Celebrating Women’s Strength http://www.Becky-Due.com
Dianne Greenlay Quintspinner – A Pirate’s Quest www.diannegreenlay.com
Caroline Dobree Australian Dreaming
Gini Anding Witness from the Café www.GiniAnding.com
Eric Smith Textual Healing http://www.amazon.com/Textual-Healing-Eric-Smith/dp/1452062455/
Pat Mullan LAST DAYS OF THE TIGER www.patmullan.com
Thomas W Devine TORTOLONA on Amazon.com
David Gomez The House On Cumana Point
Cyd Webster HB http://www.cydwebster.com/HB.html
Ethan Evers The Eden Prescription www.edenprescription.com
Lucinda Sue Crosby Francesca of Lost Nation www.luckycinda.com
Diana Buckley Betsey Anne http://www.facebook.com/pages/Betsey-Anne/181329988565592
Robert Stadnik Exodus Of The Phoenix http://www.robertstadnik.com
Scott Evans First Folio: A Literary Mystery www.scottevansauthor.com
Cliff Ball The Usurper http://cliffball.webs.com
Nicholas Ralph Baum jacc in the box http://jaccinthebox.com
Margaret Sarah Bechtel In The Land Of Winter
Steven Fujita Sword of the Undead
Tina L. Ferguson When Doors Close www.lulu.com
Shirley Miller Last Flight Out www.Last-Flight-Out.com
Kenneth McGill Shadow Wind
Julia Stephens Potomac View
Denton Gay Tailspin
Max D. Lechtman A Sense of Rumor
Bradley E. Berner Blood On the Irons
Victoria Brano and Billy Plunger Last Call
Elizabeth Matson The Favor
Elizabeth Matson Pieces of the Past
Elizabeth Matson Tuffy
McKendree R. Long III No good Like It Is
D. A. Charland Galaxy Run
Marilyn Jax Road to Omalos www.marilynjax.com
Alanna Lucas In The Silence of the Night
Greg Handermann Dark Discovery
Dave Gash The Eli Event
Rand Wood Tutle Weepin’ Time, Voices of Slavery in Coastal Georgia
Kathleen Newberg Faux Finish, a Molly May Mystery
R J Furth Capture In Paradise
Ken Bearie The Last Message
Ekaterina Lobanova (Kate Valery) Love Triangle (Anthology of poetry and short stories) – 2d entry Trafford
Ekaterina Lobanova (Kate Valery) Love Triangle (Anthology of poetry and short stories) – 2d entry Trafford
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Daniel Burch Fiddler Beyond the Shadow of my Pagoda
Steve chennault Re’lize Whut Ahm Takin’ ‘Bout?
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Charles L, Fields Canyons of the Soul outskirtspress.com/canyonsofthesoul
Richard Todd For its A Hard Line
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John Wright 1066 Knight Haralde www.wrighthistorybooks.com
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Temple Troy Forbidden Kind www.templetroy.com
Kate  Valery Love Triangle trafford
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Rowena Portch The Union http://RowenaPortch.com
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Marty Hall Flying For Something – Fly Navy martyf14hall.com
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Mac McClelland & Marilyn Thorpe Serendipity Part 1:  The Founder
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Morgan MacKinnon The Griffon olympia publishers; amazon; and shorly at barnes and noble
Morgan MacKinnon The Mirror amazon, barnes and noble; olympia publishers
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Dr. C. Thomas Somma “Midori And The 1000 Stitch Belt” amazon.com
Steve Ward Test Pilot’s Daughter: Revenge
Steve Ward Test Pilot’s Daughter: Dead Reckoning
William Penn The Berlin Conspiracy buckanddolly.com  or  amazon.com
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Ronald Wm. Frey Lies & Deceptions
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Bernie Loposer Seven is the Perfect Number
Joann Alexander Terror By Design
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Gloria Waldron Hukle The Diary of a Northern Moon authorgloriawaldronhukle.com
Gloria Waldron Hukle Threads – An American Tapestry authorgloriawaldronhukle.com
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MARK GURIAN Icarus Rising www.markgurianbooks.com
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Tim deBord Testing Passwords
Ann M. Kraft The Red Diamond of Nadirijna www.theoperaghostlives.com
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S. L. Dearing The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles www.sldearing.com
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Donald L Robinson Once Future Past : Awakening
Patrick Garone City of the Gods:  The Return of Quetzalcoat www.patrickgarone.com
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Gina Hayden Vamtares in the Woods www.createspace.com/3471526
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Donald L Robinson Once Future Past : the awakening
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Zoe Duff A Matter of Perspective
Lindsay Edmunds Cel & Anna: A 22nd Century Love Story www.celandanna.com
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Mary Wannagat Pennsylvania Dutch: A Dark Moon for Dying
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James K. Zavez Father, Son And Holy Spirit
Dave Willert DIMENSIONS: The Wheat Field http://www.outskirtspress.com/dimensions:thewheatfield/
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Samuel Endicott The Molly Lake Chronicles Book Two Barely Afloat www.samuelendicott.com
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E.K. Martens The Shards of Morning http://www.ekmartens.com
Kristina Meister Craving http://www.kristinameister.com
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John duVal A Child of Rape http://eee.busmind.com
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victoria montes Stung victoriamontes.net
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Charles Domina The Serpentine Curve
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Bette Epstein The Jews Harp www.heartsong.com
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New England Vintage Film Society Inc., Brenda Loew, editor Playbills To Photoplays: Stage Performers Who Pioneered the Talkies www.starsofstageandscreen.com
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Don Ayre Meditation and the Evolution of Cosmic Consciousness
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Susanna W. Lombardi Behold!  Illuminations of the Virgin’s Reactions to the Annunciation
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